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February 22nd, 2019
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Cage - Supremacy of Steel

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Supremacy of SteelRelease by: Music Buy Mail

Cage - Supremacy of Steel
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Bloodsteel


2. The Beast of Bray Road


3. King of the Wasteland


4. Metal Empire


5. War of the Undead


6. Flying Fortress


7. Doctor Doom


8. Annaliese Michel


9. Braindead Woman


10. The Monitor


11. Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil


12. Skinned Alive


The metal gods has spoken, with fire and light
You are been chosen, to join us tonight
Be prepared for battle or you will weep
Tonight we wake the dead to blood's deep

Up from the embers we rise
No fear on our faces
Down from the silvery skies
We've taken to flight
Burning hot beams from our eyes
They'll never enslave us
Destiny dares us to die in battle tonight

Nightfall has chained the light
Summoned we are saviours
We live to fight, you all will fail
A tyrant with blackened eyes
Standing to engage us, dark battle lines

I am a wrecking ball, my roar is deafening
I'll devastate you all, I'll bring a reckoning
A wrecking ball, my roar is deafening
I'll liberate you and end your suffering

Lead: Bitterfrost

Bloodsteel - Bloodsteel - Bloodsteel
Waiting for it's victim!

Power it flows
Through our veins
Like living lightning
The landscape is littered
With fire as it falls from the sky
Such venomous violence
And rage we are inciting
Mountains are rendered to dust
In the blink of an eye

I am a wrecking ball, my roar is deafening
I'll devastate you all, I'll bring a reckoning
A wrecking ball, my roar is deafening
I'll liberate you and end your suffering

Solo: Garcia

Bloodsteel - Silver and red!
Bloodsteel - Alive and dead!
Bloodsteel- Off with your head!
Waiting for it's victim!
Bloodsteel - Immortal and wise!
Bloodsteel - Saviour of lives!
Bloodsteel - The perfect device!
Save you from this prison!

solo: Bitterfrost

Our tyranny towers forever gleaming like twilight
Oblivion swiftly surrounds the dreams of the damned

Repeat 2nd verse, Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Once concealed, Now revealed, The fallen kneel

I am a wrecking ball!
The Beast of Bray Road
Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring... the beast!

I spent my life hunting and searching
For creatures whose existence
Had hid from our sight
In this endeavor forever
This treasure nearly has taken my life

My most recent attraction
My craving for action
On my mind this bears quite a load
A true paranorm, from man it transforms
To the Beast - The Beast of Bray Road
Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...

The beast! Nothing can hide from his hunger
The beast! Beware the beast of bray road
Someone is human no longer
The beast! They call him the beast of bray road
A frenzy of fear you'll succumb to
The beast! It feels like your heart will explode
Nowhere t hide or to run to
The beast! You're a feast for the beast of bray road

Lead: Brogden

I first saw him in Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Not far from Black River Falls
Somewhere between a wolf and a bear
With ravenous teeth and razor-like claws

Frozen and fighting to focus my gaze
My eyes betrayed as I started in the dark
A black dogged and howled with an inhuman bark
Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...

repeat Chorus

This wicked curse is on his head
His trail of blood it knows no end
Put him down he'll rise again
The scent of fear is on the wind

Solo: Brogden/Garcia/Brogden

Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring...
Adrenaline rushed to my head
As the hair on its neck stood up to attack
The glow of his eyes
Matched the moon with its size
Both yellow and round, I dared not stare back
Instead I just fled, I ran to the road
In hopes I would not be devoured
The sounds that it made as it my flesh was filleted
Filled the night with horror for hours!

repeat Chorus

Slashing, tearing, scanning and scaring... the beast!
King of the Wasteland
Listen to the sound
Of their final heartbeat
Pleading from the ground
As they lie at my feet
Listen to the crowd
Growing louder, raging on
I walked the path alone
That's the way I liked it
I kept a heart of stone
Just in case they'd knife it
But I put the heathen down
Now the crown's upon my head!

Cast out of shadows and hell
I'm drawn into conflict
Evil falls from the blade of my knife
Nothing worth keeping alive
On this wretched wreck of a world
Darkness dawns on all who survived

Bate them, bathe them in fire
Bathe them in fire
And hail to the gods of twilight
Raze them all who defy us!
Those who oppose us
Will know I am the divine!

