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November 16th, 2018
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Adrenicide - Pioneers in the Land of the Mad

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Pioneers in the Land of the MadRelease by: Denim & Leather Recoreds


Adrenicide - Pioneers in the Land of the Mad
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. All Went Black


2. Form a Circle


3. Catch the Bus


4. Ward 13


5. Fight for the Right (to Be a Dick)


6. Toxic Society


7. Junk Punk


8. Justice?


9. Drown in Beer


10. Spin the Web


11. Constant Abuse


12. Hollow Promise


13. Guns in the Playground


14. Smart Alec


15. Forward into Death


16. Fed to the Sharks


17. Celebrate the Blade


18. Garland Greene


19. Hospital Hard-on


20. Primitive Logic (Technological Death)


21. They Kill...You Kill...We Kill...


22. Vital Signs Fade


23. Born Drunk


24. Adreni-cider


25. Perfecting the Virus


26. Pope on a Rope


All Went Black
We've reached our destination
Erased-blink of an eye
Mindless determination
Deface-our mother dies
Lifeblood contamination
Fast forward-ending soon
We breath in ash
Mankind beneath a killing moon

What you gonna do when the well runs dry?
What you gonna do now you've torn the sky?
What you gonna do if the Earth fights back?
What you gonna do now it's all gone black?

All went black
Same mistake- nothing's ever learned
All went black
Last chapter- final page is turned
All went black
There's no one- no one left to mourn
All went black
Hope for Mankind rests with the unborn

All went. All. All went black. Black


Headlong to termination
Above us jet black clouds
End-game contamination
The becomes our shroud
An air-born vile contagion
All life is torn apart
Bleak landscape- devastation
Mass murder a fine art
Form a Circle
Tooth chip & thrash
Elbow to your face
Get out the pit
If you cannot stand the pace
Violent breed is raging
Punch suckers on the jaw
Losers on the outside
Kick suckers to the floor

Punks, thrashers
Together as one
A raging whirlwind
Where violence is fun
You'll feel it tomorrow
When you awake
Your skin bruised purple
And your bones all ache

A squadron of psychos
The floor their war-zone
Drunken schitzo
The gutter their home
Slams like a madman
Acts like a fool
Break heads, snap bones
Tear down walls

Punks & thrashers
Moshing as one
A bar-room brawl
Where violence is one

Get in the pit-in the pit!
And form a circle
Get in the pit-in the pit!
Do your shit-in the pit!
Get in the pit!

Total madman
Dude watch him rage
Slams like a pro,
Jumps off the stage
Hates Nu-Metal bands
Thinks they suck
Got a look in our eye
That says don't fuck

Stuck in a time-warp since '88
Never gave up always kept faith
Old-school warrior true to a cause
Not a sold-out bitch
Like those Nu-Metal whores

Kids are thrashin' all around
Banging heads to the sound
Going round in circles
To the beat of the band
Moshing like a lunatic
Drinkin' beer until you're sick
Diving off the P.A. never knowing
Where you're gonna land
Catch the Bus
Friends have all gone
And your parents don't care
Sit in your room
Busy going nowhere
They don't understand
The sorrow you feel
Say "it's all in your head"
But you know it's so real

Pressure is building
My heads gonna pop
Think I'll take a journey
With only one stop

We're gonna - catch the bus!
It's never gain, always loss
We're gonna - catch the bus!
One way ticket
You can't catch us!

Relatives gather
One cold winters day
Wish they had realized
But what could they say?
Decision was made
Such a long time ago
Actions, not words-is your
"Told them so"
Ward 13
Your head's full of shit
That they don't wanna know
And your body's in a place
Where you didn't wanna go
You're tied-up, strapped-down
Staring at the wall
And the therapy don't work
That just made a bigger fool

I don't wanna live - live
This way!
I don't wanna feel - feel
This pain!

Taken all their pills
& you've been to all their groups
And you've sat, sat up and begged
And you've jumped through all their hoops
Done what you're asked
Like a puppet being jerked
You feel a fuckin' failure
Cos none of this has worked

I don't wanna feel - feel
This fear!
I don't wanna live - live
With hate!

Ward 13!

On ward 13 you're never gonna leave
You say you're getting better
But they never will believe
Electric shock treatment
Fucks your mind and leaves you numb
Your family is no help
Visiting hour never comes
Fight for the Right (to Be a Dick)
Planes strafe the hill side
"Top Gun" for our eyes
Designer warfare
Watch the share prices rise

G.I. Joe stays safe in his tank at the front
Politician says who dies in the Hunt
Deluded troops of Uncle Sam
Force their beliefs on foreign lands

Toy soldier! - Watch him go!
Wind him up! - Catch the show!
It's the same in every war
Devastate with shock and awe
Annihilate the weak and poor
A devil in a soldiers uniform

I love, I love the smell of money in the morning!

