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December 17th, 2018
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Pain (US)'2008

Global WarningRelease by: AFM Records

Pain (US) - Global Warning
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Global Warning


2. Look at the World


3. Adding the Cost


4. Before I Hang


5. Firefly


6. Master


7. The Ride


8. O to G


9. Walk Upon Water


10. Stories


11. Open Up Your Eyes


12. You Never Know


13. Someone / Souls


14. No More Saturday Nights


15. I See

Global Warning
Open up your eyes
And see what we are doing to each other
We filled the world with hate
We take advantage of our brothers

So listen to me now
So many paths for us to follow
Just want to shed some light
On all that we are forced to swallow

I can't believe it
I have foreseen it
Casting heavy shadows
On all that we know
Running out of chances
A victim's circumstances
The theory that is forming
Leads to global warning
Look at the World
Just look at the world... falling down around you
Are we really doing all we can do
Wasted lives, no jobs, no money, just scars
Ever think we would take it all this far

Look at the world coming down around you
Look at the world see it's gone too far
You got Jesus watching from above
If you think a change can't wait, that's a lie

Look at the world Christ what a scene
Got us living on dope and gasoline
Got us believing all he twisted lies
Time to wake up... time to realize
Adding the Cost
I am trying to look past the lying
That is forced upon me everyday and night
They play the game of life and death
Millions they have spent
On useless war machines
The cause of what we see

Liars, liars... Liars, liars

We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost

Thousands die each day of hunger and disease
Open up your eyes, see the wasted lives
That once was precious caught in circumstances
Now with death they're dancing, searing desperate glances

Crying, crying... Dying, dying

We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost

So what's the answer to the world's dilemma
If you ask me questions I will show you figures
That will stagger; rock you... that will truly shock you
Bring you to your knees, watch you beg and plead
But they will not listen 'cause their souls are missing
They're just mindless specters looking like court jesters

We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
We are adding the cost
Before I Hang
Who's this I have found lying on the street
The name means nothing he's burnt and obsolete
He doesn't look too good, his body smells like wine
Lives life with a poisoned mind

He just waits for the perfect time
To let his demon break out

My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the fall
All the wicked things I've seen, I must have done them all
An endless cast of victims, I have sacrificed
In the name of my sweet lord who offers paradise

Before I hang...
I'll see the end of you all
Before I hang
I'll see the western world
I'll see the western world fall

Brainwashed, hypnotized
Since he was just a boy
M-16's, hand grenades are his only toy
He doesn't think too clear, he's sure to cross the line
Got his orders etched into his mind
Sits and waits for the perfect time
He'd rather die than give up

Before I hang...
I'll see the end of you all
Before I hang
I'll see the western world
I'll see the western world fall
As we live our lives like... a flicker of star light
On these battle fields... the smell of death is real

In fear of attack in a night cold and black
Show me where I can run...
Where no one carries a gun
The enemy lines I'm now caught behind
Favor neither a side...
Show me a place I can hide... This firefly

Try to understand this war
Wasn't in my plans... no
The fight for freedom and liberty
Will go on indefinitely... I know
My Life, my home is where I belong
Tell me why must this be
An unsolved mystery

Lives have been lost, who's adding the cost
Broken families, left only with memories of fireflies

Now we're facing annihilation, the end to all we know
Devastation soon replacing the end to all we grow
Can't you see the power and greed
That's sure to doom us all
They won't rest, now all that's left
Is for the world to fall

Now I can see my opponents as scared as me
I know he feels inside all those things we try to hide

The fighting must cease for the world to have peace
Live and let live I believe
See what it's like to be free
You may just find that somewhere in time

Together we all will be
To live out eternity... as fireflies
I'm the computer
I'm running your life
I know all you do... your pleasures-delights

All you desire, all that you need
I give to you with insanity
So many visions to you I have shown
Caught in my web, forever you'll roam

I knew I would catch you, it's me that you need
I will command you to do what I please
I taunt you, and tease you
Then leave you alone
To deal with temptations that I have known

I'm the computer
I call all the shots
I am your god
It's your life I've got

To play with forever, I'll never let go
You see... you amuse me, the star of my show
I am your master, a devil you see
You've been infected with my disease

I control all that you hear and you see
I am the one who will tend to your needs
I'll take you to places that you'd never go
I'll fill your soul... with all that I know
The Ride
It's a scene you won't believe
All the things you can see
Many places you can go
Close your eyes now, start the show

Here no rules apply
Reach out touch the sky
Beware as darkness starts calling

Follow me, sample many a pleasure
That up above, you can't even mention
I see a soul; it's mine for the taking
Follow me... it's time for your to take a ride

Not a movie, not T.V.
Motivation, wondering
All your secrets, watch them unfold
Like your dreams, like your goals

Can't you see they're coming to get you
Lost, alone, no one to protect you
Whatever you do they'll always resent you