Millions are calling my name
The king of the wasteland
This tyrant was born out of pain
Sending them falling
The king of the wasteland
My enemies rot in their graves

A madman with emerald dreams
So he decreed it
Burnt it black
Extinguished all life
Out from the caves and the caverns
Only the strong could ever survive
Take it back
What's left of mankind

repeat Pre-Chorus/Chorus

Solo: Garcia/Brogden

repeat Chorus

Humanity's sanity is nowhere in sight
Brutal days and hot desert nights
Cloaked and killing with speed
The wrecker's legend lives on
Take the throne, it's my very right!

repeat Pre-Chorus
Metal Empire
From the earth of old England
Came a force full of shattering sound
All that were living and breathing
Felt it quaking and breaking new ground
It mastered our minds and lit up our lives
With power to fight all through the night

We honor those who have created this sound
We bury them deep in hallowed ground
We gather tonight to raise our fists up high
As long as we are here True Metal will never die
Will never die... True Metal... Will never die...
True Metal... Will never die... True Metal
As long as we are here heavy metal will never die!

All hail the Supremacy Of Steel!
Fools fail and before us they will kneel
With this nail their coffins will be sealed
We're here to reclaim it
The Metal Empire!
The Metal Empire!

They told me they burned all metal
They said heavy metal had dies
We gathered this bold band of rebels
And swore we'd defend with our lives
With damaging drums and grinding guitar
We played every night
With leather and spikes

repeat Chorus/repeat Chorus

Solo: Brohden/Garcia

Seeds of steel have been planted
Now metal stands stronger and proud
The wishes of vikings are granted
All hail the lords of the loud

Onward the spirit of metal survives
Thrashes and thrives for the rest of our lives

repeat Pre-Chorus

repeat Chorus

Grown Men Play Metal!
Heavy Metal!
Long Live True Metal!
War of the Undead
The graveyards all have been emptied
The earth lies disturbed from the mist
Humanity caught in the middle
Of a pestilent paradigm shift
Breaking our from their coffins
And pouring out from the morgues
They feast upon entrails and organs
On human brains they engorge

This is a war - War of the undead!
This is a war - War of the undead!

We hid from the horror and terror
Oh how quickly it spread
They resisted all forms
Of our violent attacks
But feel from the loss of their head
As the war waned on
The world was a wasteland
A deluge of death and decay
Humanity lies on the edge of extinction
The end growing closer each day

This is a war - War of the undead!
This is a war - War of the undead!
Endlist in the war - War of the undead!
This is a war - War of the undead!

Solo: Brogden

On the night of the harvest moon
An innatural total eclipse
The sky rained fire an unholy desire
A single word rang from his lips
Rise he said, rise and go forth
Take the lifeblood from all in this land
This was the first day the living
Would make its final last stand

Solo: Garcia

Carcasses littered the streets
Carrion covered in blood
We will never give in to defeat
But how can this foe bee withstood?

Oh many lives has been taken away?
It's so insane
Lord, why have we all been forsaken today
Are we to blame?
Please lord save us from the madness and the pain
Will we saved?
Will we see the light of day reign?
This is a war - War of the undead!
This is a war - War of the undead!

repeat Chorus

This is war!
Flying Fortress
We took to the skies
And broke through the clouds on that fateful day
Into a formation we never should break
What some called the Flying Fortress
Was wings on a bulletproof Cage
With 13 machine guns a crew barely of age
As we fly into enemy space

The air is alive with the scream of a deafening huna
Our mission is critical
Ho price is too high to pay
Here they come...

Fighters swarming and blasting guns
From tyrants freedom must be saved
One in five won't come back alive
Glory shines upon the brave

300 Luftwaffe met us with all guns ablaze
They stood right between us
And the Messerschmitt line
Our gunners frantically followed their flight paths
Defending our planes spiralling downward
Good young men died

As the Allies shot down in flames
Just a few of us made it our target is nearly in sight
Just a few more moments and then it's bombs away...blasted to dust

repeat Chorus

Bombers diving with few surviving
But still we will have victory
Through our sites the ground ignites
Europe finally will be free

Solo: McGinnis/Garcia

Just a few made it back to the base
Some crashed upon landing and others into the sea
Over 70 planes and 650 men lost... Black Thursday

repeat Chorus

Bombers diving with few surviving
But still we will have victory
Through our sites the ground ignites
Europe finally will be free!
Doctor Doom
Under the heels of the Baron
My family was hunted like dogs
My mother was slain by a demon
My father was also to fall
I spent my life with the gypsies
Evading the Baron by stealth
My keen intellect I worked to perfect
While I swindled the rich of their wealth

