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February 22nd, 2019
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Balrog - A Dark Passage

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A Dark PassageRelease by: My Graveyard Productions

Balrog - A Dark Passage
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Wait


2. At the Black Gates


3. The Rise


4. Shadows


5. Tears


6. Change Woman for Hell


7. Perpetual Circle


The Wait
I ruled for an era on this painful earth
Ages in which men learned
To fear my iron fist above everything
Undisputed was my power

In a war day
The alliance took my corpse
They thought they had defeated me
But my spirit lasted and now
Hidden in the shadows I'm preparing my reborn

My treasure is my life
My creation is my curse
The reunion: we wish for nothing more
Until they will destroy us together

I feel my power is growing again
The day for my revenge is near

Weak and corrupted the hopeless human race
Will fall in a second darkness
At the Black Gates
We have arrived in this land of pain
Smoke and fire, darkness everywhere
Dark lord is waiting to unleash the beasts of death
No way to escape from the evil eye

Cold shining blades of steel arise from the hell
Bloody dogs of war hungry for your flesh
They don't feel the fear, they don't feel remorse
Mercyless slaughters ready to attack

Bleeding Peaks waiting for us
All our nightmares beyond these walls
The coldest chill is running through us
Now we are at the Black Gates of Mordor

Smell of death is all around
Inhuman screams from the underground
The bestial army is ready to show
Infernal majesty of destruction and death
The Rise
For long time I've been champion of virtues
My only faith was in my mind
No limit had my ambition
I was challenging something bigger than me

My soul is leaving
No more you can keep me with you
No escape from my destiny
The obscure fire is burning me

You've always warned me for my actions
I'm forced to destroy all I used to love
I feel the blood boiling in my veins
Now the demon is taking the windward

You speak empty words to me.
Insignificant they are insignificant am I?
No end for this sorrow
No end for my pain

Late is your arrival
There is no hope for us
My bleeding eyes
No more can help me
To find a way out of here
The curse is upon me

I've always desired an eternal life
Now I understand what a fool I was
I am the bringer of the wrath divine
Death is now my only wish

My soul is leaving
No more you can keep me with you
No escape from my destiny
The obscure fire is burning me

Is burning me...
Burning out the road
Riding hard together
Wild chrome iron horse
Gasoline and leather
Screams from the engines
Coming like a hurricane.
Start the fire in the hearts
Now running fast from here to hell

This is our life
Ride to live, live to ride
Cold beer, heavy metal
Living wild and free
Faster than the north wind
United we must stand
Blowing on the lands
Fury runs on the wheels

Shadows in the night
Motorcycle 'tween the mountains
Shadows in the night
Wearing colors with honour

Pulsing veins, rumble of thunder
Their echoes in the valley
The road is free, grinding the pave
Swarm of fairs iron eagles
We must stay in formation
Speeding to the utmost of the power
No one can stop the Shadows
We are running through the night

Shadows in the night
Motorcycle 'tween the mountains
Shadows in the night
Wearing colors with honour
Change Woman for Hell
Run away from here
Your bloody tears are killing me baby
Don't smile at me
My heart of stone will make you suffer
In the night, stifling air, I'm standing still

That gloomy dark light
It guides me
It tears me to pieces
Light, sharp blades, a beam of death's blood
I hold my crown of thorns

Go away from this world
Your transparent eyes
Your broken heart
I cannot hear

Destroy me obscure demon
Now it's the end, I'm ready to reborn
l was living in the world with closed eyes
Now that pain and death have shaken me
I don't want to see anymore

I suffocate in a world full of honey
Perpetual Circle
Every morning we wake up pretending to
Change our lives, day alter day

It's said we learn from our mistakes
But our destiny let us nothing but repeat them

All things change for finally coming back
To what was their original form

Our whole existence is set in a circle
We move on it
Eternally wandering on the same path

We all start this journey for finally coming back
To what we once were... once were...
Stefano Castagna - vocal
Stefano Luoni - guitar
Andrea Tibiletti - guitar
Andrea Bossi - bass guitar
Tommaso Colombo - drums

Marco Longhi - guitar
Produced by Balrog.

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