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March 20th, 2019
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Phenomena - Blind Faith

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Blind FaithRelease by: Escape Music

Phenomena - Blind Faith
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Sky Is Falling


2. Blind Faith


3. Fighting


4. Liar


5. It's Over (I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight)


6. Angels Don't Cry


7. If You Love Her


8. House of Love


9. Don't Ever Give Your Heart Away


10. One More Chance


The Sky Is Falling
Don't treat me like a tool
Because I fell in love with you
I thought your love would he so sweet
lust how wrung ran you be?
To you it's all a game
I know you'll never change
Words of love I believed
All your kisses deceived

You stole my heart
Smashed it up tore it apart
Laughed in my face
Loving you was a big mistake
My day my night
You were everything life
It's all a masquerade
Go to hell walk away

It's over the end
You won't hurt me again
Cried too many tears
Wasted too many years
No matter how you try
Sometimes love dies
Gotta learn to forgive
Gotta learn to live

The sky is falling
You won't see me cry
The sky is falling
No tears in my eyes
The sky is falling
The sky is falling

The sky is falling
Still feel the pain
The sky is falling
Memories fade
The sky is falling
The sky is falling
Blind Faith
Tell me would you die for glory
Would you die for love?
Do you believe in hell and heaven?
And in god above
It's your life your only life
Every minute every hour
There's a price to pay

Bars and chains they may hold you
Imagination sets you free
Don't worry about the future
Tomorrow's your destiny
Happiness is contentment
To be as one with life
The voice of innocence cries out
All alone in the night

Power's the enemy of truth
Let your conscience be your guide
Death's a debt we all must pay
No use running you cant hide
Look into the heart of evil
Don't hide behind the fears
Stop waiting for salvation
The time is now the time is here

In blind faith
We carry on
In blind faith
When all hope's gone
Street running - Moving
Running through the back - alleys
Searching - Looking for the tracks
Getting - Closer
Closer down on me
Faster - faster - Oh can't you see
The heroes - Heroes that were friends
Never - never - turn your back

Thief - master
Racing taking all the space
Giving - driven
So fascinating
Chosen - chosen
Chosen, I'm the one
Reason - reason
I'm gonna get ya

Fighting - fighting for your life
Fighting - fighting for your life
Fighting - fighting for your life
Fighting - fighting for your life
Well you can bite your tongue and hold your silence,
But you can not hide what's going on.

Oh No!

C'mon let's see those lies protect you.
Now you know the end is gonna come.


Oh come on!!!

Liar, Liar, Liar!!!

Talk to me say I'm mistaken
Stand up stand up ...
...And tell me to my face


I know, I know, my heart is broken
To think you'll disappear without a trace...
A-Ha ha ha ha ha!

Without a trace!

Liar, Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar, Liar

The masquerade was fooling no one.
When you lost your alibis,

I'm so used to all your secrets,
I can see through your disguise,

I placed my feet within your footsteps
Like the rest 1 truly believed.

Words of faith so softly spoken
Only to deceive!!!

What did you want from me!!!

Liar! Liar! Liar!

Liar! Liar! Liar!

I believed in you
Just like you asked me to.

I gave it all I could
And all I got was fools.
And I may burn in hell.
And if I don't then, well...
I'll will know who to tell...

The LIAR was YOU!!!
It's Over (I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight)
Come on in take that look off your face
We've got to talk for a while
I know you're angry but don"t keep staring
I've never seen you so wild

You're only here to confirm your suspicions
You've seen me with somebody else
You thought you owned me but nothing's forever
You've only been fooling yourself

You had no right reading my emails
Asking my friends were I've been
It's time I did some explaining
I don't know where to begin

I can't deny what's been going on
So don't ask me how long
I should have known the best kept secrets
Are never a secret for long

Love is blind hides in the shadows
It's only a heartbeat away
I can't change the way that I am feeling
I didn't want it this way

I was gonna tell you tonight
It's too late I know
I was waiting for the time to be right
I am sorry it's time to go
It's over
Angels Don't Cry
Every night creeps into her bed
Mother knows nothings said
She's afraid so confused
Another child being abused
Lies spoken to deceive
She's a child she believes
Innocence in a fantasy
Lust waiting to please

All the secrets that she keeps
Kill the nightmares in her sleep
All too soon innocence ends
Life opens another page
Hatred burning in her eyes
Finally sees through all the lies
Dreams lie shattered on the floor
Losing control can't take no more

He's going crazy breaking in never,
Never, never again
Kicks smash down the door
Tries to rape her on the floor
Bites scratches breaks free
Crawls the floor on her knees
Reaches her gun puts it to his head
Pulls the trigger...

Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry... wipe the tears from your eyes

Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry
Angels don't cry... dry your eyes
If You Love Her
You think about her all the time
She's always on your mind
You say you're not in love
It's nothing to be guilty of
Keep saying you don't care
You miss her when she's not there
No matter what you say
Twenty four hours a day

She's the sun behind the rain
The joy behind the pain
love is hard to find
Something's take time
She brings love to your life
Everyday every night
Watch every move she makes
Every breath she takes

Still go to pieces when you meet
She makes you complete
Love holds back the night
Makes everything all right
Don't blame god above
Nobody tricked you into love
Some things are meant to be
Kissed by destiny

If you love her
Say it
If you love her
Show it
If you love her
Tell her

Every minute every day

If you love her
Say it
If you love her
Show it
If you love her
Tell her
Don't let the feeling slip away
House of Love
Lying here beside you I feel so alone
This house is cold and empty
Now that love has gone
Sometimes it's hard to face the truth
No matter how we try
Can't you see there's something wrong
We're both living a lie

I'm tired of loving you
Between the heartache and the pain
All that's left are memories
We're holding on in vain
Our loves broken in a thousand pieces
Scattered by the wind
Can't stand and watch us
Torn apart I can't pretend

Gave our heart and soul to love
And watched it slowly die
It's over now we're all cried out
So baby, dry your eyes
Loves finally broke our hearts
Only bitterness survives
There's nothing more to say
So let's say goodbye

Let's... Stop
What are we doing?
Living in a house of love
That's breaking up falling apart
Let's... Stop
What are we doing?
Living in a house of love
Can't stand and watch it break our hearts
Don't Ever Give Your Heart Away
Road Signs
Up and down the highway
Always leading
Never coming my way
Don't stop trying
This ain't the end
Just just call me
When you need a friend

On through the rain
On through the pain

Walking blindly
Through the days
Moving shadows
In my way

On through the rain
On through the pain

Don't ever give your heart away
It's only just a tear away
Don't ever give your heart away
It's just a foolish price to pay
Don't ever give your heart away
It's only just a tear away
One More Chance
I know I was a fool
Too blind to see
You've got every reason
To walk out on me
We're at the point
Of no return
I've made mistakes
But I'm still willing to learn

Ain't got no excuses
Gonna tell you no lies
I'm sorry for (he things I've done
I've got no alibis
Got no right to ask you
But I'm begging you to stay
Give me one more chance
No don't go away

I still get this feeling
When you walk in the room
It's just the way you smile
The smell of your perfume
When I hold you
I never want to let you go
I've been fooling myself
Never let my feelings show

Look into my eyes
Can't you see?
A part of you
Is still a part of me
1 broke your heart
And made you sad
But now I realise
I need your love so bad
Try to understand
I'm human (.in t you see
I let temptation
Take control of me
I know your heart
Can't stand another lie
Don t give up on me
Just another try

You've got me walking the floor
You've got me down on my knees
I'm begging give me one
One more chance baby please

Mike diMeo - vocal
Rob Moratti - vocal
Ian Crichton - guitar
Anthony Philip Harford (Tony Martin) - vocal
Ralf Scheepers - vocal
Matthias Lasch (Mat Sinner) - bass guitar
Mikael Erlandsson - vocal
Chris Ousey - vocal
Steve Overland - vocal
Terry Brock - vocal
Stefan Lindholm - guitar
Robin Beck - vocal
Tommy Denander - guitar
Steve Newman - guitar
Martin Kronlund - guitar, bass guitar
Jim Kirkpatrick - guitar
Imre Daun - drums, percussion
Dan Helgesen - keys, organ
Henrik Thomsen (Henkan Thomsen) - bass guitar
The lyrics were typed by FaST.

Produced by Tom Galley and Martin Kronlund.

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English translations and spelling correction by vera dr, juliette, irina

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