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April 30th, 2017
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Steel Aggressor - From Ruins to Dust

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Steel Aggressor'2011

From Ruins to DustRelease by: Stormspell Records

Steel Aggressor - From Ruins to Dust
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. War on the Tundra


2. Return to Mithril Hall


3. Sword And Sorcery


4. From Ruins to Dust


5. Master of Past And Present


6. Valeman's Journey


7. Living in the Shadows


War on the Tundra
Steel will break the ice
As the next man
Falls into the trap
Of frosted lands
And barbaric tribes
Ambush unseen
A blight returns
From a wizard's hand
Somewhere beyond
Travel the plains
A nomad made of hope
Lost in his dreams

Wait for what is next
Leaving all behind
Like prints in the snow
More mountains pass
Like the victims
Slain in your defense
Blood paints the ice
A crimson frost
Remains under your feet
Through hordes of beasts
To the other side
Out of the blight

The land cannot be tamed
The madness will survive
Here for all time
You're freezing cold
Numbness to the bone
Can't feel the wounds
The senses fail
Mustn't fall asleep
And fade away
You fight to live
On your hands and knees
Through this wasteland
Return to Mithril Hall
On the road to my ancient home
Ancestral caves of precious stone
The paths rich with mithril mines
Silver streams are flowing inside
Our whole clan was driven out
By scorching breath of the dragon's mouth
The evil spawn from dark lands below
Taken all I was once to know

Forced to live by the icewind dale
Anvils struck till the body's frail
The time will come to avenge my kin
Waiting for the day we rise again
I'll be king the fools be shown
Rightful heir to the mithril throne
I shall end the dragon's reign
And cast the evil from whence they came

Precious stone
Silver streams
Winding paths
Filled with screams

I have found my ancient home
And broke the seal to the ancient stone
Nothing's changed of the winding halls
It remains the lair of the dragon's calls
The time has come to stand and fight
Down the gorge as black as night
On the spine of the beast I go
Our doom awaits at the caverns below
Sword And Sorcery
Take the oath
This is your sacrifice
Choose your path
Your honor is your life
Live and die
A servant to the sword
Devoid of magic
Distrusted by the lords

By spell or the blade
My choice must be made-0
My own destiny
Is sword or sorcery

These are things forbidden by the kings
Books of magic, talismans, and rings

Take the oath - don't betray
Choose your path - the only way

Words you speak from your lips
Flow into your fingertips
Staff of power that you take
Raise it high where lightning breaks

Questioning his terms of loyalty
Execute for all his sorcery
The way it's been
The way it has to be
From Ruins to Dust
Set to ride again
To a distant land
Searching for new ground
The next victim found
Thunder far away
Hooves nearing each day
From the turrets ledge
Watch us cross the edge

Fall from ruins to dust
The gauntlet waves the last command
Well leave one thing behind
Ruins of a ravaged land

Take them brick by brick
Let the siege be quick
Stick our flag down deep
On a shattered heap

Days have turned to years
Since the reign of fear
When the kingdom fell
Remnants told the tales
Minstrels sing the song
Of what's dead and gone
When steel turns to rust
Ruins fall to dust
Master of Past And Present
He's watching, the seer of time who writes
History as it all unfolds. Ageless. Forever
He'll be there. Eyes of the world didn't see
The warning. Man of the robes arrived at his
Step hungry for power of the highest might
Fear has risen, fear to turn the page, to
Write what is next in the book of time

Into the past, pre-cataclysm, came the man in
Robes, a traveler in time. These are the days
The kingpriest lived in the holy land. Before
The temples bled he came to seek the arch
Mage in black. Kill and take his place. Master
Of magic he'll become. Master in the flesh.
Ruler of the tower of high sorcery

The gates shall remain closed and the halls
Empty until the day that the master of both
The past and the present returns with power

Death and chaos sweep the land. Covered
Like a desert's sand bodies lie in shallow
Graves. Winds dusting like rippled waves
Ruins of what used to be. Fortresses
Scattered in debris. The tree of life has been
Decayed by a soul who has betrayed

A mountain fell crushed the holy land.
Behold the tides of blood a new sea is rising.
Now it's time overthrow the gods. Fight the
Queen of darkness in the black abyss. A white
Cleric stands beside the black robe holding
The power. Open wide the gates, the final
Chapter - an age of despair, so it is written
In the book of time

The gates shall remain closed and the halls
Empty until the day that the master of both
The past and the present returns with power
Valeman's Journey
Living in the Shadows
Words of comfort come and go
But they don't always cure
The world's not ending so they say
These days you can't be sure
Standing on the outer edge
And watching from outside
No one here invited me
And no one even tried

Living in the shadows
Cannot reach the light
Living in the shadows

Acting like you're fooling me
By drowning in excess
I know that you aren't free
You're really just a mess
Everyone that passes me
Is born without a face
Empty eyes without a mind
Their souls have been erased

Something wrong with the world today
The minds of man have torn and frayed
Chasing around what they can't see
Something they could never be

If at first you don't succeed
You must try again
I've done all I ever could
The loser always wins
It's time to step from the dark
I'm rattling your cage
Imprisonment you have made
Your life has all been staged
Rick Cope (The Metallian) - guitar, vocal
Damon Black - bass guitar
Brian Fouts (Bob Fouts) - drums


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