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June 18th, 2018
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Guardian - Miracle Mile

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Miracle MileRelease by: Pakaderm Records

Guardian - Miracle Mile
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Dr. Jones & the Kings of Rhythm


2. Shoeshine Johnny


3. Long Way Home


4. I Found Love


5. Sweet Mystery


6. Let It Roll


7. Mr. Do Wrong


8. Curiosity Killed the Cat


9. Sister Wisdom


10. The Captain


11. You & I


12. Do You Know What Love Is?


Dr. Jones & the Kings of Rhythm
There's a place outside of Memphis
Where I met the travelin' man
Preachin' on a wall of sound
Built by his ragin' band
I saw a sparkle in his eye
When I asked him for his name
He said Dr. Jones is who I am
Are You ready to play my game
I can take you to the mountain
But only heavens love can set you free

Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm
Dr. Jones He's a rhythm king
Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm
Tearin' darkness down with a ragin' swing

Townsfolk wouldn't hear the Doc
And they drove him Out Of town
He'd shake the dust right off his feet
And leave without a sound
But you know he spoke the truth to me
Gave me reason to believe
Tell it round the whole wide world
I'll I never be the same
Well he took me to the mountain
But it was heaven's love that set me free

And he wonders if each trial
Is really worth each dusty mile
Every night
He dreams right through the pain
He smiles
He knows he labors not in vain

Isaiah 61:1 Luke 10:10-11 I Corinthians 15:58
Shoeshine Johnny
Shoeshine Johnny's just doin' time
Settin' up shop at the five and dime
Seen a whole lot of miles... got a few more to go
Everyone says he's a humble man
Tell ya bout life like no one can
With a wink and a smile he'd let ya know
All kinda people come from miles around
Just to hear Johnny tell his stories
Talk about the days gone by
Talkin' bout future glory
Round round round lie goes
Tell you how the good Lord knows
He'd be shinin' most every day
Sit right down listen what he says

Some like to play with fire
But there's a love that's higher
And you know the Lord's been good to me for sure
Hard times can come and go
But one thing for sure I know
When I die
The richest man I'll be

Lookin' back I remember the times
laughin-and-a-jokin-and-a-feelin fine
Ol' Johnny pick You up when you're feelin' low
His words hang on in my memory
The dusty Ol' book that he read to me
Even now I'm grown they speak to me
What gains a man to win the world
But lose his very soul
Riches of the Promised Land
Much better than silver and gold
Oh how wise is he that makes the Lord his company
Fearless of the days to come
Knowin' that the battles won

Listen son lie said to me
Jesus died to set us free
You're old enough it's time to chose
With the Lord you'll never lose
Beat them everlasting blues

Proverbs 29:23 Matthew 11:25 Revelation 22:12
Long Way Home
I was five years old
They came and took my daddy away
Momma said he'll be back home a year from today
I know you're young but I hope you understand
These are the kind of things that happen to a man
I see her talkin' but I can't hear nothin'
Sweet salvation cover me

Take me where I long to be
Pick me up and carry me
Oh I need your love
It's such a long way home
Even though I fall sometimes
Nothin' here can change my mind
Lord I need your love
It's such a long way home

Daddy cried
Boy you'd better come home right now
Momma's gone
Sickness took her down
I know you're young
But I hope you understand
these are the kind of things that happen to a man
I see him talkin' but I don't hear nothin'
Lookin' round but I can't see
I touch fear but I feel nothin'
Sweet salvation cover me

All this pain locked up inside of me
On my knees I prayed you'd set me free
I know you hurt
But I really do understand
I'm the one who held your pain when I became a man
Speak to me so I hear something
turn my eyes so I can see
You touch fear and I feel something
Sweet salvation cover me

Jeremiah 17:14 Psalm 116:6 Proverbs 13:12
I Found Love
I was alone without a love to show me
Been down so many empty roads in my time
Looking for a reason to live my life
Your love and your tenderness means everything to me
You know you're all I want you're my reason to believe

I've been around enough to know
I found love when you walked through my door
Since you came into my life you took away my broken heart

All my days spent searching for that rainbow
I've spent some lonely nights trying to find a reason to live my life
Your love is pouring down on me like sweet summer rain
Your love is like the sweetest song all of heaven sings your name

I lie awake at night and thank you for your love
All the times that you carried me
When my world had come undone
I can feel my love for you
Growin' stronger day by day
And everything you are to me is more than words can say

Psalm 31:7 Song of Songs 8:7 Psalm 57:16
Sweet Mystery
Looking back at my old school
I think of the things that I used to do
And I remember those crazy days gone by
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
Be changin' what was then
But after everything's been said and done
I'm glad you are my friend

And it's a sweet mystery
That you love me like you do
Oh it's a sweet mystery to me

Little boy that my mama knew became a full grown man
I live my life like you taught me to you know I try the best that I can
And your tender love is so much more than the naked eye can see
When my daddy said I love you boy you know it meant the world to me
Let It Roll
Let your love roll on let it roll
Things you've given to me may I never let them go
Let your love roll on let it roll
Keep that river flowin' give me power in my soul

Wheels spinnin' round and round
Never seem touch the ground
You can't stop what's set in motion
Rivers flow into the ocean... Love

Like the raging of the sea from the deep you rescued me
In a world that's goin' crazy lines are gettin' hazy
Lord your truth is crystal clear to me
Forever is a highway
Lord you bring me through
Take me down the road that leads to you

