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January 24th, 2019
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Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning

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Sacred Steel'2013

The Bloodshed SummoningRelease by: Cruz del sur Music

Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Storm of Fire 1916


2. No God / No Religion


3. When the Siren Calls


4. The Darkness of Angels


5. The Bloodshed Summoning


6. Under the Banner of Blasphemy


7. Black Towers


8. Crypts of the Fallen


9. The Night They Came to Kill


10. Join the Congregation


11. Journey into Purgatory


12. Doomed to Eternal Hell


13. Perversions of the Scriptures


14. Unbinding the Chains


15. Dig Up Her Bones
    (by Misfits.)


Storm of Fire 1916
This is Hell on Earth
Demons of the fire given birth
Fields of screaming pain
Unto the future corpses falls the rain
Death like hammerblows
Leaving only flesh and mangled bones
Heaven has turned to red
March into the flames - no turning bac

Where is your glory - life it turns to ash
Hail of sharp metal - then comes the gas
Where once was beauty - wasteland remains
War is your duty - die where fire reigns

Storm of fire
There is no escape from the real of firestorm
Storm of fire
There is no escape from the real of firestorm

One more friend is shot
Stumble over corpses - over mud
Kiss the boiling ground
Rise - dance to the bullets' sound
'Neath the blackened sun
Cower to hide from the machine gun
Throw your last grenade
As the world explodes you meet your fate

Fire - fire - fire
Into the realm of fire
Into the realm of firestorm
No God / No Religion
You say I'm evil - From your point of view that's right
I praise Lord Satan while it's you who've seen the light
I'm bound to hell while heaven waits for you to come
And all I say won't change your mind 'cause I am wrong

I don't see what's my crime - I'm human just like you
I don't feel god inside and all I see is doom

I have my doubts but I am pretty sure there's not
Such splendid deity like your beloved god

I've tried to praise the father
Son and holy ghost
But then life taught me
That they do not love me most

No god no religion
I'm sorry but I don't believe

We were born - We will die
And there's no reason why
Keep your faith to yourself
Let me live my life in hell

Fuck off

No god - No god - No god and no religion

I've tried to praise the father - Son and holy ghost
I'd rather praise Lucifer's friend or Satan's host

I think that when I'm dead I'll just be dead again
I will return to where I've been before the pain
When the Siren Calls
To the shelter - Tonight it's said
More bombs will fall - Metal death from heaven
Better be quick when you hear the siren call
Just take what's needed
There's not much room
There's not much air
We will all be silent
Avoid the panic - We all are scared

Pray to heaven
All we can do when all our hope is lost
Pray to heaven
We'll not be buried here
Entombed in dust

When the siren calls - When the siren calls

In the shelter
You can feel safe
Just for a while
Stare into the darkness
Trick of the mind - You see the devil smile
Outside they're screaming
We've locked the door to where we hide
Ignore their knocking - Let no one in
Ignore their cried

Pray to heaven - These walls may hold
These walls may just stay strong
Pray to heaven
That one more day we'll see the rising sun

Let us pray - Let us pray as one
Let us pray for his kingdom come
Let us pray that this night won't be our last
Let us pray - Let us sing his song
Let us pray that this night of horror's passed
Let us pray - Let us pray
The Darkness of Angels
We have come - We are here
Epitome of all that is evil
We hold the key to your destiny
Under the sign of the fallen angel

Darkness spreads over the earth
Angels ascending from hell

The darkness of angels has come
The darkest of angels has won

On the wind - On the breeze
Feel the chill on your skin as he passes
Realize Jesus won't return
He is dead nearly since forever

In his wake - See his army
Wings of black darken all the heavens

Spread your wings - Join the legion
Don't you know - You are one of us
The Bloodshed Summoning
Lay your hands on me - Cure my brain's disease
Watch me speak in tongues - Command the enemy

And these signs shall follow them that believe
In my name cast out him - Be free from sin
And if you drink poison it shall not hurt
A ritual so sacred within our church

Quote from the book of Luke and Mark
Believe and you'll suffer no harm

Snake handling worshipper - Tread on serpents
Come sister - Don't fear now - Grab with both hands

Great miracles and wonders done
Pentecostals 'til kingdom come

Raise your hands up to the sky
Praise Lord Jesus way up high
Raise your hands up to the sky - Tonight

Rejoice and dance and sing - The Bloodshed Summoning

I embrace the serpent - More power unto thee
I trust in the holy spirit - Descend and intervene

Rejoice and dance and sing - The Bloodshed Summoning
Fear not their bite nor sting - The Bloodshed Summoning
Under the Banner of Blasphemy
Religion is the enemy - Unholy plague
As long as there is blind belief - Things will not change
How can you still believe in gods - Main cause for wars
Why don't really start to think - Deny what's false

Put an end to misery and render hope
To those infected by disease - Science enthroned
It's time for reason to arise - Put faith to death
Fight superstition with atheistic wrath

Brothers of disbelief unite
Under the banner of blasphemy to destroy heaven
Crush the holy - Rip the skies

It's time to rise - It's time to fight

Under the banner of blasphemy
Tear all icons down - Grind them to the ground
No more holy wars - No masters and no gods

