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February 15th, 2019
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Jaguar - Power Games

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Power GamesRelease by: Neat Records

Jaguar - Power Games
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Dutch Connection


2. Out of Luck


3. The Fox


4. Master Game


5. No Lies


6. Run for Your Life


7. Prisoner


8. Ain't No Fantasy


9. Rawdeal


10. Coldheart


11. Axe Crazy


12. War Machine


13. Dirty Tricks


Dutch Connection
Crossed the water hit the Hook today
My minds in confusion I don't know what to say
'Cause I'm a fool for you and I love your shoes
You crazy Dutchmen you just watch me play


Lose yourself in the Dutch connection
Lose your mind in the Dutch connection
We're all working for the Dutch connection

Under the spotlight sweating hard for you
No illusion make believe come true
Where the lands as flat as the booze and I love your shoes
You crazy Dutchmen we'll see what you can do


Full blooded full of energy
And after the show now I can hardly see
So it's off to get some food and I love your shoes
Up in the morning and I'll be away by three



Cross the water going home today
My minds in confusion but I feel much better this way
I really fell for you and your wooden shoes
You crazy Dutchmen I'll be back someday

Out of Luck
Your heads in a spin and your face starts to grin
You've had too much to drink and you're sick in the sink
You don't seem to care you've got beer in your hair
And the dripping of rain it starts to send you insane
I got sick of my job so I had a shag in the bog
And my mum seems to care about the length of my hair
She even makes jokes about the clothes that I wear
And if that ain't the end I got no money to spend


They're gonna lock me away I don't care what you say
And the day is so long just like the words of this song
When I get home at night and I turn on the light
And lock the back door I'll collapse on the floor
The Fox
You're smiling as you shoot to kill the animal that has a will
To live to breath to kill to eat, feel the soil beneath its feet
You ride your horse across the land fox at your feet gun in your hand
Hold up high your face of shame to you its just a bloody game

Who's the animal you or the fox, its plain for all to see
Your legs are clean but your hands are stained with blood causing so much pain and misery

They kill for food and not for fun, why d'you have to pull your gun
The fox is very much in need its just a reflection of your greed
You like to hear the creature wail you can always shred the tail
It's just snobbery someone stop the insanity



So can't you see you're just a fool you've broken every golden rule
You turn your nose up in the air at those of us who really care
So have your drink and have your fun but try to save the scarlet one
Called the master of the hunt, you're just a silly boy!

Master Game
The memories are scattered, like ashes on the floor
The flames once danced for you, but you're not the master anymore
I see a silhouette, dancing on the wall
I tried to warn her but, she didn't hear my call
He beckons her to his room, she's trying to hide
Her mind is leaving but, her feeble hands are tied

It's the master game, and the master came
It's the master game, no one came

They prey on innocence, to feed to satisfy
She's a victim, hear her spirit cry
The warmth flies out of her like, a leaf on a winter breeze
But woman can't you see, you're serving the master on your knees

It's the master game, and the master came
It's the master game, no one came


Now its sun arise, she's staring at the sky
Her dreams are far away, she's trying not to cry
Her minds a sabre, it cuts the shame away
Her heart lies on the floor, the broken pieces of the master game

It's the master game, and the master came
It's the master game, no one came
No Lies
She was something like a bishops daughter I was something like that too
She said hey let me take a card number 932
She was cute with her hair and golden thighs she set me ablaze in the street
I guess she wanted me but I said I could stand on my own two feet


I'm telling you, no lies, I'll tell you no lies
No lies, you're too wise
No lies, I'll tell you no lies, no lies
Well her friend came up to me and said hey what you gonna do
I know you're crazy about that girl and she's really hot for you
I said wait a minute she's OK and I guess I like her style
And I turned around and there she was and she killed me with her smile


Well I saw her here and I saw her there and I saw some others too
But everytime I closed my eyes I thought of hers that were baby blue
Well I dreamt of making love together on some lonely beach
Cos she's the one who refreshes the parts that others cannot reach




I'm feeling down and shaking I just didn't know what to do
But I knew I wanted her and I had to see it through
So having had so many beers the words came flowing free
I said I'd made my mind up and would you like to go with me she said yes

Run for Your Life
Its eyes down and your playing the game of your life
The cards you are dealing can cause so much strife
Plotting your future with tales of la lune
But you'll face much more than this and its coming very soon


And you know it cuts like a knife
And you better run for your life
They say that you're crazy but you never can tell
I know what you're feeling you're going through hell
You'll stare at death card with laughter in your eyes
The fear shows on your face as a veil of thin disguise



The times coming closer as you sit all alone
And the death bells are ringing as you reach for the phone
But who will believe it you played by the rules
But brother its you yeah the joker or the fool


Its time now to take you to your funeral pyre
Where the reaper is waiting with his harsequice of fire
You're burning, you stumble, your starting to scream
Then suddenly you up wake it's all been a dream



You waken its over you're glad to be free
You head for the door and you fumble for the key
The lock just keeps turning you're a prisoner of truth
Tells all your fortune there's nothing you can do

You've got the power to set me free, why don't you give it, give it to me
I'd sell you short is that what you thought, don't you see there's no mystery
You'll change you mind we're so short of time
I've drawn a sentence my life's on the line
I'm gonna die I've got to get out,
I'm gonna try just let me shout

I'm a prisoner, set me free
I'm a prisoner, let me out
I'm a prisoner, set me free
I'm a prisoner, let me out

Your bright blue eyes are staring at me, closer now than they'll ever be
My minds running wild there's nobody there,
Reach up to the sky, no one seems to care

This empty cell so dark and lonely,
Cold thick stone and bars surround me
I'm getting weaker by the hour,
Outside I hear the distant laughter



Repeat 1st verse

Ain't No Fantasy
I saw the light burning in the sky
I'm sorry girl I always make you cry
The blinding light is still a mystery
To show the sky for everyone to see
Feelings running high and they're running free
The tide has turned for baby you and me
Stand up and stare at your sympathy
Cos' Rock'n'Roll ain't no fantasy

The red light's flashing high above the stage
Rain in the air it's always the same
Sixty thousand people look on in silence
A wild eruption as the band starts to play
The level's too high the sound is bad
Continuous feedback it drives you mad
The top of the bill always get their way
Forget the rest they ain't got no say

You've got a raw deal, how do you feel
Been taken for a ride, no one on your side


You're quietly content to watch the band play
Don't give a damn what the critics say
You've got to live for the music, don't you ever abuse it

You always walk away when you see me coming down your street
The price I have to pay you won't see me again today
Out on the streets again now that I'm, I'm out on my own
This time I let you down, you say you're leaving this town


You're a cold heart, ice cold heart (x4)

Now you turn your back, I forgave you, you won't forgive me
The pressures building up, blinding my eyes I cannot see
The only vice I had was thinking about your body not your mind
But you're so insecure you really screwed me up I don't know why



You always walked away when you saw me coming down your street
The price I had to pay you won't see me again today
I've got to find the door to let me through to pleasures untold
But you won't let me go your hearts in the way you're so ice cold

Axe Crazy
War Machine
Dirty Tricks
Paul Merrell - vocal
Garry Pepperd - guitar
Jeff Cox (1) - bass guitar
Chris Lovell - drums

Produced by K. Nichol and Jaguar.
Reissued in 1998 with the bonus tracks.

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