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January 17th, 2019
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Napalm - Cruel Tranquility

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Cruel TranquilityRelease by: Steamhammer

Napalm - Cruel Tranquility
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Mind Melt


2. A.O.A.


3. Shake It Off


4. Gag of Steel


5. Devastation


6. Combat Zone


7. Immoral Society


8. Attack on America


9. Reanimate


10. Act of Betrayal / Nightmare Administrator


11. Practice What You Preach


12. Kranked Up And Out


Mind Melt
Prisoner of war behind enemy lines
They want to find out about your side
Once they inject the serum in
They'll find out the secrets within
They want to know your point of view
They're going to rape your mind from you

Mind Melt
Mind Melt

You're trying to fight
But they're going to break your will
Your memory is going to take a spill
Now you're revealing all your thoughts
Revealing about the battles to be fought
And once mind goes blank it's never coming back

Mind Melt
Mind Melt

You told them all
Sentence your troops to death
Soon time to take your last breath
Because now you've forgotten your past
There's no way you're going to last
They robbed your mind
Took your I.D. away
Set you free forever to stray

Mind Melt
Choppers fill the sky
Tunnel rat raging below
Victims on retreat
All out assault no where to go
Set the jungles ablaze
Napalm Burns you alive
Guerilla strong hold destroyed
Revenge attack they won't survive

Iron Birds seek their prey
Special forces ready to drop in
Paratroopers are aboard
All out assault we must win
Take back the swamps of the jungle
Take them back one foot at a time
Soldiers land on the battle attacking
At the front line


Armor divisions move in
Pounding the front of the attack
Choppers launch their missiles
All out assault they won't hold us back
The enemy is on the run
Our mission has been a success
When special forces arrive
Fuck with the best
Die like the rest
All out assault
Shake It Off
Warriors enter the ring
In this fight anything goes
Only one can emerge winner
Only one can victory boast

No escape from this fight
Around them is a cage of steel
Bash your opponent into submission
Beg for mercy as he kneels and squeals

Can he shake it off
Fights off all the pain
He'll survive a lot more
To win the ring wars

Smash his head into the bars
The blood comes down his face
Piledrive him to the mat
His pride you have disgraced

Main event in a cage
No Disqualification double chain
Much suffering and pain

On the mat a bloody mess
Has he failed the test
Shakes off his hurt
Goes into a rage
Once he vents his anger
No way to leave the cage
Gag of Steel
Welcome to my chamber
This is where I have my fun
Down here in my dungeon
You'll have an experience second to none

You think I'm insane
Come here my innocent bitch
It could of come easier
You made it hard on yourself you witch

I'm a man into domination
And you will be my slave
But once I finish with you
This will be the only love you crave

A new sensation is what you feel
When I put on you a gag of steel
A love for pain is what you gain
When you're tied down biting the chain

I have tied you to the table
You begin to struggle and strain
You play the perfect captured angel
No way to break free from the chains

Time for my toys of pleasure
Now the session will begin
Your tears start to flow
As you enter my world of sin

Your pain turns to pleasure
And I have reached my goal
To me your pledge your loyalty
And now I own your soul
I awoke to the news today
There's a new leader another man insane
All I see around me are madmen and thieves
God shine your light of mercy on me
With these men in charge it must be our end
One murdered to push the button in
I'd like to think we could unite
Have a chance to end our plight

I'd like to think they don't have the nerve
To start a war you can't win would be absurd
But crazy people don't think their minds distort
Maybe with a first strike win the battle to be fought
Power hungry fools who want it all
Lead earth to its nuclear fall
I would like to think they had more sense in their head
But if history repeats we're all dead

The end of mankind devastation
The end of our time devastation
World ran by fool devastation
Break the sacred rule devastation

I'm beginning to think they really don't care
What the final result is I really can't bear
Will we have to live in a nuclear hell
Have to wait for what the future foretells
There is a chance for a change
End the reign of the sick and deranged
The world would become safe
Won't be a nuclear waste

Combat Zone
1st Verse
Lies Deceit words that you live by
No remorse as you destroy lives
We are trapped in your web of red tape
Iron clad contract no escape

2nd Verse
Promises made you'll never keep
We did all the work but the profits you reaped
String us along with the bullshit you say
Get our hopes up but another delay


Seems like a crazy dream
This nightmare our reality
Help me escape from this lunacy
Feel like a slave
But I dug my own grave
Make it void
Before I go insane

Repeat 1st & 2nd Verse

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus
Immoral Society
Do not judge so thou won't be judged someday
You hate the way I look and the trash we play
We're just remnants of your sick society
We're the future; don't you like what you see