I went to America, studied the sciences
And deeply embraced the occult
My darkest desire was to break through the fire
And reach a specific result
My mother was taken her soul sold to Satan
My life for that she could be seen
This device would be just what I need

Doctor Doom is the name
That strikes fear in all men
Doom will obliterate, Doom will defend
Doom is your destiny, darker than black
Doom is my name and I'm born to attack
Von Doom is the conqueror behind the mask
Kneel before Doom, don't make me ask
Doom is an intellect, second to none
The king of the world, there can only be one
Doctor Doom

Reed Richards rigged my machine
It exploded and ruined my face
I quickly took flight in the dark of the night
Awash with shame and disgrace
I went to Tibet and discovered a cult
And learned the might of their ways
I assembled my armor and menacing mask
That mirrored my bloodlust and craze

No one has ever laid eyes
Upon this hideous face
There is no one more I despise
Than the one who made me this way
I rule with an iron fist
And I'll crush all those who oppose
Armored in Metal and chosen at birth
The Lord of Latvertia and soon all the Earth!

repeat Chorus

Come bring it on, I'll take them all
Defender or Avenger or The Hated Four!

Solo. Brogden/Garcia

My castle soars, my minions roar
I'll make the world my kingdom
I will reign forevermore

Lead: Garcia/Brogden

Repeat 4th verse & Chorus

All Hail Doom!
Annaliese Michel
Hear a tale part frightening
And half the tale enlightening
A brave little girl's great sacrifice
To hold back the hordes of Hell

I was called upon
To see little Annaliese
Back in the freezing Winter of 1969
She was suffering
Complaining of voices
Chains were restraining
The girl to her bed

Such menacing messages
I can't believe the things she said

Fiendish faces haunting her mind
Hallucinations of the hideous kind
Her room was empty, but oh the smell
From the filth

She told me stories so hard to believe
Wicked possession from six entities

Why can't we save poor Annaliese?
Dear tell us what's wrong
What good is calling on a priest?
Possession too strong
We need to save her from the beast
Girl help us to fight
She's looking frail and feeling weak
A terrible sight

Doctors claiming it's all in her head
Demons draining her face turning red
Beyond the twilight
I saw the evil in her eyes
Waiting, hiding the devil inside
Changing places, I saw innocent die

Annaliese quit fighting
The entity claiming its prize
Cursing, writhing, the room cam alive
Flashing a fleeting last sinister smile

repeat Chorus

Solo: Brogden/Garcia

Accusations, they started to fly
Prosecution, we didn't know why
Such inhumanity
I could not believe my own eyes

The exorcism, they just didn't buy
They sent us to prison for taking her life
Unburied secrets were exhumed
They could not hide the truth
They opened her coffin to see what's inside
Her corpse was still perfect
Ten Years had passed by
Her body protected by the Holy Divine

repeat Chorus

Her very last words to the priest
Right before her release
Were 'tell my mother I am not afraid'
From Mother's bedroom she can see
Poor little Annaliese
Her tombstone less than 50 feet
From that very house!
Braindead Woman
I met a girl, it was Christmas Eve
I tried so hard to get her to leave
She spoke to me with an open mouth
Just right then I had no doubt she was a...

Braindead woman, what did she said?
Braindead woman, out of my way
Braindead woman, she don't understand
Braindead woman, back of my hand

Got one purpose, it's so clear
Get her drunk with just one beer
Look so good, it's such a shame
Tell me what happened to her brain

Just not blondes who act this way
Chicks like this they have a way
Of making smart girls seems so bad
The best fuck that I ever had was a...

Repeat Chorus

Braindead woman!

Solo: Dave

Don't you let her speak her mind
Nothing worthy you will find
Braindead woman, go to school
Don't waste my time with that you fool

Even though you are this way
And I hate every word you say
Braindead woman you're my love
The only girl I'm thinking of

Repeat Chorus

Braindead woman!
The Monitor
When Confederate forces took the Norfolk Naval Yard, they found the remains of the USS Merrimack.
They raised her and converted her into a Casemate Ironclad Ram and armed her with 10 guns.
Renamed the CSS Virginia, her first military action sank the Union ships Congress and Cumberland, making the Union fleet obsolete overnight.
In response to this new ominous threat, the Union built a bigger monster of their own - the Monitor!

