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February 15th, 2019
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Zed Yago - Pilgrimage

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Zed Yago'1989

PilgrimageRelease by: RCA

Zed Yago - Pilgrimage
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Pilgrim's Choir


2. Pilgrimage


3. The Fear of Death


4. Pioneer of the Storm


5. Black Bone Song


6. Rose of Martyrdom


7. The Man Who Stole the Holy Fire


8. Achilles Heel


9. The Pale Man


10. Omega Child


11. Fallen Angel


Pilgrim's Choir
Pilgrim awake 
Dare for your sake.
Zed Yago is leaving the twilight zone
The human body now it's her own
A gift of god of the devil too
This pact she has to satisfy soon
It's still the rain that shakes the universe

A pilgrimage is the go between disgust and dignity,
A pilgrimage is the go between, rich and mad,
Proud and sad, free the spirit of its chain.

United allies swear blood and pain
One for all and all for one again
They're out to find the lost fantasy
Remembering the human tragedy
It's still the rain that shakes the universe.

Some hideous lies in a fairy tale
Demolish every paradise,
Only venties are not for sale
And won't destroy your sacrifice.
The Fear of Death
Wake up in fear all you who don't know
There's more behind the material glow
You know it's the sinners who we adore
And some of us die while they still do ignore
It seams we are slaves of the fear of death
Foolishness directs us till morn
Don't want to be defeated, no
But we are, but we are,
From the second we are born.

Don't you talk to the raven
In a frightful night he's sure to appear,
You might talk to the devil
In a frightful night the fear of death,
The fear of death is near.

What we can't see is what we have to believe
Call the foreign dimension finally to earth
More than we know appears in a dream
Disappears into space a taste of rebirth
Don't, don't want to be defeated no
But we are, but we are,
In the second we are born.
Pioneer of the Storm
Back at least 5000 years
People are sailing
First in really simple ships
Courageous and daring

Astronauts all in race
Astronauts of the space
Astronauts all in race
Explorers of the space.

Chained, in fragile vessels banned
These seamen faced
Totally obscure element
Wild waves, fierce gales
Try to harness each hour
To use the wind for power
Try to harness
The wind for power.

It's an adventure into the unknown,
Pioneer of the storm.
Trust, only trusting the sun
Trusting the stars
That's all, they had to lean on
Moon Venus Mars
Each voyage a risk to get wrecked
A journey called "never come back"
Each voyage a risk to get wrecked
A journey called pioneer of the storm.
Black Bone Song
Seven men on a dead man's coffin
Waiting 'till the rumour will be true
Seven souls are damned for ever
Eternally bound to sing the tune

Black bone song, it's never ending a unique minor key,
Black bone song come along hell bound on the sea.

Risk a view at the brink of death
Treasure hunters, they're never coming back
Seven voices scream and shout,
Found an escape through the hole in the ground.
This old legend of seven sailor's lives
Drinking rum, singing black bone's rhymes
Seven pains cry out loud
Digging out the tale, out of the ground.
Rose of Martyrdom
Is there anyone here
For whom it's wholly clear
Which way he wants to stay
Come to light, come on: appear.
All the searchers around
Look what they have found: hard life
Still blind they don't hear, the sound

Rose of martyrdom a mighty storm against boredom
No deadlock each step
A thorn to the rose of martyrdom.

At the end of the game
You've been failing insane
You feel it was not real
Tears have just one name.

There's no cure,
No cure for death don't wanna live to regret.

It makes no sense after all
Nobody can catch the fall
No rain will wash up the pain
'Till we get the call.
The Man Who Stole the Holy Fire
He was the man
Who stole the holy fire
He was the bringer
Of all violence
He is the one
Who's dictated all desire
The worlds destiny
Was in his hands.

Inventor, creator, destroyer
The three estates of the world.
All in one. Inventor, creator,
Destroyer the three estates of the world.

He was the man
Who stole the holy fire
He was the maker
Of the ugliest dream
Became a thief,
A criminal, a liar
A survivor of the good and of the mean

The master of melancholy
He wants to sing the song of military
The feud is deeper
Than ever this battle won't be finished, no never.
Achilles Heel
When you were young some years ago
Your old man told you
Don't you set yourself on fire, listen
The point of all is what you do not
What you are talking about
No matter what you've been going through.
Don't give a damn, all those bridges you've crossed
Still trying to catch the rainbow.
You'll spread your wings to rise up high,
Only need the wind to blow
And after all you will know where to go.

Fight, you got to be a fighter,
Don't show your Achilles heel
Life will turn out lighter,
Six feet water under your keel.
The Pale Man
Deathly pale belongs to the sea
Tells you here's the beginning
In the depth of misery
You feel the spirit within.
A torrent over a storm tossed tree
It's like a rugged stone
Rolling waves won't let you free
Because your time is gone.

All the damned veiled in grey band together and demand
Of the pale man who's crossing the way,
Can't never come back to land.

He entrusts himself without taking care
To wild seas every day
And this old world, world of the sea
Endlessly he must bear
His heart is like an ocean so deep
Knowing storm, ebb and flow
And too many pearls, pearls of the beauty
Rest in it's depths below.

He is one of the creatures of the sea,
He's called the palest man he is one of
The creatures who can't break free until eternity,
The pale man who's got Neptune's key.
Omega Child
From the very beginning
From the very first start
Do you know all about alpha
It's the owner of the one and only part.
And all deliverers came
Kept on singing a hymn
They're on their way to research the echo
Of the one and only original sin.

Don't stop the fire, call him the wild,
He was born in a mortal storm
And called the omega child.
People, you're the prodigal son,

Won't listen to the down below
Made of and in a formless form
Don't laugh too loud up there
He is the omega general heir.
Fallen Angel
Life was a bore
Hometown too small
He's leaving this place
Won't make a call.
Colder than ice
Is the feeling he's got
Give him some vice tonight
Let him walk tall.

He's a fallen angel, fallen angel,
Fallen angel full of sins.
He jumped too high and than he lost his wings.

You lost your doll blew down the wall
Took all the boys only for toys.
Colder than ice is the feeling you've got
There's no surprise no thanks you've seen the lot
Until the river bursts his banks.

Still life goes on like a cold flame
Maybe the debt of sin is life no gain
Colder than ice is the feeling you've got
I've no advice you're on your own
The only thing what you've got.
Jutta Weinhold - vocal
Jimmy Durand - guitar
Gunnar - guitar
Tatch - bass guitar
Claus Reinholdt (Bubi der Schmied) - drums

Produced by Ralf Basten.

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