Immoral Society

Why do you get down on everything we say
Say we ruin the minds of the youth today
We're just telling them of the things we see
Telling no lies, no censorship for me

Immoral Society

Why do you get down on everything we do
It's not us; the immoral one is you
Your attitude is what ruined mankind
We won't follow your brainwashed minds

Immoral Society
Attack on America
Thunder Overhead
We looked toward the sky
The roar we heard were bombers
Preparing for their dive
Attack on America
Washington burns to the ground
In all the major cities
There was chaos to be found

Chorus (x2)
We will win they'll pay for their sins
For what they've done let the battle begin
Then we swore to even the score
They better beware this means war

My homeland is now rubble
For the dead we shed no tears
We let it build to anger soon out battle nears
The revolution begins
The resistance was too strong
America to become land of the free once more

Baffling to all who think
Watch deceit as lifeforce shrinks
Few chosen people know
Exactly what the end would show
Certain fate no longer law
Morgue attendants cry out in awe
Corpse never so awake
Coroner made no mistake

If you don't beat his brain you're his prey
Endless oppression slow decay
It walks it lives for one desire
Cadaver out of the fire

No abundance coming back
Dealer of death cuts the stack
Life is just an incantation
For eternal life re-animation

Re-animate human dissections
Desecrate unauthorized experimentation
Act of Betrayal / Nightmare Administrator
I've seen the act of betrayal
So now I'm marching through the night
Lost are all things that were sacred
I carry the power of light
The end soon draws near
For those that I called my friends
All that awaits them is fire
My honor I must defend


Now I start my mission of mayhem
Now I begin my attack of doom
With the powers of hate
I shall forever seal your tomb
You know you tried to deceive me
And put me into an early grave
Now to see their bloody end
Is all in life I crave


I pray to the dead
So the dead will prey on you
There shall be no escape
No nothing you can do
As the dead pull you under
And you're buried alive in your grave
You shall beg forgiveness
But your soul won't be saved

Let the evil speak

Nightmare administrator

Brutally I subject you to this cruel tranquility
Ferociously inhumanly is he rule you see

Bones contort and twist and grind just like cartilage
The beatings that I inflict on you begin to hemmorrage
My drill begins to hit your brain lobotomized nucleus
Ritual killing done to par or else blasphemous

Toying with your nervous system makes me feel ecstatic
Anger rage splitting forth overdue volcanic
Obtaining helpless victims vanishing at random
Body count mutilated corpse disgustingly expanding
Tapeworms with razor teeth scaringly inflictive
To fellow man and fellow beast viciously anarchistic
I live to birth paranoia deceit fear
My malicious laughter is the final sound you will hear

Sadistic mind my evil fetish is only legislature
Thoughts I breed in my head I assure you are not good nature
There's no moral excuse to give for my behavior
Red hot coals razor knives nightmare administrator

Practice What You Preach
Say one thing that you see is right
Proclaim it as law is amazing second sight
General public should abide by this rule
Voicing your opinion is a weapon not a tool
If it's a weapon then keep the safety catch on
Cause shooting off your mouth doesn't make things calm
Problems insurrections problems don't agree
What's your opinion on this don't tell me

Practice what you preach hypocrites don't win
It will be your downfall notify your next of kin
Practice what you preach make victory your destiny
Be the one looked down upon
Who am I to tell you it's a sin

Say one thing then do the other
Bullshit is your main lover
You judge and sentence before the facts have been read
Verbal lynching I'm seeing red
Can't put out a fire with gasoline
On the wrong turf know what I mean
You always speak of unity
But you're the ones who divide the scene

Repeat Chorus

I can't understand why you're fucked in the head
Contradict yourself or are your nine lives dead
When I hear you talk I turn the other cheek
Human being ha you're a freak

From here on I don't listen it is true
Showing you respect I'm thru
Come over here I'll smack you in the head
What you think is better left unsaid
Kranked Up And Out
Verse 1
We kept the sound going through the night
Our heads were banging under the lights
If you stayed this long then quick get out
You're drunk and stoned without a doubt

Krank, Krank, Krank, (x4)

Verse 2
Kranked up and out
Don't scream just shout
And don't expect this song to end
Cause we'll just plat the beginning again


Verse 3
Kranked up and out
Stop lurking about
We don't please only offend
We're your foes not your friends

Verse 4
Playing distorted, loud, and fast
Like nothing ever played in the past
You're probably thinking this could sound much better
But it's much more fun not to be a trend setter


Repeat verse 2
Stig Chris Liggio - vocal, guitar
Jeff Lombardi - guitar
Chris Weidner - bass guitar
Robert J. Proimos - drums

Produced by Bob Spencer and Napalm.

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