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February 20th, 2019
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Hollow - Stand Or Fall

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Stand Or FallRelease by: Zakana


Hollow - Stand Or Fall
1. Stand Or Fall
2. My Vision Fails
3. Break the Chains
4. When the Night Is Over

Stand Or Fall
I ride the mist of the morning sun
The hunt has just begun, where can I run?
Am I an animal? beast or man?
Each day distorting me - each grain of sand
I beg for mercy, I cry for relief
My twisted features a mirror to grief
The spell is working my pityledd liege
But soon will come the day of retribution

Stand or fall
Repent your sins
Heed my call
The righteous wins

I will return from my exile
To take revenge on you deceitful prince
You shall regret what you've laid on me
And face your bitter end and I'll be freed
I will resume what is rightfully mine
I've read the stars, yes, and I've seen the signs
You will stand challenged
Your life will be mine
In two hands I'll break the spell that binds me

Be this the birth of an endless crusade
I will not rest till all depths have been paid
Shine in the light where but justice prevails
The spell is frozen but it can't be broken
My Vision Fails
All that I do tends to turn out the same
My intentions are good
Yet they get twisted by the pain
When will I see trough the dark mists of sleep
Will I break free from the veils of deceit?

My vision fails
Each time I try to see
Beyond the walls
I've made in my mind
My vision fails
Although I try to be a man
Who's not afraid of screams?

Dawn comes again
To erase the mists of sleep
And I know what is real
When the day breaks the seal
Break the Chains
The world is drifting into chaos
And chaos grows with each new day
Our time is waning
And our debts stand to be payed
We try to fake the laws of nature
But nature's hard to understand
We toy with fate
With our puny eagy hands

Destruction, passion lives in vain
Hide in dreams
While the world screams in pain
When will we break the chain
Break the Chain!
Break the pattern of your ways

We take so many things
Yet the price can't be to high
We have to reap what we have planted
End the lie
When the Night Is Over
The night is closing in
I hear the beating wings
He's nearer than before
He's coming to get me

I have no way to see
If this is real or dream
My thoughts are blurred
And I can find no reason
Yet he has opened the door
He's from the other side
From him I cannot hide
His will command my actions
Soon I will abide
Take me tonight I am yours

When the night is over
I will feel no sorrow
When tomorrow's come
When the night is over
I will fell no sorrow
I will miss no one
When the night is over
I will be gone

They think I've lost my mind
Lost my mind
But really they are blind
They cannot see that he's as real
As real can be
He stands for truth in my lie

His black wings beckon to me
His eyes they shine with glee
The blade is shining too
And soon I will be free
This life is slowly leaving
The knife unlocks the door

And when my lungs stop breathing...
Andreas Stoltz - guitar, vocal
Marcus Bigren - guitar
Thomas Nilsson - bass guitar
Urban Vikstrom - drums


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