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February 22nd, 2019
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Eclipse Hunter - One

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Eclipse Hunter'2009

OneRelease by: New Rock Music

Eclipse Hunter - One
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. One


2. Freedom


3. I'll Never Forget


4. Train of Dreams


5. Angel


6. I'm Going Down


7. Lost Symphony


8. Fading


9. Coming Home


10. Awake


11. Eternally


Enough I had across all the years
Of living in lonely darkness
It's time to bring back my liberty
I can't live in sorrow and madness

Never again

I'll fight for my freedom - to break the chains
I'll gain my own freedom - 'coz life is still in my veins

It seems to me that it's been a long
A long time since I breathed the air
You taught me what is right and what's wrong
And how to live without despair

I'm no longer blind

I'll have my own freedom - and open my eyes
I'll cry for my freedom - there'll be no more disguise

But when salvation came to my life
I felt as free as never before
Now I can see who's in the back with the knife
So he'll be gone to nevermore

I fought for my freedom - and broke the chains
I gained my own freedom - 'coz life is still in my veins
I have my own freedom - you've opened my eyes
And gave me my freedom - no more disguise!
I'll Never Forget
I'm counting days to persuade myself
That we will meet again
I'd give it all to hold your hand
Once more, circumstances will not let

Me to stay for just one more day
That is the price we have to pay
But I tell you

I will never try to forget your words
And I'll keep all my promises, 'coz I love you
More than anything else in this world, more than my life,
We will meet again, my love:

I've tried so hard to ease my pain
But all that was in vain
'Coz only you can help me break
Through walls of this fear-igniting maze

Of loneliness, of disbelief
That I can feel when you are not
Here with me, so

I will never try to forget the times when
I held your hand. It is never enough for me
In this world so cold, so unfair
To live my life without you!

The separation tries to kill
The power of my will
To not to suffer from how I miss
Those moments of truly happiness,

When being with you, living with you...
And if I am here without you,
You should know that

I will never try to forget how I love you
And what I felt when you're so close to me
Eternal love that makes us rise from the sorrow,
Love that I will never try to forget

If I had just one more day...

But I know we'll meet again, my angel
That's the promise I will never forget!

Here, all alone, still I'm counting days
'Till I get out of this maze
To fields of freedom where you are
Waiting for me to come...
Train of Dreams
I had a nightmare where the wars had started
People were so alone and brokenhearted
Then it was gone as I opened my eyes
In the middle of the darkest night
No one beside me, fear was tearing apart
As I heard some beast's bark

Later that night I heard a woman screaming:
Was it reality or were I dreaming?
Second by second I was trying to escape
But I just couldn't break those chains
Chains of nightmares, terrorizing my mind
Then I saw a bright light:

Train of dreams, it's the train of dreams
That is changing dreams like channels on TV
But it's your fantasies, it's your train of dreams
Where the things you see are not for real

Words that I heard at first seemed like noises
Strange, but so true, I heard the human voices!
Voices were coming thru the light that I saw
Nightmares were under its control
But what the hell has happened this night?
...Then I opened my eyes

Shadows on the wall were feeding my fears...
You're the one
Who took my heart and
Filled it with love
But the hard times are willing to come

I was wrong
I was such a fool to
Let you go
Please, return to me, my dearest

Can you hear me pray?
Please, don't go away
I beg you to stay with me
Come and save my soul
It is so alone
Without you

Trapped in a maze
I can't find you in haze
Can you give me a sign
And be mine for this night
To explain you how sorry I am?
I will never let you down again:

All the lonely nights,
All the tears I've cried
Wounded my soul, that's why
I just cannot wait
Any other day
Can you forgive me now?
I won't let you go
Not this time, I know
I'll do whatever you say,
But please don't go away!

Oh, God, save and bring back my

Forgive my sins
Our love will win
I pray you, my darling
Oh, angel,
Don't be afraid
It will be okay
Trust me, please

Please, believe
I say the truth
On my knees
Praying for you

Now I feel
Feel your presence
Right behind of me:
Am I dreaming or this is for real?
I'm Going Down
Dear God, what happened to me?
I've lost all my sanity.
I'm out of my mind, can't you see -
It's wasting my energy.

I feel someone watching me
And I'm scared, and I fear, oh:

I'm walkin' round'n'round
Trying to let it all out -
I'm going down!
Cannot win this fight
Someone speaks to me inside
So Father, please help me - I'm losing my mind.

Those voices will lead me to death
But maybe it was meant to be?
Someday it will take my last breath...
...I wish I was free...

God, I pray every night
But it still haunts me.
So what is the cure for my blight?..
Lost Symphony
Tell me why
I can't remember my past?
I have tried
To my last!

