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January 21st, 2019
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Kreator - Out of the Dark... Into the Light

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Out of the Dark... Into the LightRelease by: Noise Records

The tracks 3-5 are live versions)

Kreator - Out of the Dark... Into the Light
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Impossible to Cure


2. Lambs to Slaughter
    (by Raven.)


3. Terrible Certainty


4. Riot of Violence


5. Awakening of the Gods


Impossible to Cure
Your whole live you've been a misfit in your area
Nobody want to hang out with a guy like you
But now you've found new friends no longer an inferior
And you act exactly the way they do

Life your life now seems to make sense
You've got someone to obey
The wrong ideals of your friends
But for me it seems you're

Impossible impossible to cure
The way you think
Is wrong that's for sure
The way you act
Won't bring you no fame
Open your eyes
Face the truth you will never your dreams
As long as we stand against you extreme
Forget it we won't let your dreams come true
Can't you see you're just swimming with the stream
Lambs to Slaughter
(by Raven.)
Most people take it they get pushed down
Bared out of their minds just hanging around
Make no decisions they out on a limb
Labeled and numbered prospects are grim.

Yeah its time to fight back
Yeah its time to attack.

Taken their pride is locked in room
Lambs to the slaughter your turns comes soon
Picked on and pushed they don't stand for their rights
When they come to they just turn out the lights.
Terrible Certainty
Die! Slowly you're dying
From this contagious disease
Once you're infected there's no hope of a cure
Your passing is a sure thing
Your thoughts are empty and hopeless
Nothing is left for you now
Having to live with this terrible certainty
Praying is all you can do

It's vicious and crippling and slowly your life will end
But how long will it take to save us from the plague
With fatal convulsions the plague is reaching for us
God knows! What will it take to save us from the plague

Contracted by blood
The virus can be in us all
You're one of it's victims, but then thousands more
And they won't be the last
So many civilisations before
The mighty, the proud and the brave
The poor, the rich - Indiscriminate
Soon they'll all end in the grave
Riot of Violence
Greedy for blood
Paralysed by power
The decision to die
Tales of terror
Deep in the corner
Passion to kill
Corpse on the ground
Minds starts to chill

A man lies in the corner, covered with blood
Bloody wounds on his body, praying to his god
People pass him by, but they say
Why should we care about him? He will die today

Riot of violence

Find your own way
You must go alone
Kill all next to you
They want the throne
The infectious disease
Is the only life
You're scared to death
Die by their knife

A man lies in the corner, covered with blood
Bloody wounds on his body, praying to his god
People pass him by, but they say
Why should we care about him? He will die today

Brutality and mighty wars, warriors start to fight
With bombs and guns, the troops have come to extinguish the light
I'd rather not go wild tonight, but I must save myself

On a field littered with corpses
Stands a lonely flower
It reminds the world how it was
But we kicked it away with power
Awakening of the Gods
Was it a vision or was it a dream
The trust of the mankind has never been real
Gods of pleasure gods of pain
Gods of terror of life and of hate
Mortality is endless when gods start to pray
Life becomes worthless by nuclear death
They're watching from above it could happen every day watching their terror and care in no way
No one can imagine where you will be
Where you have been before your birth you will see
Planned and controlled is your life in every way
Watched and controlled on every single day

See their eyes filled with lies
Watch the slaughter endless night
Can make your scream can make you cry
You know you're helpless till the end of time
Awakening of the gods

Burning ambitions your lusts and your wills
Your plans of life goals and your thrills
Days of laughter days of crime your living to your fate on foretold time
Nothin' has worth nothing is real nothing is important no way you
Feel this can't be the only life it could begin when you die

See their eyes...

Manipulated by human feelings
You're passing through this life searching for the meaning of all
But that's something you will never find
Accept all what happens to you
Be prepared for torture and pain you know there ain't nothing
You can do only death will close the reign

You've seen the good sides but you've also seen the bad
Damned to mortality damned is your life for death
Created for a mystery why is this your fate
Only the future will show
Or maybe you will never know
Miland Petrozza (Mille) - vocal, guitar
Jorg Trzebiatowski (Tritze) - guitar
Roberto Fioretti - bass guitar
Jurgen Reil (Ventor) - drums


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