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June 23rd, 2018
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Max Pie - Initial Process

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Max Pie'2010

Initial ProcessRelease by: selfproduction

Max Pie - Initial Process
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. A Soldier's Dead


2. Formatted Mind


3. When You're Gone


4. Like a September Day


5. Crawlin'


6. Come to My Grave


7. Lords of Darkness


8. In the Air


A Soldier's Dead
Fight... I had to be there
Just one versus one
Time for the show
And few more rounds to go

You know...
Fight for survive was the reason why
Like a soldier...
Trainer so hard... that's the reason why

Strike it - strike it
Some kicks now breaking his bone
He shall fall... to the ground
I've the lead, no surprise

We're on warzone!
Much blood in his eyes...
Won't surely be a draw
Hard punches more to throw...

Time to beat... that's the reason why Ohohohhhohhhhhh

In my head once more
You, lying on the floor
They said that a soldier's dead

Won't live forever
But no future for loser
One line in the contract we signed

Desperately paid...
To tell the truth I know... I know
You're gone but I pray for you

We lived our passions
With tears and emotions
Searching answers as we can

So many things pass through my head
But there's so much to tell

Right now
Right now
War... gives pain and sorrow

Another pray to dry my eyes
Another pray for stopping lies
Another pray 'cos people die

Desperately and deadly paid...
Formatted Mind
I know you're afraid of strangers
A mind in peace, the only way to make good dreams
Keep cool away of danger
Your choice is to stay blinder
'Cause you know...

The change can be the grain
The grain of sand in machine head
A grain to find another way
A price to pay

To remain on rails avoids the danger
One way, one thought, to be better
A day, a number will replace... your name

A blinded mind in a golden cage
Let me know if you can think by yourself
Leave the ranks yeaheh

Rows and numbers... to know
Your line is traced, follow the arrow
Freed from desire... you mind
Is locked up in one side

You're on the train of habits, your formatted mind dig your hole
You're on the rain of habits, your formatted mind raise a wall
It doesn't matter what they said
Open your eyes and choose your way
The life could be better, together we're strong

A brain to hire, you're just like a robot head
Remove your veil and play the game
Out of your rails
Come to see the war and all his screams
You know the time is come to think with your head.
When You're Gone
You know I'm the looser
You play with my heart when I can't feel your breath

Don't drive me to despair
When your words hit me and pierce me as a blade

Mental breakdown
Don't play with my soul

I go to the break

Mental breakdown
Don't play with my soul

I know I'm a liar
I infringed rules of the game
I ruined my chance to be your man

In spite of words and regrets
I can't avoid the break
All my tears are screaming your name

A lone wolf howling in the night seems to be wrong
When he sing our love again

I can't hear the clock make his sound when you are gone
The minutes feel like days

When you're gone...
Like a September Day
I don't waste my tears, it makes no sense
It's only the fault of circumstances
If somebody wants, I give my place. I'm waiting your answers.
My loneliness, my enemy. No other days, if I don't care.
Leaving my heart away

Deep inside of me, I can feel it's real, it's not a game

I live, leaving my heart away. I'm like a September day
I live, leaving my heart away. A price I don't wanna pay

I left all behind to take my away. Closing my eyes, I loose myself
I pray the lord to give me the chance, the chance to turn back again

I don't want more sorrows, let me come tomorrow.
Give me a sign through your window

I turn around, I'm waiting a sign... again
Please let me know if I must die to pay
Sometimes the black sometimes the grey
Always the dark colours the dreams
Which grow in your head
You need a place, a place to be the hand of pain
Drew the scars of your past, lines of destiny

You must fight your frights, your life is in disguise

Wandering in life guided by anger
No place to hide when fears are so strong
Remember the child with the eyes full of dreams which lives in your hearth

Crawlin', on the edge of your life, you try to cross the line
Searching the way of the light
Crawlin', in the darkside of mind, you must listen your heart and fight
You can trust in time

You spend your life waiting the reaper
You feel the frights deep inside of you
Last the edge of the storm, you never know
Where is the way of your dreams. You search a door

Crawlin', on the edge of your life, you try to cross the line
Searching the way of the light
Crawlin', in the darkside of mind, you must listen your heart and fight
To cross the border line

You search the silence into your head...
Only to hear your breath away
You wanna move, it's time to pray
If you don't leave this place

Lost in this storm
You're on the run
For searching your place
Come to My Grave
I cross the time, I taste the wine, alive with your blood
I follow my thirst on (the) upper floor
Together forever
Eternity shall be our friend but I know
You're still afraid to cross this door

Forget your life, forget your shade
Come at my side, don't be afraid
Let me show you the black side of life
Let me give you the key of the time

Find in this wine

I see the red drops falling on the ground the crime is done
You feel the light which are burning your eyes the night is gone

In my grave into the ground come to my hunt

Another crime to satisfy my thirst only your love can set me free

Alive in the ground

Tired of life
I'm still thirsty
A reason to live if you come to me

Come to my grave
Come to my hunt
Another day, another round
Be my queen, you'll have no end

Come to my grave
Come to my hunt
Come to the place into the ground
Be my queen, you'll have no end

This place is good place to be

I cross the time, I cross the years
I taste the wine running in veins
Lords of Darkness
Venimous troubles are burning my head
Frights seems so friendly when you feel the trance

Playing with fire, the poison in your veins is so warmer
Feel free of danger, you stumble on your dreams
And fall to the ground

'cause you never feel the hit that makes you wrong
'Cause you've never seen the shade of death singing its song

Lords of darkness lead the dance.
This needle in your veins increasing the weight of your chains
Lords of darkness lead the dance.
They play with your senses, dancing in the flames

Changing the rules, you play the fools
Walking your head on the stars
Feel free of danger, you stumble on your dreams
And fall to the ground
In the Air
Nothing, no calls comes from the phone
Nobody at the door
Head on my knees, the fright now increase, I'm still waiting

It seems to be young
It seems to be gone
And I calling her name

I'm falling on the ground, the emotion is so strong
Why are you gone?
Regrets ant tears comes into my head and I pray

It seems to be young
It seems to be gone
It seems to be young
And now I'm calling her name

In the air, I feel the wind which carries the angels
Those memories can remain 'till the end
In the air, I feel the sun, the rising sun, the sound of a prayer

Wordless in front of the voice who said to me that
I'll never see you again
Behind my tears, the sound is clear breaking the light in my head

And now I remember
And now I'm calling her name

In the air, I feel the hope, I feel the wind...
Tony Carlino - vocal
Terry del Cane - guitar
Michael Probst - guitar
Olivier Lemiere - bass guitar
Dominique de Leener - drums

Pat Thayse - guitar
Emanuele Casali - guitar
Produced by Max Pie.

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