Corporation play-thing
Acting out their role
Destruction is the game
With money as their goal

Business man stays safe
In his house far away
Action man hero
Repeats what he says
Gods hypocrites they take their fill
Metal angels swoop to kill

Fight for the right (to be a dick)
Come on soldier, you heard me
Fight for the right (to be a dick)
Scared? You've no time to be scared
Fight for the right (to be a dick)
We've got a body bag with your name on it

Pictures that we see
Never show the true story
Choreographed battles
And a fake march to glory

Edit out the death
Rate the slaughter P.G.
1000's lie dead they don't
Want us to see
Fight for a God they never seen
Spread the words of the obscene

Toxic Society
There's a company close to my home
They mess with my genes
And chromosomes
They alter the D.N.A. of my food
Put shit in the water
To change my mood

Sodium fluoride and P.C.P's
Chemical cocktail of C.F.C's
Modern day Frankensteins
Stealing our brains
Pour toxic chemicals down our drains

We live in a toxic society
Poisoned people - toxic society
We live in a toxic society
Deadly world - toxic society

Hang power cables
Over your house
Treat you like a laboratory mouse
Radiate me through the phone
Fries my mind & makes me a clone
Junk Punk
Born with a silver spoon up your nose
Bank account drained - where the money go?
To a two-bit dealer who drives a big car
Got a house with a pool with a built in bar

Wife always nagging - Junk Punk!
Cause you're always broke
Kids going hungry - Junk Punk!
Life and cash up in smoke

Another night, another 8-ball
Never can sleep, toot and stare at the wall
Heart beating fast as the shit hits your brain
Crystal kaleidoscope - It's snowing again!

Clutch at your throat - Junk Punk!
Eye balls wide from the hit
Collapse in the bathroom - Junk Punk!
In your own shit

Wife left with debts and you kids are all sick
Making ends meet now from selling her tricks

Paranoia Takes Hold!
Junk Punk!
A man went to work
Just riding a train
Wrong place, wrong time
Cops blew out his brains
Told to stop, jumped a fence
No one came to his defence

7 bullets fired
From seven different guns
7 people blew away
Someone's son

Where is the justice?
For someone's son?
Justice never done

They opened fire
On this poor kid
Wrong-face... wrong life
Don't care what they did
Bastard pigs
Playing tough
A government cover-up

Justice? Murder!
Justice? Murder!
Justice? Murder!
Justice? Murder!
Drown in Beer
I watch the clock, I wanna go
Heart beats fast, as time-time moves slow
Palms are sweating, I've got the shakes
To end this Hell, 20 beers is all it takes

Bring me a drink!
Keep'em coming 'till I can't think!
Hey bartender!
Fill my glass!
Keep on pouring or I'll kick your ass!

Drown! Drown in beer!
Drown in beer!
Drown in beer!

I left my home, jumped in a cab
Got no money, have to start-start a tab
Pushed my way, past the after-work punks
Won't stop drinking 'till I, I blow chunks

I'll keep drinking 'till I'm in my grave
I'll drift away on an amber wave
So drown your sorrows and stop your crying
Cos beer sells and you are buying
Spin the Web
We're all stuck in the system
We're all stuck in the web

Who spins the web?

Hidden hand guides from above
An iron fist in velvet glove
Call it a democracy? I say hypocrisy!
Feed us what you want to hear:
"No worries folks - salvation's here!"
Crush the will - with hidden words
And what they say controls the herd

Who spins the web?
We don't know 'cos we don't ask
Who spins the web?
We never look behind the mask

Empire spread like a disease
I'm asking Lord - I'm on my knees
Spider crawls across the world
The web is spun - the flags unfurled
Just human flies around their filth
Corporate Gods control the wealth
No balance in the world we live
It's always take and never give

A diet of bullshit on which we are fed
Newspapers and TV put lies-lies in your head
Constant Abuse
You laugh at my clothes and criticize my hair
Unyielding bullshit do you think that I care?
Just like a puppy you snap at my heels
Follow me around spewing all your ideals

Never stop your constant abuse
Wish your neck was in a noose!
Never stop your constant abuse
The way you die - wish I could choose!

Constant abuse! Think I'm gonna blow a fuse
Constant abuse! You accept? I refuse!
Constant abuse! Think I'll win, know you'll lose
Constant abuse! So confused! So abused!

