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July 22nd, 2018
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Evertale - The Chronicles Chapter I

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The Chronicles Chapter IRelease by: selfproduction


Evertale - The Chronicles Chapter I
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Valiant Warrior


2. Tale of the Everman


3. Into the Dragon's Lair


4. The Last Home


5. Elventwilight


Valiant Warrior
Tale of the Everman
Si in cunis fortunae, malum excitatur
Si reginae obscuare, satis sanguis sacrificatur
Dracones cum alis sanguinis, mortem miseriam
Et iram apportant

Si in cunis fortunae malum excitatur
Obscuriores dires erunt nox etiam aterior
Surgite draconii pugnam pugnate ut regina noctis
In perpetuum regat

Again I'm back in time
Back to the day when I was still
The master of my fate, of my own will
I turn around and she is there
I hear me call her name
Forever damned, let someone end the pain

Again I see it all
The path that wasn't there before
I hear her voice recalling tales of ancient lore

Inside a fear is growing
A fear of darkness, fear of hate
My brother, come on, to the rainbow's gate

I sense the evil, but endless treasures
Blind the eye
Lost in my rage, the gates of hell pushed open wide

Tale of the Everman
The story of my tortured soul
Again I die, just to live again
Tale of the Everman
Will I be ever free, to be more than a ghost
That's damned to be

As the walls of sanity came falling down
There was no turning back, too late for me to see
But now I hear her call, she's waiting there for me
Tale of the Everman

Never will I find a way to end this
Never can I make my deeds undone
Wonder if I ever find forgiveness
So it has all begun
Never will I find a way to end this
Never can I make my deeds undone
A jester of the rising darkness
Of many colours and of none
So it has all begun

Five headed dragon fear the queen
Of many colours and of none
Still she can't get past the line
So turn around my brother, run
The seal is broken fear the hate
But now it cannot be undone
The last one to defy the queen
Of many colours and of none

So it has all begun

End this pain, I shall arise to fall again
Redeem my sins to pay the price for what I've done

So it has all begun

There's no tomorrow, there was no yesterday
So I must die to live again
Drowned by my sorrow, a wanderer who's lost the way
So I must live to die again
I live to die again

Come closer, and I will make your wish come true
I am your destiny
Come closer, on to the rainbow's gate
I see her fall but it's too late
But it's too late


I hear her call my name
Into the Dragon's Lair
The Last Home
Impure is my blood
Shattered lies the mirror of my soul
There's no release for me, forevermore

As I return
I bring your downfall I bring pain
The time has come
For light to fade, for hope to bear my name

I didn't choose this destiny
Half elven blood half blood of me
I didn't want to be the bastard that I am

Oh speaker of the sun
This is the dawn of light
When all might fade away
Two paths to choose that lie ahead
A path of light, a path of death

At the end of days, the edge of time
When days of peace seem long gone by
We commend our fate to the hands of thyne
Out of reach lies the silver shine
At the end of days, the edge of time
When days of peace seem long gone by
To the moon we call
To rise as we fall, the twilight of the elves

The end has come and all the bliss might soon be gone
There's no release for us, forevermore
A son forlorn, the messenger of our dawn
Will you accept, the burden of the gods

I brave my fate, with iron will I stand my ground
Dark are my days
Can I really make a change


Paralyzed one by one they fall
To the might of his rage, to the nightbringer's call
Come valiant warrior arise
Paladine, save your servant from the fall


All is lost and we shall fall
Matthias Schwanz (Matthias Graf) - vocal, guitar
Matthias Holzapfel - guitar, back-vocal
Johannes Schumacher - drums

Melanie Schweizer - vocal

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