The Metal Tyrant of the sea
We'll bring the South down to its knees
All engines full for ramming speed
Nine plates of iron and blackened steel

From the mind of John Ericsson in 1861
118 days it took to fit her with her guns
To answer the Confederates a fit courageous crew
They launched her to serve Liberty in 1862

The Monitor, the Iron Scourge
The Metal Tyrant of the sea
The Monitor, a slaughterer
Will bring the South down to its knees
The Monitor, the forefather
Of naval combat for the free
The Monitor, a murderer
Engines full for ramming speed!

As she steamed ahead, they set sail for hell
Sinking deep down to the depths, dead sailors never tell
In the battle of Hampton Roads the Merrimack would fight
Only one dared challenge her, they'd battle on this night

Repeat Chorus

Four hours cannons lighting up the skyline
Neither ship could turn the battle tide

Lead: Dave/Steve

A hit from their cannons and the captain became blind
First Officer Greene took the helm and refused to run and hide

The seas were rough while undertow the waves were crashing high
On New Year's Eve right off the coast some 16 men would die
She holds today a legacy her history enshrined
The fiercest of the ironclads, a legend of her time

The Monitor, the Iron Scourge
The Metal Tyrant of the sea
The Monitor, a slaughterer
Will bring the South down to its knees
The Monitor, the forefather
Of naval combat for the free
The Monitor, a mariner
Engines full for ramming speed!

The Metal Tyrant of the sea
We'll bring the South down to its knees
All engines full for ramming speed
Nine plates of iron and blackened steel

The Monitor!
Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil
Demons are dining on angels tonight
Our destiny's drowning in sin
Devil of Metal, awake and alive
Commanding the shadows again
Angels descending but losing the fight
He's swatting them out of sky
This massive monstrosity feeds on their lights
Growing five hundred feet high

Hope is but laughter in his eyes
None can stand before him
He's the sorcerer of lies

Fire is falling down from the sky
The Hell Destroyer arrives
Face to face they lock eyes

Hell Destroyer, fight fire with fire
The blinding light
The fallen angel, The armored knight
Hell Destroyer rise!

And with scream returned the night
He called it down enveloping this place

Face to face, hand to hand
They battled on across the land
Lightning flash, thunder roared
He amassed an evil horde
The angels that survived they held the line
It's do or die
Darkness dawned dead of night
Blackness spread no more light
Power drained to the dead
A place where angels fear to tread
His demons joined the fight
And turned the tide of battle
Has the Hell Destroyer died?

Hell Hell Hell Hell, raise some Hell
Where the Hell Destroyer fell
Hell Hell Hell Hell break the spell
No more world you love so well

Burn burn burn burn burn, so bright
Flames will bake this world tonight
Hey hey hey something's not right
From above a blinding light!

Bursting with power he rose to his feet
The demons blew back in a flash
He struck the behemoth with all of his might
Buildings were crushed as he crashed
Forcing his scepter to its Metal face
Absolving this cyborg of sin
It's life force and memory both were erased
We knew Hell Destroyer would win

Bolts of white lightning filled the skies
Blood stained feather washed immortals gave their lives

A battlefield of fallen angels
There'll be no afterlife for none of them
Fire is falling down from the sky
The Hell Destroyer survived
The Devil's no longer alive

repeat Chorus

Hell Hell Hell Destroyer
The final destruction of Hell

And from the gleam he appeared there in the sky
For all to see and witness his return
The Metal Devil's heart is beating nevermore
His twisted body lies beneath the angel's heel
The Hell Destroyer rips its heart right from its core
The fate of evil for eternity is sealed
Up from the ground
His sign its bursts into the clouds
A vision towering 1000 feet it soars
All of the angels up in Heaven sing aloud
His glory echoing goes on forevermore!
Skinned Alive
Sean Robert Livingston Peck - vocal
Dave Garcia - guitar, keys
Steve Brogden - guitar
Pete Stone (1) - bass guitar
Norm Leggio - drums

Stuart Marshall (Stu) - keys
Chris A. Erickson - guitar
Cory Bove - back-vocal
Forrest Butler - back-vocal

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