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February 22nd, 2019
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October 31 - Visions of the End

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October 31'1999

Visions of the EndRelease by: RIP Records

October 31 - Visions of the End
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Visions of the End


2. The Chosen One


3. Servants & Slaves


4. Give'em the Axe
    (by Lizzy Borden.)


5. The Legend of the Haunted Sea


6. Child of the Damned
    (by Warlord.


7. When Darkness Covers the Sun


Visions of the End
Chained up tie down
And placed upon the rack
I see the end is coming on
Breathing down my neck
I sweat a million bullets
I feel the pain increase
Nowhere to run I wait to die
As no one hears my screams

Visions of the end!

Beaten, bruised and broken bones
I woke here in despair
A passing gang of worthless fools
Living without care
They didn't have the guts to face me
And fight me like a man
Outnumbered powers ten to one
I didn't stand a chance

Visions of the end!

I fought with all my heart and soul
But finally beat I fell
Yes, I'm the victim of foul play
But who will toll the hell
For from the grave I'm reaching out
To pull them down to hell.
Down to hell!
My life was lost without warning
But once again I will attack
As suddenly and unexpectedly
My predators they will die
Alone in the night

And as death eyes slowly stare out
The final sight that they will see
It's haunting one caught forever
The smiling face of only me.
It's only me

So let this be
The lesson for all to see
So let the living live
And leave the dead to me

Visions of the end!

Forever now and for all time
They will believe
Remembering the face
Of the dead that is me
And in the night
With pure delight I did kill
On all those who struck me down
I have revenge!
The Chosen One
Scream out!
As the tension's building higher
No longer taking orders you create
A victim of humanity
Told to be silenced again
Seen not heard is the law of the land
But I've come forth with another plan
The time for changes is now!

Move on!
Away from ruling masses
I'll break down walls of justice
Without care
You can take what's yours
But mine is mine
It's not your way
But I'm doing fine
Living with my freedom once again

For I'm a non-believer
Disgusted by the world
The tides have turned on you the deceiver
Your downfall's now truly in place

Cuz your rules won't bend
But I don't break
My will is hard as stone
Another day I just can't take
My rage is just too strong, too strong!

So open your eyes and see the light
Your reign is no longer
You've been denied
You've been pushed aside
For I will be there...

The chosen one!
Servants & Slaves
For it's power that controls us
It guides us to nowhere
It only leads us quicker to despair
We aren't so high and mighty
When walking that fine line

And wising time would
Just stay still again
For in the book it's written
That all of us will fall
The weak shall die
Forever heart he call
Yes, when it's done we're nothing
We're just the passing time
As absolution never was too kind
And in the end when all is gone
And darkness rules the land
And all around there's emptiness and pain
That's where you'll find the servant ones
That's where you'll find the slaves
Our wasted lives now lying in our graves

Where's there sadness, there is failure
We must control our minds
And grasp a hold on what there is to find
In search for what is beyond
Once step ahead in time

A little more than does meet the eye
Now the wheels of life
They're always turning
And no they won't slow down
You're living on in search of something
In life there should be more.
So much more

As I look in your eyes
Just what do I see
There's nothing inside but forgiveness
You're slowing down now
You're fading away
For miserable life's never free

Your sadness is shown through
The tears in your eyes
You're losing the chance you were given
A servant to life and a slave to your soul
You're just a pawn to the living
We are all just servants and slaves...
Give'em the Axe
(by Lizzy Borden.)
Innocence red thunder, the spell that you're under
Pretending you don't want it, well I know
Plead with me to stop, I hear your screams
Adrenaline is pumping, you're under attack

Give 'em the axe - a demolition blow
Give 'em the axe - you never, never know

I chase you up and down, you like my style
My palms are sweating ah
My body's on fire
I give it to you all down deep inside
I watch you feeding back
You're under attack

You are everything I am
Can't you see its all the same
It's just a game

Give 'em the axe - a demolition blow
Give 'em the axe - put 'em up or go

Give 'em the axe - a demolition blow
Give 'em the axe - tonight will steal the show
The Legend of the Haunted Sea
"Hey, have you heard the story
The one that the old ones tell
For in the sea they say lived a breast
A creature from hell..."

They say it grew from evil
A lasting sign of sin
At the blackened bottom of the sea
It's boride life did end
And prepared themselves for hell
A massive ship of steel
In blood they signed the promise
That sealed their destiny
They went to battle search of sin
And praying victory
In the haunted sea...

For in the haunted sea
Lived more than tales and mystic dreams
There so much more than fear below
They did battle with the beast
There was more than
Just the eye of the storm
And in no time they all would see
Now listen..
They knew they'd found the demon
The time had come to strike
There was all of hell in search of them
Just beneath the watching sky
And the haunted sea...
They saw the sea turn fiery red
As it opened up and roared
And watched the ship they had sailed upon
Come ablaze crash and burn
In a moment's time the beast attacked
And leaped at them to kill
But they had come to fight to death
And destroy the sign of sin
So in the end it's good over evil
Watching sindie they've claimed destiny
Ever so brave with courage
And strength at their side
The sea is at a peace and once again free, free!
Child of the Damned
(by Warlord.
You made me see right past myself, well beyond
My fears, realized I'm synchronized, far beyond my years
I'm so guard unto them, I serve unto their souls
Now that I'm addicted, my hunger only grows

I'm a child of the damned, I follow where I go
Rigging to the cross, as holy as a whore
I'm just a child of the damned

Witches coven, the time has come for those sabbatical
Years, revelation is the message, for all in all to hear
Prophets slayed, mankind arrayed into mass submission
Evil's here, the lord of hell gives you the proposition

I'm a child of the damned, I follow where I go
Rigging to the cross, as holy as a whore
I'm just a child of the damned

Give away your life goals, your meaning and ambition
It means nothing to you, after all it's superstition
Do not be afraid, the world is near the end
Is it better to rule in hell, than it is to serve in heaven?

I'm a child of the damned, I follow where I go
Rigging to the cross, as holy as a whore
I'm just a child of the damned
When Darkness Covers the Sun
Kingsley Fowley (King Fowley) - vocal, drums, keys
Kevin Lewis - guitar
Brian Williams - guitar
Jim Hunter - bass guitar

Casey Sayles - bass guitar
Frank Bauguess - guitar
Produced by King Fowley.

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