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February 22nd, 2019
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Paganize - Evolution Hour

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Evolution HourRelease by: Candlelight Records

Paganize - Evolution Hour
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Hour


2. Conscience


3. Dark


4. Hollow


5. Turn of the Tide


6. The Wraith


7. Divinity in Vain


8. Blind Eyes


9. Mary King's Close


10. Unfolded


The Hour
I know each minute's counting
My decision to end all despair
The sudden chill I'm feeling
Comes from within me
Is there another way
Hidden or forgotten at some stage
Forgive me
I've lost my way
Daylight breaks & brings warmth to this place
A mask worn as an illusion of my strength
All this years still longing
For something I don't understand
So close almost touching
Yet light - years away
The hour
Evolution at stand still
The hour
I'm the voice from within
From where I am standing
The path for me to go seems clear
And the eye my eyes are meeting
Seems both peaceful & fair
I knew it would end someday
I've made my bed & so I...
Oh father please forgive me
I've lost my faith
Would you sell your soul tonight
If everything we said would turn out right
Do you believe the news you've heard
It's only a rumour don't say a word
Do you believe it is out of your control
Could you turn & walk away
If your best friend was left in chains
Do you believe the ghosts you keep
Remain buried underneath
I am the beholder of your light
Dreams come true
I hold your life
I feed your mind
I pull you under
Won't you feed me breed me hear me roar
Won't you leach me lead me hear me roar
Can you see the world through their eyes
When all they do is feed you with lies
Heaven knows what's buried inside
Or what's written between the lines
I get a feeling that I'm not there
I'm present but yet not aware
The sound & the voice that I hear
An echo from the past that scares me
Here in a corridor absorbing night
My breath thickens
Warning from the eternal
Evil lies within me
Minds meant to be broken
Blinded by my own ego's light
The walls are closing & so does the night
The sound of where my feet fall
Tells me there's nothing at all
And a journey just begun
Might be the last of all time
Hope of what'll never be unties the bounds
Holding me down
I'm free free free
Silent whisper
In the darkness where I live
Endless dreams
Hoping someone understands
Choices made
Are for you to be free
Here in my darkness
Endless dreams is I have
Hoping someone finally opens up my door
In my dream I am free
Silence whisper
Silence whisper
In darkness
Waking up with a new sensation
Letting my hopes & dreams die
For what it's worth makes me feel whole
Or so it seems
Living life likes there's no tomorrow
Throwing my life away
I am the one you're searching
I am your ever lasting dream
I built these walls around me
No one could break me free
But I'm dying dying
Oh won't you set me free
Yeah I'm dying dying
Oh won't you rescue me
All my life I've believed in fairy tales
Now it seems that I've become one
The one in the greatest distance from the sun
Or so to speak
Living life like there's hell at my heels
Like a wolf at it's prey
Turn of the Tide
Standing at the end your spirit's floating through the air
Break away the ice & come into the priestess lair
No-one before you has stepped inside this realm
Fill the sails with fire the devil's at the helm
Please take my hand I'll lead you to the open road
Leave the life you led 'cause you won't need it anymore
Kiss the fangs of pearly white watch them sinking in
Venom running through your veins welcome to my lust domain
Turn of the tide the gates are open wide
Won't you turn the key solve the endless mystery
Turn of the tide nowhere left to hide
Look me in the eye & let your soul slip away
Drenched in sweat you realize nightmares are your friend
Was it all a dream will I await you at the end
As you rise you wonder will you ever be the same
You've gone beyond the truth where the fool meets the sane
The Wraith
At night I watch you sleeping
And the dreams that you dream
Are memories of a long gone past
Pray the lord your to keep
All through the night I hear you calling
Chanting me to rise from my grave
And the dreams that left unfolded
Shall be brought to life once again
In the palm of his hand
The future lies
In the will of the mind
Hope will rise
I can hear you calling
With despair wishing to wake the dead
I'll stay with you 'til the morning
And share with you all the tears that you shed
In days of loneliness & confusion
A drama played over & over again
You're mind works just like a theatre
A theatre of pain
All the questions that you have
And the dreams that we should share
What will the future bring
But I can't answer you 'cause I'm no longer there
Another lonely night asleep in our chamber
Watching memories wash away
Somewhere deep down in your future
I see you smiling it's time for me to say goodbye
Divinity in Vain
Walking alone through a never ending dream
No one's around to hear my silent scream
Lost souls arise am I mad is this for real
Where do I go can I go back can I leave
Evil & good, lay ahead for me to choose
Desolation in my wake I'll find the clues
Demons & angels to me they're all the same
Roads paved in gold lead to eternal flames
The sand is running through your hands
Waves of vengeance hit the rocks
Your rivers running red with blood
You've served divinity in vain
The dawn of those whose souls you've sold
Here is the truth you've never been told
The clouds drift apart unveiling centuries of lies
Your time is up we're setting fire to your skies
Blind Eyes
Look at a brother holding out his hand
Never experienced the promised land
See the father sent out to fight
Killing for freedom & human rights
A lonely child with a tear in his eye
Big brother TV on your neighbours you spy
Nothing lasts forever
Unspoken words will remain unsaid
Nothing really matters
In the mirror you only see one face
Someone closed his eyes someone told him lies
All that's left now is just a memory
Someone closed the door sent us into the void
Far away from God's blind eyes
See the land around you covered in oil
Smell the rain that's falling on lifeless soil
The wheel of time spinning around & 'round
Into this world born & to earth bound
Mary King's Close
Prowling streets of blackest night
Alleyways of death
Hunting prey to feed my demons
Blood lust in my soul
Respected citizen at day
Killer at night
Let me tell the gory secret
Of Mary King's Close
Why does this evil & malice
Reside in me
I'm closing eyes for ever more
In the haunted close I wait
With wrath I make my move
The last one to a dozen full
Has kissed my steely blade
The blood of innocence again
Is flowing through the streets
In contentment I retire ignoring the watching eye
Icy dungeons Iron chains
Torture & trial
Here I end my living days
At the Grass Market gallows
True as shadows come to life
True as stars shine at night
You can see it in my eyes
But you won't believe me
Hear the siren through the wall
Feel the pressure of it all
I can see it in your eyes
But you won't believe me
So call your maker's name
Shout it out loud
In this fallen castle of our lives
There's a secret hidden behind the lies
Twitching tumbling turning in your mind
No I won't sleep I watch tonight
I can feel it in my head
Something's eating me wants me dead
You can see it in my eyes
Yet you won't believe me
You've heard the stories that I've told
But the truth is left unfolded
You can see it in my eye
Still you won't believe me
Geir Helge Fredheim - vocal
Stian Mausethagen - guitar
Thomas Rockne - guitar
Tor-Olav Seltveit - bass guitar, back-vocal
Kai Johnny Mosaker (Trym Torson) - drums

Produced by by Thorbjorn Kittelsen and Tor Seltveit.

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