Unite in blasphemy - Unite

To the death
Black Towers
White eyes of the devil stare at me
And I dream of black towers of steel
Underneath a bloodred sun my fate is sealed
And I see the bible burn for me

I bear thy sins in my flesh
I am a nail in the cross that points to black towers

Winged demons fly over black towers
Empty cathedrals and black towers
Priests of the cross bow to black towers
All hail the age of the beast

Witness the lambs of god become black sheep
All his flock converting to the beast
Led astray - The faith of lies no longer lives
On this day that nemesis besieged

Black towers

Receive the mark - Sign the pentagram
Disciple of love - Love under will
Crypts of the Fallen
Here is no heaven - Here is no light
Here only darkness awaits

Jin us in darkness - Banned from the light
Here were the undead unwanted remain
Crypts of the fallen - Beyond grace and time
Forever immortal - Forgotten in shame

Crypts of the fallen - Welcome to hell
Crypts of the fallen - Where sinners dwell

Unborn - Aborted - Cast out from their minds
Your mothers and fathers - They deny your names
Children of heaven - You pay for their crimes
Eternal damnation I undying flames

Here is no heaven - Here is no light
Here in the darkness the fire awaits

Fall down into the crypts and burn with us
The Night They Came to Kill
I look around - I'm in a giant cage
The lights are on, I know I'm not alone
The only sound I hear - It is my breath
Prepare to meet with torture and death

Thriving on my scent of fear
Feeding on my stifled screams
I'm here awaiting the butchery
Slayers are coming for me

I am flying - Trying to break free
Forever captured - Like in my childhood dreams
I'm trapped within myself - A slave to my own kill
In my subconscious only fear - The night they came to kill...

...Me with their shining blades of steel
Motionless they stare without mercy
Why do these nightmares seem so fuckin' real
I know the pain - I know the way it feels

I must wake up or I will die
Don't want to dream - Give me peace of mind
Don't want to sleep but I return
Can't move or hide

Good night

Whenever that I think there is a way
Some hole where I can sneak out of this net
Another grim sadistic man appears
Grinning cold - Wanting me dead
Join the Congregation
Journey into Purgatory
Into the void - I'm soaring higher
Tomb of blackness in my mind

I am alone - Here with my soul
Am I at home at last

Wherever this may lead me - Whatever I'll come to be
Fool reborn or laid to rest
Whomever shall remember - My passing each December
Recite for me the rites of death

I'm drifting on - To purgatory - To salvation I am blind

Send my soul to heaven - Or down to hell forever

Naked - Shivering - On the brink of eternity
Flesh torn with iron claws

I have done nothing wrong
God - Tell me what I've done
In here I don't belong at all
In darkest misery - I'm screaming
Set me free
Won't someone hear my desperate call

Wretched soul
Descending down into the night
Hell - It is a state of mind
With hellish powers reconciled
Purgatory's opened wide

Unrepentant - Here my path it ended
Tortured and tormented - Speak to me

Here you are welcome - Sinner
With no regret within you
What you have sown
You shall reap
Doomed to Eternal Hell
Perversions of the Scriptures
His blood was shed for all your sins
Redeem you now from the power of Satan
Repent ye and believe the gospel
Let the wicked forsake his way in the end

I am the way
I am the truth
I am life

Perversions of the scriptures
Hail not the whore
Just bow to Christ

Remember the lord's sacrifice
Oh precious lamb
From the cold grave he rose
Time is fulfilled
Behold his kingdom
Thou shalt be saved
The heathen soul
It is damned
Unbinding the Chains
Creatures of darkness - Beyond guiding light
Spawn of your fear and despair
Gathering strength - Prepare for the fight

And you feel it - We are near
This is the end of your world

Judgement awaits in the shadows
From judges spawn forth from hell
Ring the black bell of destruction
Unbiding the chains with my spell

The children of Cain - Unbiding the chains
By fire and flame - Unbiding the chains

Soldiers of madness - Assassins of night
Preaching false gospels of hope
With love in their hearts but hate in their eyes

And the killing begins
And the suffering reigns
And the children are born into hell never known
When one tyranny falls and another one starts
Then terror is king
Dig Up Her Bones
(by Misfits.)
Anything is what she is
Anywhere is where she's from
Anything is what she'll be
Anything as long as it's mine

And the door it opens is the way back in
Or is it the way back out?

Anyplace is where she'll be
Anyplace, she'll see you from
Lies and secrets become your world
Anytime, anywhere she takes me away

And death climbs up the steps one by one
To give you the rose that's been burnt by her son

Point me to the sky above
I can't get there on my own
Walk me to the graveyard
Dig up her bones

I have seen the demon's face
I have heard of her death place
I fall down on my knees in praise of the
Horrible things that took her away

And death climbs up the steps one by one
To give you the rose that's been burnt by her son

Point me to the sky above
I can't get there on my own
Walk me to the graveyard
Dig up her bones

Point me to the sky above
I can't get there on my own
Walk me to the graveyard
Dig up her bones, bones
Gerrit Philipp Mutz - vocal
Jens Sonnenberg - guitar
Jonas Khalil - guitar
Kai Schindelar - bass guitar
Mathias Straub - drums

Produced by Bart Gabriel.

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