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March 24th, 2019
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Viper - Killera Sword

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Killera SwordRelease by: demo
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Law of the Sword


2. Signs of the Night


3. Nightmares


4. H.R.


5. The Whipper


6. Killera (Princess of Hell)


Law of the Sword
He was born between weapons he grew
Day and night he learned to survive
The wine was food that the graced with blood
His bible was the law of the sword

But the chains were broken
Now the gods want his soul
The law of the sword will guide his hearts

Cravens are scaping
Just The Warriors wanna fight
The law Of The sword will guide their hearts

Day after day he saw the pain
Harlot women and hamlets in flame
On their horses they had the force
Till de death change their routes

Angels of sky and demons of hell
Will not change the destiny of men
He fought with grace he die with faith
This was his tale god bless his name
Signs of the Night
In the age of fights
I'm running wild
I saw the people screaming

I need the glory
This land is bloody
Just the power had given

The wind the sound
The star the sky
Signs of the night
The fire burning bright in the air
Signs of the night
The fire burning bright till the end
Of the world

The swords are burning
You can hear the sound
Many souls has risen

The beast is rising
Death is her mate
She got the rage of the VIPER!
My time is ending fastly
My pain is growing
You have to hear my prayers
Evil thoughts are coming

The midnight train will leave me
To live in shadows
Don't walk across my meanings
There's no return

The curse is waiting for me
The sky is crying
and while we're fighting lonely
Our honor dies

So why do we keep on fighting
Beside the disgrace
The final comes as lightning
We'll rest in peace

In front of my eyes the men shout
I've got no fear
We hear the bombs cry loud
Nightmare is here

Legions of blindmen marching
No fate no future
For fucking flag we're fighting
Our death is right

Seconds are running faster
They are my life
I'm just a slave of violence
Ready to die

My cross prove that the olders
Control the youngers
Of children they made soldiers
Of soldiers they made deads
The steel is in my veins
Fire is burning my head
Where H.R. is played
Oh, believe I'll be there

My heart burns in flame
When the sound becomes hard
My desire is just the same
When I'm playing my guitar, YEAH!
People come on hear the sound
That united we make in underground

Working hard on stage
Play till death is our vaw
We'll never lose the faith
While we play for the crowd

They try to close the places
Where we reign with our sound
But we'll never let them win!
We'll be forever playing loud!
The Whipper
I hear the bells chime in the air
I feel the misdeed on this land
They deceased with our gods
But our faith remains the same

They come with crosses, priests and rites
Destroying all that in ages we found
Disrespecting our rights
Spreading the Christ by all the ground

You must believe in our true
You must drink only of our wine
You must follow the sacred Bible
Our god will save your life

But he is the whipper of our souls
Death and fear are his whips
And he'll never take my life
In my heart he'll never be

Fight for your faith don't be tied
By the claws of the whipper
Make your mistakes never follow
The laws of the whipper

Don't let them choke you don't let them
To kill you by the whipper
Keep on your faith that's the only
Knowledge the whipper

How can we make our people
Forget this belief
Years have passed and consolidated
The worst lie that in the world be

But I know, the truthful god
Has no religion has no rules
He's the true that ourselves find
And not what the others place in us
Killera (Princess of Hell)
Andre Matos (Coelho) - vocal
Yves Passarell - guitar
Felipe Machado - guitar
Pit Passarell - bass guitar
Cassio Audi - drums


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