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February 18th, 2019
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Phantom Witch - Phantom Witch

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Phantom Witch'2007

Phantom WitchRelease by: selfproduction


Phantom Witch - Phantom Witch
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Dark Allegiance


2. Necromancer's Curse


3. Avenging Torment


4. Spellbound by Satan


Dark Allegiance
Grasping on Satan's wings, you can't let go
Prayers of mass destruction that eat your soul

Buried alive before you were born
Clutching to the evil that leaves you torn
Breathe the winds of Hell that seal your fate
A slave to the metal that cannot retaliate

Choosing your idol ruler of majesty
Seeking a higher calling immortality

Take thy wicker offer of mortal sin
Sell your wretched soul and come right in
Demonic cries sailing from mighty Stygian
From burning shore to a gaping oblivion

Your life is reaching the end and all turns black
Burning visions of hell, no turning back

No godly hero can save you now
Taste the bitter truth that is so foul
You're left conquered and baptized in fire
Held captive at Satan's desire
Necromancer's Curse
Rituals begun by word of the necromancer
Burning the cross beside Lucifers minions
Hell's warriors crawl from molten caverns
The gates are opening in red dominions
Corrupting the land and tormenting the church
Thirteen black figures enrapture the earth
A legion of hellions spread like a plague
Breaking the seals to annihilate at birth

The necromancer rides in thunderous praise
Cracking the sky and flames fall like rain
A chariot arrives from heaven's fortress
The duelests confronting the last battles strain
Demons and angels with an all seeing vigil
Watch them collide with the unforgiving lance
Penetration of armor and blood lines the field
The magician scowls jolted from his stance

Into the new testament bears last sacrifice
Worldwide possession there's nowhere to hide
Evil scatters through the eyes of the dead
Must ward of his curse they're coming inside
The sorcerer waits as the predators feed
With a goblet of blood he drinks it in victory
Satan drags all to the bottom of hell
God cannot stop this slaughter in history
Avenging Torment
Avengers of sin and sorcery
Marching from the kingdoms they hunt
Defending their nations of high born reign
Obliterate the wicked at once
Lifting the curse from the temples divine
Bewitching and sentenced to dark
Sanctioned by Hades infernal lord
For battles the warlords embark

Avenging thy torment
Escaping the massacre this night
Leaders from hell
Conjuring battalions to fight

Cascading magic from hellions above
Soaring wings of blasphemous beasts
Advancing from fire beyond their lines
Harvest souls for ritual feasts
Spilling blood red of the ancient man
Maintaining all ground which they stand
Banish the star of satanic slaughter
Wielding the crucifix in hand

The prince of darkness ruthless to kill
Breathing flames from a shattered abyss
Attacked by the monarch of righteous blood
Entombed within his palace of rest
Warlocks of earth and witches alive
Incinerate for deeds that they've done
Tied to the stake of mortal death
Leaving ashes for new lives begun
Spellbound by Satan
Look upon us we'll summon Hell's wrath
Sanguinary slaughter all entering our path
Burn to my touch, die at my command
Exhibiting pain above all we stand

We have arrived from brimstone and flame
All for the satisfaction of killing we came
We reside to the stage serenading from hell
Enticed by black magic, a mesmerizing spell

Slaughter thy opponent, shatter his skull
Devour their families and ravage the soul
Dance to the rhythm of perishing cries
A subject in war now everyone dies

Engaged in wide terror from the underground
Stricken by evil unleashed and unbound
We'll rule with our fist rebuilding a nation
Shun what's unworthy, hail our creation
Rick Cope (The Metallian) - bass guitar, vocal
David Phelps - guitar
Brian Fouts (Bob Fouts) - drums


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