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May 28th, 2018
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Chastain - Mystery of Illusion

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Mystery of IllusionRelease by: RoadRunner Records

Chastain - Mystery of Illusion
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Black Knight


2. When the Battle's Over


3. Mystery of Illusion


4. I've Seen Tomorrow


5. Endlessly


6. I Fear No Evil


7. Night of the Gods


8. We Shall Overcome


9. The Winds of Change


Black Knight
The queen lives for the head of the king
She plans his fall within her dreams
The sorcerer sees to the power she needs
The soldier of fortune arrives for the deed


The black knight, rides for the queen,
The black knight

He seizes the anger,
He breeds forth the light
Blind ambition is all in his sight
The price is high, forever or more
It's now or never, to equal the score


Tears of joy, tears of relief
The battles over, there's no time for grief
He will return for his spoils
The queen is his, she will be loyal


1st verse again

When the Battle's Over
Lookin' for gold in the face of the night
We're all driven by passion
Darkness surrounds but I hold the light
Can't face distraction
Over and over and over again
I hear the reasons
Guilty as charged without a trial
Paramount to treason


When the battle's over,
I'll have my piece of mind
When the battle's over,
It'll be forever

The agony of ignorance and fate
It's all to frightening
They own the heavens and they own the hell
We ride the lighting
The rapture of life, transcends the pain
We've touched eternity
Prizoner of time within a sphere
They'll sail the endless seas


first verse again

Mystery of Illusion
Save me, from all the lies
Take me. Please free my mind
Beside me. Please guide me.
Inside me, lost my mind!
Sweet mystery of illusion
Light blinds us one and all
Enslaved in passions freedom
A door becomes a wall


Mystery of illusion
Illusions of your mind

The end is just beginning,
When night transcends to day
From alpha to omega,
It's really all the same


Seems like yesterday is just tomorrow
Sometimes it seems tomorrow is today

A vicious circle closes,
Machine becomes a mind
Desolation's paradise,
The truth is just a lie

I've Seen Tomorrow
I've seen fate and more again
I know who loses and I know who wins
I see the places
And things that aren't even there
I know the future of all
I've seen tomorrow

I see the wars that are set in time
The quatrans of doom within my mind
I know the day that will spell out our end
I know the future of all
I've seen tomorrow

I've seen the tyrants
That have ruled the world
On the horizons
The worse shall come

His reign of terror will last far too long
I know the future of all
I've seen tomorrow
You look thru
The haze so far away
Another time and another place
But not today
You can't hide your feelings
I know your heart cries
You're tired of love.
You're tired of the games
That everyone plays
You look around,
You're not the same
You can't hide your feelings.
I know your heart cries
You stare in the mirror,
So hypnotized
You're looking for the answer,
So deep inside
You can't hide your feelings,
I know your heart cries
I Fear No Evil
I hear your thoughts,
I hear your taunts,
I'm laughing in your face
You're talking tough,
Your re talking strong,
You will be disgraced
'Cause I'm the power and I'm the force,
You I will erase
And I'm the omen of your fall
And all of your race
I fear no evil, I fear no evil

I'm illusive and out of sight,
I'm five miles high
I feel no pain or no remorse,
I'm safe up in the sky
I'm in command, I call the shots,
The misery will fly
Yes I am invincible and I will never die
I fear no evil, I fear no evil

The time for talk has come and gone
I'm calling out your bluff
You have no nerve I think
You know you've seemed to have enough
'Cause I'm the power and I'm the force,
You I will erase
And I'm the omen of your fail
And all your race
I fear no evil, I fear no evil
Night of the Gods
See the light in the sky,
All is over
Good and evil face to face,
Its forever
A chance for peace a chance for life,
It's now or never
Face the fact there
Is no escape it's Armageddon


The night of the gods,
The night of the gods
The warnings call out the message is clear,
You better take it to heart
The night of gods

Look away into the void,
The way is clear
Sense the danger on the way,
The fear is peal
Count the hours just count the days,
The time is near
Forget your dreams and forget yesterday,
It's Armageddon


1st verse again

We Shall Overcome
The garden of Eden has faded away.
A paradise turned hell
The moon is bright,
It's a holy sight.
We sense the darkness spell
We shall overcome

In the east well before the light.
We all feel the chill
In the west and before the night
All the earth stood still

Close your eyes to the nightmare.
Turn your thoughts up to the sky
Keep your faith in tomorrow,
We shall overcome,
We shall over come
Don't fear the fight,
It's time to face the thunders power
You know we're right,
We gotta take the journey onward

1st verse again



The Winds of Change
There's a smell in the air
Of fire and rain
And the devil's
Coming for you again
The moon has turned red,
It's over your head
The stars have fallen before
For now there is a way,
And there is a time
Now there is a place, for you

There's a woman alone,
In a castle of stone
She's a syren calling for you
She lives on the mountain,
The cold black mountain
The place that was hell for you
But now you have direction
Now you have a sign
Now there is a reason, for you

It's time to ride the winds of change
A path that you must follow
Ride the winds of change,
Now it's time to ride to nevermore
Now it's time to fly to nevermore

1st verse again

Now is the time to ride
The winds of change
Leather Leone (Leather Leone) - vocal
David T. Chastain - guitar
Mike Skimmerhorn - bass guitar
Fred Coury - drums

The lyrics were typed by FaST.

Produced by Peter Marrino.

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English translations and spelling correction by vera dr, juliette, irina

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