A broken record stuck in a grove
I've heard it before - you've nothing to prove
Don't wanna listen to all of your shit
I'll use my own mind, build views bit by bit
Hollow Promise
Deals signed in blood fingers crossed
Just another fake double-crossed:
Fork-tongued words of a human snake

Dragged through the mud
Broken idol - you can't fix
To perpetuate a myth
Taste the Judas kiss on your lips

Open wound - to never heal
Mental scars - too scared to feel
Pledge undone - a broken trust
Friendship lost - love turns to dust

Preach words in vain never heard
False Messiah breaks
Stained-glass heart in the church of a human snake

Shot through the heart
Shattered promise you can't fix
Final thoughts
Hear the final prayer on your lips

Bullshit - bullshit! Hollow promise
Hollow promise - words that kill
Ever thought about the way I feel?

Betrayed again - once more deceived
Etched in stone? And I believe
Never chose this path... In life
Guns in the Playground
Guns kill kids

Down in the park
Where the children all play
Boy shouting loud
He's got something to say:
"Sick of the bullies and the thugs and the hoods"
His killing field is the park by the woods

He took a gun to the playground
He took a gun... He took a gun

Opened his coat and he reaches inside
Kids start to run
But there's no-where to hide
Bullets are sprayed
And a girl hits the floor
At war with the world
Try and even the score

Stopped to reload - continue his game
Conditioned to kill
Is he really to blame?
One left in the chamber
Looks to the sun
And with smile
Puts his mouth 'round the gun
Smart Alec
There's one in every class
Who always gets straight A's
Devours every word
That his fucking teacher says
Loves the algebra and Latin
That he's always taught
But his brain just a sponge
Not one original thought

He says "if you don't learn in school...
How will you earn? Fool!"
Thinks that the nerds shall inherit the earth
Smart Alec

A middle-aged teen
By his mum he was always dressed
Ignored by the girls
But he'd rather play chess
Thinks that we are all dumb
But he's missing the truth
Invests in the future
He's only wasting his youth

Now he's working
Thinks there must be more
Stressed out by debt went grey at 24
Wife and kids have left him
As his sinking ship is sunk
Swapped his hope for drink
Now Alec is a drunk

Alec did whatever they'd say
"It wasn't supposed to be this fucking way"
Forward into Death
Let's get killed in an illegal war!
Brainless pawn in genocide
Grab your gun and crucifix
All dead soldiers go to heaven

Forward! Forward into death!
Wrapped in a flag
Toes been tagged
You're coming home

Malicious filth that you've been taught
Suckered in - the lies been bought
Behind your flag you feel such pride
The only place that you can hide
Grab your crucifix and run
Fed to the Sharks
Living not to die
Beneath the cloak of night
Hiding in the shadows
Invisible to their eyes
A witness to a deal going down
Caught on radar...
...Now I'm living under-ground

Run... hide... you're caught
You bet you'll die

Retribution - price on my head
Frantic and scared - they want me dead
I'm on the run and if I'm found...
...Fed to the sharks

Tracing all my calls
Surveillance on my house
Feds and crooks are hunting me
A game of cat and mouse
A witness to a deal going down
Caught on radar...
...Now I'm living under-ground

Fed to the sharks
I've no death wish
One false move...
...I'll sleep with the fish

Fed to the sharks
Fed to the sharks
Fed to the sharks
Fed to the sharks
Celebrate the Blade
Cold steel pressed into his palm
His eyes reflect no light
Instinct drives his will to kill
A hunter of the night

Moral guide-lines blurred
To kill without one word
"I have no God"
Celebrate the blade

Brutality in perfect motion
A master of his art
Flesh his canvas; sufferance due in frenzy; torn apart

Celebrate... Celebrate the blade

Acting out sick fantasies
To kill and kill again
Relentless he will track you down
The only question: "when"?

Exquisite in his violence
He'll play games with your blood
Swift incision; blade comes down
Left face down in the mud
Garland Greene
When Garland was a boy
He used to torture cats
Now he drives around the county
Wearing peoples heads as hats

Can't be cured!
No cure for what he has
Can't be cured!
That's why Garland acts so bad

With his little friend
Plays with dollies by the pool
Cyrus escape plan is screwed
As Garland stands and drools

A chemical imbalance?
Or was he dropped on his head?
Cos something inside Garland
Makes him play with the dead

Garland Greene is bad!
Hospital Hard-on
Sitting in the waiting room
Read all the magazines
Bored, so stole some bandages
And hid behind the screens
Wrapped them 'round my penis
And I shouted to a nurse
She took one look
Then took my pulse
Put my number in her purse

