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October 18th, 2018
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Firewind - Between Heaven And Hell

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Between Heaven And HellRelease by: Massacre Records

Firewind - Between Heaven And Hell
Firewind - Between Heaven And Hell
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Between Heaven And Hell


2. Warrior


3. World of Conflict


4. Destination Forever


5. Oceans


6. Tomorrow Can Wait


7. Pictured Life
    (by The Scorpions.)


8. Firewind Raging


9. I Will Fight Alone


10. Northern Sky


11. Fire


12. Who Am I


13. End of an Era

Between Heaven And Hell
No rest from the demon within
I'm always fighting to be free
Battling the forces of evil
Now fate has chose my destiny

Walking through the fires of the land of the dead
I'm between heaven and hell
The righteous path is hidden from the wicked and the damned
I'm between heaven and hell

I stand at the gate of admission
Where I've come I can not tell
Visions of heaven before me, I cross the threshold
And it's hell

Between heaven and hell
Born of blood, mysterious, fire and steel their loves
Land and kin, is everything, their only god is war

Hear of the ages when war was the world
An honor to die by the sword

Eons pass, the tales are told
Battlefields have all grown cold
Elders sing of warriors, hail to the glory of
Spirits soar to (the) most on high
The nether world their bodies lie
Legends on the warriors, hail to the glory of

Honor bound, too profound, the soldier's unbroken code
Kings and queens, castle keep, sacred ground they hold

Warriors of old, their glories be told
Warriors of old, hail to the glory of

Their glories be told, warriors of old
World of Conflict
Does man rule by his will
To choose how he lives
Are forces behind him
Pushing him still
Confusion - it's so clear
Illusion - here and there

Raven, hawk and the dove
Soar looking down from above
Evil, war and love
Which will alight on this world

A world full of conflict
Time patiently waits
Emotions directing
The choices he makes
Confusion - it's so clear
Illusion - here and there

Forces of the universe, taking aim
Spirit's eye, from on high, man is game
Destination Forever
Practice what you preach, you can't win
I claim victory
We're not meant to be, can't you see
You are history

All is said and done - destination forever
Never to return - destination forever

When all is said and done, everything
Will come back to you
Seven deadly sins, tempted me
Now they've turned to you

Destination forever - destination forever
Tomorrow Can Wait
I've always had the power in me
Never lost control of will
Broken promises and lies
Too many pass before my eyes
All I ever wanted was you
But you left me now we're through

Hoping, waiting as time passes by
Searching for answers as my spirit dies
I am afraid, to wait another day
Tomorrow can wait, today I must be saved

My belief in love is gone
The heart and flesh and blood is stone

Tomorrow can wait
Pictured Life
(by The Scorpions.)
Firewind Raging
They fear us, they cheer us
Dark mercenaries all
They need us, they feed us
Their silver and their gold
For there's no one to save them
From losing their lives in this world of wars

Firewind Raging

Their kingdom, their freedom
Hanging on their words
Black shadows, blood battles
Dying by the sword
For there's no one to save them
From losing their lives in this world of wars

Fear of death, the loss, the loathing
Tears of life, the cause, the loving
I Will Fight Alone
Battles rage throughout hamlets and empires
Heroes die, legends are born
The righteous pray all through the eons
Still the evil unsheathes the sword

God of time keeps track of all the things
Gathers in the souls of the dead
A champion born, knight reincarnate

Fear, death, blood, flesh - my glory day is here
Over lords, raging hordes, the spoils of war are near

I will fight alone
Stand and face and army of one
I will fight alone
Until I'm overrun

Answer the cries of innocent children
Bury deep the overlords
The banner hails avenging warrior
Savior of a stricken world

Hear the seer's foretell my - lonely demise
Reap the sorceress angered - am still alive
Northern Sky
In the aftermath, everything will clear
But the ones who stand, have no fear
Can you feel the fire, that burns inside
Can't live without it, it's something I can't deny

Living my life in fire, burning in sweet desire
Want to get higher and higher, I don't mind the consequences
Living my life in fire, burning in sweet desire
Want to get higher and higher, I want to live forevermore

Burning fire, in my soul, flames grow higher
More and more

We're running out of time, is there an answer
Only the fire, remains, forever it burns
My desire, it burns inside of me
I can't live without it, it's something I just can't hide
Who Am I
Who am I, where have I come from
In this time, have I been before
Who is she, in this goddess form
Love divine, soul and flesh restored

In the infinite expanse of time
There are spirits we can't deny

Fire and ice, hand in hand creating life
Man and wife, the ancients have foretold
Still a spark, is struck by whose device
No one knows, how love immortal grows

Oh! I have seen, so many things, not through my eyes
What have I done, to be so born, of ancient lore
Oh! She has been everything, my soul desired
Love conquers all, our spirits are forever more
End of an Era
Stephen Fredrick - vocal
Gus G. Karamitroudis - guitar, keys
Kostas Exarhakis (Konstantine) - bass guitar
Brian Harris - drums

Produced by David T. Chastain.

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