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July 23rd, 2018
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Matos, Andre - The Turn of the Lights

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Matos, Andre'2012

The Turn of the LightsRelease by: Marquee Records

(Bonus CD 2:

  • At Least a Chance
    (by Viper)
  • I Don't Believe in Love
    (by Queensryche)
  • Fake Plastic Trees
    (by Radiohead)
  • 氷雨 (by Japanese Enka) )

    Matos, Andre - The Turn of the Lights
    The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
    1. Liberty


    2. Course of Life


    3. The Turn of the Lights


    4. Gaza


    5. Stop!


    6. On Your Own


    7. Unreplaceable


    8. Oversoul


    9. White Summit


    10. Light-Years


    11. Sometimes


    12. Fake Plastic Trees
        (by Radiohead.)


    12. Wings of Reality

    Story of life
    Story of fate
    Something I could've done and now I feel
    I've lost myself in time
    A picture of those
    Beyond control
    Hearts messed up, abide
    And so I hear
    Spirits weep out loud
    Living for my next step
    Swinging across the border line
    I wanna climb those stairs
    And reach the top now
    You brought me what I need
    Addictive heroin
    You sucked my heart, still you want everything
    Melting flesh and bone
    I don't know who you are
    You don't know where I've been
    Just look behind and see the shadow
    Of a one-day-promise
    Come for a ride
    In the kingdom of light
    Most of us don't care to sign the deal
    When evil hangs around
    Heading for my last step
    Running across the border line
    I wanna stand and stare...
    You brought me what I need
    Addictive heroin
    You sucked my heart, still you want everything
    Melting flesh and bone
    Whole days and nights in vain
    Unplug and mute the pain
    These matted eyes now miss the last glare
    Of a one-day-promise
    Course of Life
    Northern lights dance in the air
    Nature paints its scenes
    Haunting the winter sky
    The wild is so vast
    The air quiet and still
    Today a new sun will rise
    We'll be together when the time comes around
    We'll save our prayers and never say farewell
    Far becomes close
    Scary, divine
    A sudden blaze reveals the course of life
    I walk in the night
    Counting the stars, in silence
    With tears in my eyes
    But I'll never surrender
    We'll be together when the time comes around
    We'll save our prayers and never say farewell
    Nothing to fear
    Nowhere to hide
    Nobody escapes the course of life
    The Turn of the Lights
    As the universe expands
    And high flames are burning
    As the light breaks through the haze
    And sunrays melt away the snow
    The streams get out of control
    For we don't own life
    It's a fact: We're born to stray
    On this deadly journey
    We don' know where it begins
    And nobody tells where it goes
    The Wheels just roll down the road
    Is there still a chance?
    We're alive - that's all we can say
    We must stay alert through the night
    Side by side, let's keep hand in hand
    And wait for the turn of the lights...
    The turn of the lights!
    Someday I will feel enough
    To remember what's gone
    And I'll live enough
    To be humming this song
    Someday I will rejoin your soul
    When fire stars are falling down on me...
    Let the clouds and let the rain
    Pour red tears down today
    Let the heart and let the pain
    Flow away, away...
    Feel what is over
    Feel what is dead
    Your smile forever will live
    Like a scar, so many say,
    It will never fade away
    Like a rainbow in the darkest sky
    Someday I'll be
    Together with you
    Someday I'll leave
    This woe behind... for good
    You declare wars in your head
    You desert them all instead
    Every pulse that pumps your veins
    Just reminds you of the weight
    All over you...
    Simply for a little joy
    You neglect and then destroy
    The key questions in your mind
    When your self-esteem is low
    When you find nowhere to go
    Stop!.. the world can't wait!
    You won't find a crystal ball
    Throughout the haze
    It's about time
    To quit that maze
    Nothing justifies your pain
    For there's no one else to blame,
    Except for you...
    On Your Own
    When a shade follows my footsteps at night
    That could be you I descend to the riverside
    As I'm staring at the blackened water flow
    I sense you getting close I know you're getting close
    I could reach my hand
    And fool my heart one more time
