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February 21st, 2019
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Steelwing - Zone of Alienation

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Zone of AlienationRelease by: Noise Art Records

Steelwing - Zone of Alienation
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. 2097 A.D.


2. Solar Wind Riders


3. Full Speed Ahead!


4. Breathless


5. Tokkotai (Wind of Fury)


6. Zone of Alienation


7. The Running Man


8. They Came from the Skies


9. Lunacy Rising


10. 2097 A.D.
    (extended cut)


11. Hit 'em Hard


2097 A.D.
Solar Wind Riders
We are the chosen, the few and the proud
Escapees of the final apocalypse cloud
We journey through the blackness of the vast empty space
To secure the survival of the New Human Race

And with fire in our eyes
We will storm the heavens high
Though far away it seems
As we cross the cosmic seas
In exile we will be riding the winds

As mankind succumbed to the treacherous rule
Of the blind and the jesters; the priests and the fools
The wonders of Science, once raised to the skies
Became weapons of God in the hands of the vile

We are the last of the true
We are the first of the new
So with our destiny revealed
We're running free on wings of steel
Solar wind riders
Full Speed Ahead!
Speeding through the night
Far beyond the light
Blasting cross the galaxy
Fading from your sight
Point of no return
The bridges have been burned
In the wake of fury no lesson will be learned
Way over the red line we find piece of mind
Pounding at the cracks of the Grand Design
Breaking every rule of the fools leading the fools
There's no end of what we can do

Push it to limit
Into overload
All Systems go
We are ready to explode

Full speed ahead!
Ready to attack, never looking back
We go full speed ahead
Full speed ahead!
Move in for the kill, shooting for the thrill
We go full speed ahead
Full speed ahead!

Hey! Out of the way!
There's nothing left to say
Better run for cover or be left in our trail
Eye for an aye for a final goodbye
Stand in our way and die

Full speed ahead!
Ready to attack, never looking back
We go full speed ahead
Full speed ahead!
Move in for the kill, shooting for the thrill
We go full speed ahead
Full speed ahead!
Skin tight leather suits you fine
I want to wear you like a trophy, want to make you mine
Forever is just a matter of time
High heeled strut-around heading down town
If passion is a crime we'll be doing our time together
You're as guilty as I am

Don't think for a second
That I would leave you here alone
I won't take your heart away
I'll just strip you to the bone
Leave you breathless

Come inside, taste the wine
I feel the shivers running down your precious little spine
Together at the end of the line
Lie down here and wipe your tears
Close your eyes and you will see all my intentions so clear
You're trembling, just let go all your fears

Don't think for a second
That I would leave alone tied to the floor
You know that I won't take your heart away
I'll just strip you to the bone
Leave you breathless
Tokkotai (Wind of Fury)
For years we have trained our bodies and minds
For the mission that's now underway
Our fears we have conquered, we're ready to die
The decision was easily made

And so we take to the skies
To honour the lands with our lives
Under the sunrise and over the winds
To the glorious death we will die

An empire in ashes, a desperate act
But courage will show us the way
And hellfire shall rain in this final attack
The divine wind will blow them away

Tokkotai! Tokkotai!
Sayonara, this is good bye
Tokkotai! Tokkotai!
A furious storm divine
Decided to win we ride with the wind
Determinated to kill without fail
Tokkotai! Tokkotai!
A furious storm divine

Man and machine unite
The Special Forces strike
We won't back down
Upon pacific shores
The coming of the storm
Will turn the tides of war

The spirit of old running strong in our veins
The red and the white bind us all
Long live the Emperor!
We lived to obey and as death form the heavens we fall
Zone of Alienation
Welcome stranger, welcome to our lands
A sense of danger you cannot understand
This hazardous environment separates the strong from the weak
No longer to be inherited by the meek

Abandon all hope all ye who enter here
You're hanging by a rope and the end is drawing here
Radiation sickness strikes, it's time for you to meet your fate
Genetic blueprints melt down and mutate

A thousand eyes are watching from behind the windowpanes
Children of the nuclear fallout rain
Heavy Metal mutants of a vicious biosphere
Evolution's final frontier

In the Zone of Alienation
Deep behind forbidden lines
In the Zone of Alienation
You may find the key to what is a higher form of life

Commander of the mutants, ruler of the freaks
Toxic wastelands spawn the New Elite
Warrior king, pick your queen time to breed the future strong
In this Darwinistic playground this won't take too long
The Running Man
Are you ready for pain?
It's showtime and we are the stars
For your crimes you will pay
I'll find you wherever you are

Don't look back, you know I'll be there
You'd better run, you'd better beware
No remorse, no one shall be spared
No one ever won but the show must go on

Keep running!
There's nowhere you can hide
Keep running!
The Game is to stay alive

When you enter to the Zone
You'd better stay out of the light
It's each man for his own
No mercy, no wrong and no right

Keep running on through the night
Keep running on for your life
There is nowhere you can hide
Keep running on through the night
Keep running or you'll die
The game is to stay alive

Are you ready for pain?
It's showtime
They Came from the Skies
Lunacy Rising
There is something in the air tonight
I feel with every breath a wind that's gentle yet cold
I lift my eyes to towards the light
Celestial bodies set in motions relentless and old

The hunter's moon is rising to illuminate the trees
Amber fire burning all that I can see
Stalking the horizons close as ever it could be
Sending shivers through the autumn leaves

And have we not since ancient times intently met His gaze
And have we never wondered what He might have to say
Mesmerized by every line upon His placid face
Cursing the arrival of the coming day

And I will miss you endlessly although you're coming back to me
I only there was something I could do to make you see
And never will I ever leave Thy side
And I would lie if I ever would say the sun as bright as you could shine
Lunacy rising
Drawn from below
At your command Angel of Light
Lunacy rising
Now I am yours
So take my hand
Guardian of the night

Ignorance turns into clarity, now I can see
Periodic and patiently longing for each perigee
My master is quietly watching, awaiting the time
The final rebellion; the self-righteous brother must die

Pulling the mountains, exposing the cracks of the Earth
Pushing the oceans ashore as if cleansing the world
Be that my mission, O Master, I'd gladly obey
I'll follow you every command to the end of my days

Why can't they see the ways of Thee?
Oh, lunacy it's just you and me

Cries in the night in the absence of light I'm alone
Chained in my cell I am trapped in this hell down bellow
Have I gone blind? If but only a sign you could show
Master, O Master! This can't be the last of your glow!

Why can't I see the ways of Thee?
Oh, lunacy what's left of me
2097 A.D.
(extended cut)
Hit 'em Hard
Rickard Sviestins (Riley) - vocal, back-vocal, guitar, keys
Alex Vega - guitar, back-vocal
Robby Rockbag - guitar, back-vocal
Niclas Sunnerberg (Nic Savage) - bass guitar
Oskar Astedt - drums

Rickard Engborg - back-vocal
Gustav Ydenius - back-vocal
Elias Hawkansson - keys
Produced by Rikard Löfgren.

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