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February 17th, 2019
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Sacred Blood - Alexandros

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Sacred Blood'2012

AlexandrosRelease by: Pitch Black Records

Sacred Blood - Alexandros
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Warrior's Scion


2. The Bold Prince of Macedonia


3. The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes)


4. Phalanx Invicta


5. Marching to War


6. Golden Shields in the Sky


7. Death Behind the Walls


8. New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)


9. Before the Gates of Ishtar


10. Battlefield Aenaon


11. The Apotheosis of Alexander


12. Ride through the Achaemenid Empire


13. Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)


14. Macedonian Force


15. Legends Never Die


The Warrior's Scion
"2400 years ago, there ruled a warrior in the kingdom of Macedon cold and hard, like the Northlands of Hellas from whence he was spawned.
The sun was setting on the splendor of Athens in those days... and the valor of Sparta was falling into ruin.
Holy War was the word on all lips. Like the lightning bolts of Zeus, deadly and swift, they rode down the barbarians, striking in the dead of night, clutching with talons of icy death:
Macedonia's grief was thus sated with the invader's blood... But the warrior's most fierce attack on the scourge of Easterlings,
Would not come from spear or sword, rider by moonlight or victory pyre in the night - his loins would beget a son: the true hammer
"Hellenic revenge..."
The Bold Prince of Macedonia
In the land of Macedonia, in the northlands of Hellas,
The dead King is being mourned and "vultures" covet the Sacred Throne

Alexander is now King - All hail Phillip's son!
Hellenic Blood, son of the Gods, the dukes of Persia he will crush!

The traitors face their final judgment - Phillip's killers to the death he drags!
After justice has been served, a war campaign now's on the run

The Nation's League he must preserve - to the South now he marches!
Thebes is now burning to the ground - Flames consume the ancient town!

Doom brings with him the Bold Prince of Macedonia
Traitors of Hellas you'll repent and pay the price

The troops now he gathers - a holy pact he must uphold
His army crossed the Hellespont - The Persian hubris must be stopped

His father's dream must carry on, he wants to reach the end of world...
In Granicus he is forcing, the Persian satraps to withdraw

And marches on...
The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes)
The first clarion calls
Commanding the ground
To shake underneath
The phalangites' sandaled feet!

Horses of war
Trampling the earth -
Dust clouds doth raise
A halo around the charge!

Pure ran the river,
'Ere the clash of the swords;
The Nymphs in the water
Shrank back in fear

Alexander shines ahead
Leading the cavalry forth!
A lion of gold
His helmet flashes a roar:
Those who stand against him shall
I fall, down where Granicus flows

Where Granicus flows...

Red runs the river,
Foaming with blood;
The Nymphs in the water
Embracing the dead!

The din of arms
Was heard loud and far
Ringing a knell
That sang "The Persian in throes!"

Barbarians impaled
On Sarissae long -
Their poignant screams
Were carried to Abydos' halls!

To Abydos' halls!

Red ran the river
In the battle's wake -
Granicus forever
Victory's shrine shall remain!

Alexander triumphant
Raised his broad sword -
Hailing the sun
And the eagles aloft!
Phalanx Invicta
Marching to War
Marching to war, miles from home,
Hunting Darius under the Asian sun
Rays of fire throws Apollon on our eyes,
We will prevail, we'll rip the tyrant of his might!
Our bodies grow weary - but our king shows the way
Into the desert - hunting the Persian Prey!

Outnumbered by thousands, to the edge of his land
The old king of Asia lies dead by his servant's hand!
The prophecy of Gordius, the old man's words come to mind,
The ruler of Asia will be the one who solves the "Tie"

Marching to war!!!

Writing his name onto history
The Macedon ruler of all eternity
Bringing together all of mankind
Hellas now awakens barbarians' mind!

Marching to war!!!
Golden Shields in the Sky
Death Behind the Walls
"In 332 the Mages of Tyre
Read omens black
Written in entrails
Of their sacrifice...
Yet none could believe
That their citadel
Could ever be breached:
Surrounded by the sea,
A spire emerging from the blue -
With death lurking behind
Every battlement manned..."

Alexander rode thence,
With phalanxes strong
And great machines of war -
In his eyes burned the truth
Of every black omen
The Mages foretold...

For seven long months
Catapults spat their wrath
And hails of arrows
Blackened the sun!

The Lion of Macedonia
Roared at the gates -
Eager to feast
On the flesh of victory!

When death walked behind
The mighty walls of Tyre -
The laments of the east
Rose in a chorus of dirge!

When death was unleashed
In the doomed city of Tyre -
Alexander stood tall,
The fury of the Gods!

Long and hard
Was each terrible day -
The Phoenicians fell from the wails
Down to a watery grave!