Open up and say "aah"
'Cos the doctor's now on call
Kneel down, stick your tongue out
Doctor love is now on the ward
Open up and say "aah"
Take my hospital hard-on
You'll thank me later
When your symptoms have all gone

Went into prosthetics
Never meant to cause alarm
Shook some old-boy by the hand
And stole most of his arm!
Gynecology beckoned put a gown on
And some gloves
Done 20 checks on 20 chicks
And 20 fell in love
Primitive Logic (Technological Death)
Terror is raging inside
Hatred runs wild in the veins of all men
Downfall of all human kind
Extinction the cure,
Let the earth breath again

We gouged out her eyes
And we sealed up her womb
Neglected our mother
Showered her with bombs
Now the earth is a tomb

Primitive Logic!
They Kill...You Kill...We Kill...
Deaf and blind to all
Violent and twisted mind
Mechanized to kill at will
A soul no longer alive

They kill...
You kill...
We kill...

Old reasons to act so cold
Decide who lives and dies
Hell is waiting warm
Truth exists afar

Lives controlled like mice
Aggression can't go uncontrolled
Put in trance to decide the future
As Hell unfolds...
...Emptiness your grave forever
Ever had a chance
Insane you are
There's no escape
Democracy in flames

They kill...
You kill...
We kill...
Kill... kill... kill... kill...
Vital Signs Fade
Victims crawling through the wreckage
Fallen race takes it's last breath
Pulse slows - to a crawl
Silent Hell - to live means death

Systems raped
Systematic reaping
Broken world...
...Of life devoid
Evolution at a stand-still
Mankind steps into the void

Six billion screams
Our last serenade
Day turns to night
As vital signs fade

Futile cries of an endangered species
Humanity falls to it's knees
Selection process a random harvest
Mankind has become a disease

Life expectancy in free-fall
Bio-collapse - rapid decline
Tip the balance into terror
Ground-zero paradise

When the shit hits the fan
Where will you stand
As vital signs fade?
When the shit hits the fan
All will be damned
None will be saved
When the shit hits the fan
Where will you stand
As vital signs fade?
When the shit hits the fan
Vital signs fade
Born Drunk
My mother was a bar-maid
And my father was a drunk
When they mixed their cock-tail
9 months later came this Punk
Never went to nursery
And at school I wasn't missed
Playing hookie with the big kids
Only homework? Getting pissed!

Suckled on Sambuca
Nurtured on the jack
Drunk before I'd crawled
Everyday:spent on my back

Born drunk
10 green bottles hanging on the wall
Born drunk
You bet I drank, I drank'em all

Never knew a nipple
Only bottles, kegs and cans
No fluffy toys in my push-chair
Just empties in my pram
Through my mothers pregnancy
She poured it down her neck
That's why I was born drunk, man
That's why I am a wreck
Alien piss
And toxic waste
Add an apple
Just for taste
Rots your guts
And burns inside ya
Liquid Hell - Adreni-cider
Perfecting the Virus
Build the perfect weapon
Use aggressive manipulation
Far from divine blue-print
Man plays God, micro-aggression
Re-arrange the order
Let the beast out of the door
Miniature the tyrant
Unleash endless inner-war

Raging within!
Perfect the virus
Torment begins!
Perfect the virus
Stricken with fear!
Perfect the virus:

Perfect the virus

Subjective reign of terror
As the population's scythed
Pathogenic nightmare
Thin the flock; mass genocide
Devastate the order
Let annihilation start
Brutalized genetically
D.N.A: ripped apart
Pope on a Rope
There's a Cleric in my sandwich
There's a Vicar in my 'fridge
There's a Muslim in my closet
Now my brain is under siege
Catholics in my shower
There's a Bible in my soap
Holy Water is my piss
Got a Pope up on a rope

Turin beach-towels
Bible comics
Fully-posable day-glo Christ
Index linkin-in God we trust
Washed of our sins...
Except greed & lust

Got Jehovah on my door-step
I found Buddah in my bed
Sikhs swimming in my sink-trap
Hindus hiding in my head
Krishnas in my bottle
Pouring Karma in my glass
Got a temple in my stomach
I've got Rabbis up my ass

Pope! Pope on a rope! Rope!
Pope! Pope on a rope! Rope!
Pope! Pope on a rope! Rope!
Pope?... dope!

(Pope... rope.. dope!)
Can't cope
7th-Day Adventist...
Was lurking inside my shoes
Opened up my trash can,
Man, and out jumped 50 Jews
Mormons in my cornflakes
I've got Jesus in my cheese
Banker-priest stole all my cash
Left billions... on their knees


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