Time to decide, where to go
Start your journey, to the unknown
O to G
You, now you're gone
You're not here anymore
It seems so wrong
Life, so unclear
You were always there
Now you've disappeared

I've been waiting for a sign
I hope you left behind
I feel it deep inside
I feeling I can't hide

So, life goes on
Though your picture fades
Your light shines on
Beyond what we can see
Now heaven waits for you and me

Now a star to light the night
And all you left behind
Has truly touched my life
My friend I say goodbye
Walk Upon Water
This is the strangest place
Seems like endless space
I can't see so well
Is it heaven, is it hell
What am I gonna find

Have I been here before
Am I forever more
I look for something real
Something I can touch and feel

What am I gonna find... what am I

Someone out there that can show me the way
Nothing here seems real, am I going insane
Am I caught in a dream or locked behind the door

And as I walk upon the water
Not knowing where I stand
Is this for me what God has ordered
I'm just trying to understand

I see faces in a haze
Are they ghosts of yesterdays
They seem to know me well
The stories that they tell
What am I gonna find

All I can say, trying to find my way
It's gonna be alright, I'm gonna be alright
Life is a game... A game we all must play
It's gonna be alright... you're gonna be alright

And as I walk upon the water
Not knowing where I stand
Is this for me what God has ordered
I'm just trying to understand

If I open my eyes, will this all disappear
Should I follow the light, or should I remain here
If I follow my heart, will it show me the way
Past the twists and the turns that await me on this day
Stories told through your life
So many meanings held inside
There for you to see

Beyond the doors of broken dreams
Are they real or fantasy
You may never know

Tales on your TV... in papers, magazines
All you see is pain, to spike right through your brain

Stories, Stories, Stories...

Now inside this living hell
The fires burn... the violence swells
Is it destiny

Time to face judgment day
On your knees, time to pray
To the lord above

Sure he's heard the lies
The twisted truths... the cries
They fall on his deaf ear
His punishment we fear

Stories, stories... They will somehow find you
Stories, stories... There to remind you
Stories, stories... Beware which ones you follow
Stories, stories... Here today, gone tomorrow
Stories, stories... True-false, we always listen
Stories, stories... They truly are unforgiven
Open Up Your Eyes
I've got a lot to say
But there is just so little time
Some of what I say
Will cross lines

And I want to know
A direction we can go
A road we all can follow

I've got to, I've got to, I've got to
Open up your eyes

With our lives they play
'Til the mind just twists inside
Got to run away
Leave it all behind

And I want to know
Will you let it go
The nightmares never over

I've got to, I've got to, I've got to
Open up your eyes
You Never Know
Living in disguise
I'm sure they have arrived
Strange race seeking power
Countdown designated hour
Really want to know
Are they friend or foe
Or just a cast of lunatics

Oh... you never know
Oh no... you never know

They're here amongst us all
They seek the west to fall
Evil souls, twisted minds
Just waiting for a sign
Inside their hatred grows
From the lies they've been told
Who's the loser in the end

Oh... you never know
Oh no... you never know

Everywhere sleeper cells
Standing at the gates of hell
Satan smiles with delight
Soon to feed his appetite
Do you want to know
What he has in store
For you the pain
Will never end
No More Saturday Nights
Firestorms now fill the sky
The light of day dies into night
World approaching bitter end
All life stops, then starts again

Nowhere to go
Nowhere at all

No more Saturday nights
No more days of our lives
No Saturday nights
No more, no more

Mass confusion hear to plea
The end of all humanity
Armageddon's finally here
Now our fates becoming clear

Nowhere to run
The end has begun

No more Saturday nights
No more days of our lives
No Saturday nights
No more, no more
I See
Someone / Souls
On and on... and on and on
Down this round I'm traveling on
I don't want to go... I don't want to go
I don't want to go... But I must
Try to touch someone

Everybody, everybody's telling me so
Telling me which way I should go
I don't really care... I don't really care
I don't really care... I'm still alone
Then I find a way to laughing inside
Just doing time... doing time... doing time
The only way I will go... I will go... I will go
Is when it's time for me to fly

Always someone's talking
Always someone's walking
Turn their backs to it all
Someone is mistaken
Someone's slowly breaking
Got your back against the wall

So once again I'm left to hide another
Day of cuts and scars
I've been saving through time
Now it's time for me to go
Time for me to go
Time for me to go
Time for me to fly
Jon Oliva - vocal, keys, guitar, organ
John Zahner - keys, organ, back-vocal
Matt Laporte - guitar, back-vocal
Kevin Rothney - bass guitar, fretless bass, back-vocal
Christopher Kinder - drums, percussion, back-vocal

Ralph Santolla - guitar
Jim Dorian - back-vocal
Tom McDyne - guitar, back-vocal
Tom Morris - guitar
Phil Anderson - drums
Howard Helm - keys, organ
Produced by Jon Oliva and Chris Kinder.

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