    I could stick to what remains...
    It's helpless: our future is behind us!
    -You say that you go, you don't go
    And you never leave a choice
    -You say that you need, you don't need
    Though there's urgency in your voice
    You've been searching for happiness
    But emptiness you've found
    You think you belong - no, you don't
    You're still living on your own
    Is there a future for me?
    Is there a hope?
    Sometimes illusions, they drown
    And dreams are gone with the flood
    In the start, light had been made
    There were rainbows in the air
    In a place we all belong
    It's so curious how it swaps
    Like the pieces of a play
    It depends on how we stand
    Day after day
    How we care for each word we say
    Each move we make...
    You pretend you're in control
    That you sit so high above
    But I prevail without you
    When at night you call my name
    All your tears roll down in vain
    You're not unreplaceable
    We must stand
    Day after day
    We must care for each word we say
    Each move we make...
    The corporations' jaws
    Are spreading all around
    Invading like a plague, you can't ignore
    You're led into a trap
    They even seem to care
    About your life, your health - your misery!
    They need you to stay
    They want you to play
    They will find the way into your needs
    You re scanned high and low
    Cause they want to know:
    -Are you plain enough to serve us?
    Every time they reach their goals
    You're stabbed, but you don't know
    Can't you sense the Oversoul?
    The meaning of it all...
    The blooming of a life
    You're innocent and wild
    You guess you know the truth but you just don't
    That's right when it begins:
    You've gotta join that game!
    You're looking for respect - to be someone!
    They force you to pay
    They lead you to crave
    From now on they'll be behind your needs
    You'll do what they say
    Can't chose your own way
    Right when it's too late to turn back
    Every time they reach their goals
    You're stabbed, but you don't know
    Can't you sense the Oversoul?
    The spirit of it all...
    Look around and see:
    Have you lost all will to live?
    Why don't you stand and fight for your soul?
    White Summit
    The sight revealed before my eyes
    On that very day
    A sea of clouds surrounding high
    The mountain summit
    All so unexpected,
    Falling to pieces to the ground
    At first I held the shock inside
    And then I woke up I looked around and realized
    The white was red with blood
    All so disconnected
    When you're striving to survive
    I must go...
    Over the top. to the summit
    Or never know
    What lies behind the white giant of snow
    Step by step to the summit
    I'm face to face with the giant
    There's no return...
    Unleash the beast you used to be
    Let go of, and set it free
    Relieve your heart, let it breathe
    Forget the place you used to know
    Get ready for a miracle
    Straightening the curves of the road
    From this time, from this day
    You'll never be the same
    Leave behind what's insane
    And let it fade away
    You can still count on me
    From the past, nothing remains
    It's light-years away
    When you just listen to the words
    From someone who wants to take hold
    Of your will, of your thoughts
    Of your mind and soul
    People who've lost their own life
    Normally try to get by
    Inside your world, to lead you on
    They cherish when you fall...
    Sometimes I'm sad and lonely
    Somedays because I miss you
    You held me tight in your arms
    As I came out of darkness
    Sometimes I watch you go away
    I watch you go away...
    Hope you don't cry
    'Cause in my own stories
    I'm ever side by side with you
    Somewhere to bind the distance
    Somekind of timeless moment
    Somewhen I'll let you know
    How far you've made me roam
    Across the nights, I hear a train
    That won't bring you back
    But I'll still wait...
    I never really lost you
    You never really left me
    I feel our hearts as one
    Every time I gaze
    At the moon
    Fake Plastic Trees
    (by Radiohead.)
    Wings of Reality
    Andre Matos (Coelho) - vocal, keys
    Hugo Mariutti - guitar, keys
    Andre Hernandes (Andre Bilaidol, Zaza) - guitar
    Bruno Ladislaus (Bruno Ladislau) - bass guitar, fretless bass
    Rodrigo Silveira - drums, percussion

    Hugo Bertolaccini - keys
    Produced by Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga.

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