What has happened before?
Help me someone!

I have tried
To explain her that we
Were in love
But she did not believe

I don't know this man
But something tells me
That I feel the same to him

In my dreams I see the
Faces I can't recognize
'Coz my memory's fading
Tell me why I feel that you are
Deep inside my lonely heart?
Maybe this is love?..

Now's the time
To believe what I say
There is no
Other way!
Should I believe you?
Can't recall you
But I wish I could...

Love or hate?
I cannot wait
To find the truth
Without a proof
Help me, someone
My memory is fading

I cannot escape this feeling
From inside my heart
Still my own memory's fading

But still I hope that we will meet again...
Coming Home
Today we are together
But then I'll have to go
I'll have to go back to my home
This will not be forever
Someday I will return
'Coz loneliness will leave me
There to burn.

No matter how I tried,
Can't illusions in my mind
That fear tears apart,
Leaves no way out.

I'll go away - I know it is so hard
To feel this pain,
That is tearing down your heart.
No one to blame - there's really no return
I'm coming home.

The leaves are falling down now
But I won't say "Goodbye" -
My hopes for my return are too high!
I won't surrender, Sorrow,
And please, don't ask me why.
I know you'll try tomorrow
To make me cry.

But I won't stop to try
To hold illusions off my mind
But loneliness will still remain:

I'll go away - I know it is so hard
To feel this pain,
That is tearing down your heart.
No one to blame - now I am coming home
There's no return.

I tried to run away from you: but, Sadness,
You're still trying to break through
(You're breaking thru my) Walls of patience
That protect my soul from fear and anger
That surround us all, but they are
Going down when Love comes to set me free!
"Come to magical world,
Where the fire is cold,
Where your fear is to burn,
And you'll get money in return!"
- Said the liar in there
Now you'll go where he says
"You'll get a new limousine"
Don't you listen to him?

You are bought, and your dreams are all sold
Come with me or you stay with the lies forever!

Don't trust what you see, it's all fantasy;
His words are the shame of mankind, can't you see?
He's buying your soul and gives you some gold.
And you thought fairy tales were for real?
It's not too late, but you're
Sleeping, so you must awake!

To awake from his lies,
But: don't look in his eyes
Firstly, listen to me:
You're in reality
Search your mind and your soul
If you'll find there some wings
Kick his ass and return
Fly away and be free.

You were bought, and your dreams were all sold
Come with me or you stay with his lies forever!
Don't trust what you see, it's all fantasy.
His words are disgrace of mankind, can't you see?
He's buying your soul and gives you gold.
You thought fairy tales were for real...

Search your mind and your soul
Find your wings, score your goal
Don't you listen to him?
"You'll get a new limousine"
To awake from his lies,
Just don't look in his eyes,
Falling down in too deep,
Spread your wings and be free.
I'm here, alone
Without you being alive
But still I know
That it will be alright

I believe that you will be free
From magical chains, that run in your veins

You took all my pain
That was for me and I am to blame
That you are here and you are there
I don't know where
No matter how long it takes
I'll be with you, until you wake
And I will wait here eternally
I will wait eternally...

I know, it's hard
To find me in the dark
But please, find your strength
Or it will be in vain
I believe that you can be free
From magical chains, that poison your veins
I'm here, I wait for your eyes to open.
Oh please, return back to me...

You took all my pain
That was for me and I am to blame
That you are here and you are there
I don't know where
No matter how long it takes,
My love, I'll be here, until you wake
And I will wait here eternally
I will wait eternally

Remember the time, when I saw your eyes
I fell deep in love, forgetting my thoughts
And if you will leave, there's nothing for me
Left in this world, oh darling, oh please
Without you I'm blind, 'coz you are my eyes
Without you I'm gone, 'coz you are my soul
Without you it's hard, 'coz you are my heart
So come back to me, awake from that dream
So I will wait!

Can't hold my tears
They're falling on your hands

But now you open your eyes
And got back to life
You came back to me,
Forever we'll be,
We'll be together

You took all my pain
That was for me, and I am to blame
That you were here and you were there
I don't know where
No matter how long it takes
I'll be with you, until you wake
I will wait here eternally
I will wait for eternity
I will wait eternally...
Alexander Yurov - vocal, back-vocal
Andre Osokin - keys
Vladimir Ilyukhin - guitar
Tim Alexeyev - bass guitar

Alexandra Popova - back-vocal
Richard Ofsoski - guitar
Dmitriy Borisenkov - guitar
Vladimir Ermakov - drums
Yuriy Kondrashov - drums
Maksim Oleynik - drums
Alexey Korovkin - bass guitar
Produced by Andre Osokin and Eclipse Hunter.

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