You opened up my eyes to see the riches of your majesty
Love is flowin' down on me
Your peace is like a river runnin' free
Forever is a highway shinin' ever new
Take me down the road that, leads to you

Psalm 36:5-6 Romans 15:13 Psalm 46
Mr. Do Wrong
With the setting of the sun
Something wicked this way comes
Black on black got a wicked stride
Hounds of Hell are by his side

Feeding on the lusts of man
Shake him off but he's back again
Promises and hidden dreams
Oh how sweet your poison seems
You are the tempter of my soul

Do Wrong
Mister Do Wrong
Don't you whisper in my ear tryin' to sing your love song
I know it's sweet like honey on my lips but I know who you are
Death is on your fingertips and everything you do is wrong

Demons seed by the light of the moon
Hell I bent... he's on your door
Pull an ace... a crazy face
Serpent chase ... the lion roars
Promises that break like glass
Lead You down the crooked path
Turn you around
Steal your soul without a Sound
You are the enemy of old

One for the money
Two for the show
Here's something you all gotta know
Wrongdoers fail
The right prevail
Darkness crushed by three small nails
With the rising of the son the chains of death have come undone
So ring the bell both loud and deep
The Lord ain't dead nor does he sleep

I Peter 5:8 Isaiah 14:12 Colossians 2:13-15
Curiosity Killed the Cat
In younger days it seemed to me
Growin' old could never be
All the crazy games we used to play
Levitating something more
Sliding on the devil bored
Candles burning all the mystery
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's gonna catch me when I fall
Don't you know that it's more than it seems
You say it's only curiosity

Ally Ally Oxen Free
Never meant a lot to me
Can't hide nothing at all
Play with fire you'll get burned
Seems some people never learn
Curiosity killed the cat

Superstitions fill your mind
Don't know where to draw the line
A religion of a different kind
Tellin' futures with a card
Make a wish upon a star
Lady Luck is just a thin disguise

Well it was not last night but the night before
Twenty four robbers knockin' on my door
Step on a crack
Break your mamas back
Catch a tiger by the toe
I'm never goin' back

Deuteronomy 18:10-11 Ecclesiastes 12:14 1 Corinthians 13:11
Sister Wisdom
Runnin' like a freight train
Burnin' down the miracle mile
I was rollin' like a hurricane
Turned my head when I saw her smile

Well I've been around the world and I've seen a lot of things
But it all seems crazy and don't mean a thing
Without your love I'm lost in the dark
Her fire's burning inside my heart

In the light she comes to me
Takes the weight of the world from my shoulders
Turns my eyes to see
The light in a dark world turning

Sister Wisdom
Shine your light on me
You're hard to find but easy to see
I gotta tell ya
I just can't believe
All the things that you've done for me

She sings a smoky torch song
She burns a candle in the night
Her ways of truth are so strong
She lifts me up as my life goes by

Sister Wisdom
Shine your light on me
Sister Wisdom
I gotta tell ya
I just can't believe
All the things that you've done for me

Proverbs 1:20-21 Proverbs 4:6-9 Proverbs 7:4
The Captain
He was a captain
Flew a silver sail
Playing a wind song like a part of the sea
He followed the sunshine
Charted the stars
Like a part of the ocean... a part of the sea

And what he did not fear was the journey
Or the treasures left behind
And he did not run from the answer
What he did not hear were the lies

He told a story
Sailed through storms
Painted a picture lived in the scenes
Some say he was crazy living in a dream
But he sailed with a reason out on a crystal sea

And what he did not fear didn't hurt him
What he did not seek didn't find
And he would not run from the answers
What he did not hear were the lies

Sail on captain sail on
Let your guiding light lead you cross the ocean

And though his eyes were old
He saw much more than men could see
Now even though he's gone
His legacy lives on
A simple faith that takes me cross the sea
And home again

As the stormy sea keeps ragin' on
Sometimes I miss my home
Take me home
I can feel it when the wind blows
And I hear you call my name
Take me home
I've been away too long
Take me home let your spirit lead me on
And until that day
I'll try and live just like the captain

Hebrews 11:1 Isaiah 26:3 Psalm 139:9-10
You & I
You and I we belong together
Say a prayer and make it last forever
When you need a friend to lean on
I'll be there

Winds of change bring the stormy weather
But in the end it only makes things better
You know I want to be your only one
I'll be there

I remember the day that I met you
My emotions were swept away
No other one has ever made me feel this way
We've grown... our love has grown
Even when you're far away
My heart is not alone
When you hold me
I know that love is here to stay

You... You're the only one that's on my mind darlin' can you feel it
You... girl you know our love is one of a kind
There's just one thing that I gotta tell ya hear what I say

You... You're the only one that's on my mind
You bring me sunshine when my skies are gray
I'm telling the world that this love is here to stay

Song of Songs 4:10 / Ephesians 5:25 / Ecclesiastes 9:9
Do You Know What Love Is?
Jamie Rowe - vocal
Tony Palacios - guitar, vocal
David Bach - bass guitar, vocal
Karl Ney - drums, vocal

Glen Hirami - accordeon
Olivia McGlurkin - back-vocal
Jameeca laFleur - back-vocal
Jo Jo Beiden - back-vocal
Brandon Starr - back-vocal
J.R. McNeely - bass guitar
Jamie Wollam - drums
Jan Sabreti - percussion
John Elefante - keys, organ
Produced by John and Dino Elefante.

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