Until at last,
Marching up a ramp
Made of corpses and debris
Alexander shattered
The Tyrian ivory gates:

The Lion's fury was great -
For each of his men
Bloody revenge he did claim:
No man was spared -
Women and children
Were sold as slaves...
A solemn reminder
To the barbarians who remained

Repeat Chorus
New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)
Before the Gates of Ishtar
To the Gates of Ishtar Alexander rides
By his side his troops with Sarrisa aligned
Tales old of yore coming in his mind
The ruler of the world stands with all his pride

To the Gates of Ishtar Alexander rides
Praying to the Gods of Power and might

General, King, Emperor and God
Alexander's now king of all the world
His legend will be sung for centuries of old
Listen to his tales now, there's still more to be told

To the depths of Asia his army marches on
The Titans he must relock behind the bronze walls
And so did Hercules in an age now long gone
Battlefield Aenaon
Thousands days and nights we travel
Riding through the eastern land
No surrender, never looking homeward back

Merciless the sun above us
Tired off the countless fights
Conquerors of glory at the edge of time

Macedonian sun is rising
Over kingdoms of our foes
Alexanders' born to triumph
War unleashed like raging thunderstorm

The omen given from the gods up high
Prophecies of old shall be fulfilled
We claim the throne and crown of Persia
Bringing all nations to their knees

Faced as enemies or heroes
Cities falling in our hands
An empire once so mighty turned to dust

On our swords blood cannot dry
War is life it feeds our souls
Under Alexander's order we march on

Son of Phillip is thirsty
For more victories and fame
No one shall escape the phalanx
Rites of destiny cannot be changed

Repeat chorus
The Apotheosis of Alexander
Ride through the Achaemenid Empire
The Southern music of the wind, whines in unrest a tune
As it travels from Hellas, to the depths of the empire...

A wind of change rises in the East, Overtaking the Achaemenid chimes:
For who could ever believe, the old God-King could bleed?

Ride, Ride - Alexander ride!
To the ends of the Empire!
Cut the Persians - cut them down
With one mighty strike!

The thundering of hooves, becomes the crimson of our flag -
And the flash, the flash of bronze, spells death for every foe!

What was once a dream - for every valiant Greek
Alexander's flashing sword - in three epic battles' won

Ride, Ride - Alexander ride!
To the ends of the Empire!
Cut the Persians - cut them down
With one mighty strike!

Both death and mercy were dealt by his mighty hand -
A noble heart, a leader of men: Alexander of Macedon
Born in Pella - Fathered by Zeus - The son of Amon-Ra!
Tables are turned as old thrones now burn -
The gates of Babylon spread open wide!

What was once a dream for every valiant Greek,
Alexander's flashing sword - in three epic battles' won:

Ride - Ride Alexander ride!
To the ends of the Empire!
Cut the Persians - cut them down
With one mighty strike!

"Like a beacon alight the Great Pyramid shines: an omen behind of victories ahead - Alexander rides!"

Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
The heart of Poseidon
Is the heart of the ocean -
Fathomless blue,
Deep ark of secrets
Kept in the depths
Of the sunken realms...

The heart of Poseidon
Is the heart of the ocean -
It beats to the rhythm
Of the whispering waves:
It imparts the secret
Of the gorgon's lament...

Listen now close
The ocean recalls
The glorious tale
Of Alexander the Great
(And Nearchus the bold...)
Macedonian Force
In 326,
The winter was cold
The winds raged in spite
Yet the phalanxes marched
Heeding the call!

"Alexander arrives!
Yield or run for tour life!"
The rumor did spread
Like fire burning wild

Massaga, Ora and Aornos fall
See their pyres in the night
Up to the stars burning high
Across the old satrapies

King Porus was in fear
To Ganges he did pray -
But - alas - he did so in vain!

Macedonian force!
At the ends of the world
Clashed with the foe -
Painted men and outlandish beasts!

Alexander could never
Know any fear: He rode ahead
Into the fray
By princes flanked
Where the glory crowns
The true kings of men...

Hark! Thousands of hoplites
The wild Indus cross -
Led by the one
The Aries of War!

Porus bore down
On the shining host
He put down the horse
But not the rider alike
And tor Bucephala
He did pay a high price...
Macedonian force
At the ends of the world
Pushed back the foe
Down the abyss
Of Tartarus cold...
Legends Never Die
The fires of fever consume Alexander just as the sly wizards of Babylon forewarned...
The trumpet is silent; the ride of the heroes has come to a halt...
The King of the world is locked in a deadly struggle with the Lord of the underworld...
But he has yet one fight in him left...
Chaldean poisons of the Semite magi could not mar the water of life running through his veins... for legends never die!
Alexander was shrouded in the golden mists of the sky - called by Zeus the
Father on high...
He flew like an eagle soaring towards the sun to claim immortality's crown made of Faethon's living light...
Epeios Focaeus - vocal, back-vocal
Polydeykis Andrianos - guitar, keys, back-vocal
Jim Stamatis (The Animal) - drums, percussion

Vangelis Yalamas - keys, bass guitar, guitar, back-vocal
Hildr Valkyrie - vocal, back-vocal
Mike Galiatsos (Mike G.) - guitar
Andrew McPleary (Sir Andrew McPleary) - bagpipes
Hara Dafna - back-vocal
Marios Koutsoukos - voice
Kyriakos Gazouleas (Kirk) - keys
Produced by Vangelis Yalamas.

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English translations and spelling correction by vera dr, juliette, irina

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