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January 20th, 2019
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Sinner - Touch of Sin 2

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Touch of Sin 2Release by: AFM Records

(compilation, re-recorded the best songs.)

Sinner - Touch of Sin 2
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Born to Rock


2. Comin' Out Fighting


3. Bad Girl


4. Knife in My Heart


5. Concrete Jungle


6. Don't Believe a Word
    (by Thin Lizzy.)


7. Shout


8. Germany Rocks


9. Danger Zone


10. Emerald


11. Blood on the Sand


12. Lost in a Minute


13. Masquerade


14. Heat of the City


Born to Rock
Born to rock (x3)

Ooh, yeah

Ooh yeah

No way out, tonight's the night
'Cause baby was born with the beat
Born to run ... and born to rock
Don't hope for amnesty


Don't be nervous... take it cool
I'll rock the chains of the night
I'll heat up your blood ... 'til it's boiling hot
Don't hope for amnesty

Chorus 1:
Mom says: "No no no
It is a dangerous game"
Mom says: "No no no"

Chorus 2:
Born to rock you, born to roll you (x2)

Let's groove ... and stomp with our feet
Forget the problems we have
Shake your heads ... and move your bones
Don't hope for amnesty


Chorus 1 & 2

No way out ... tonight's the night
We're born with the beat
Raise your hands for Rock'n'Roll
Don't hope for amnesty

Chorus 2

We were born

Chorus 2

Wo were born to rock
Comin' Out Fighting
Down at the corner
We're spending our time
Takin' anything that's going
We get out of the line
On the run with the boys
Lust and greed in their eyes and people said:
They live a dangerous life

You better face it start rockin' the streets

Comin' out fighting and believe in Rock'n'Roll
Comin' out fighting - charge our dynamo

In the backstreet bars
At the edge of the town
I'll show you something strange
Where heavy metal goes down
Thrills in the night
Far from the light
What goes on behind closed door is called
The fever of the night

Solo: Mathias
Bad Girl
Who's that girl running down the street
She's wild, wild, wild
Who's that girl can she rescue me and rock me

I set my sights on her
Another sleepless night

Bad, bad, bad girl
I'll bet you get a broken heart
A bad, bad, bad girl
That lady makes you scream
Bad, bad, bad girl
I'll bet you get a broken heart
A bad, bad, bad girl

She's the beggar of the night
She's wild, wild, wild
Dressed in leather, dressed in black
Rock me

I set my sights on her
Another sleepless night



She takes it to the maximum
She's wild, wild, wild
When she makes the scene the lightnight strikes
Rock me

I set the sights on her
Another sleepless night
Knife in My Heart
The phone rings in the afternoon
And I feel the coming of bad news
You're a knife in my heart and made it bleed
It cuts so deep

You sold me your angel's smile
You promised me heaven
But you played a game
You looked at me with those innocent eyes
Were you tellin' me lies

I'm walking down the lonely streets at night
A broken heart, a broken dream
I'm a fool but I'm still loving you

Knife in my heart
It hurts so bad
Knife in my heart
Leaving scars forever

In a world where love is lost
Returns the once in a lifetime feeling again
I'm not the kind of man
Who hides his feelings for you
I strolled down streets with a sixpack in my hands
There's still the hunger deep inside me
You need me
And nothing in the world could change it
Concrete Jungle
In the cold and nasty city
Where men are fighting to survive
People kill without a cause
In the backstreets of the night

Nobody cares if you live or die
Out in the wilds

Don't turn around - in the concrete jungle
Don't turn around - boy you'll be in big trouble

There's a calm before the storm
But there's danger everywhere
Look to the left and to the right
You're a target to the enemy
Don't Believe a Word
(by Thin Lizzy.)
Don't believe me if I tell you
Not a word of this is true
Don't believe me if I tell you
Especially if I tell you that I'm in love with you

Don't believe me if I tell you
That I wrote this song for you
There just might be some other silly pretty girl
I'm singing it to

Don't believe a word
For words are so easily spoken
And your heart is just like that promise
Made to be broken

Don't believe a word
'Cause words can tell lies
And lies are no comfort
When there's tear in your eyes

Don't believe me if I tell you
Not a word of this is true
Don't believe me if I tell you
Especially if I tell you that I'm in love with you

Don't believe a word
No Don't believe a word
Don't believe it, don't believe it
Not a single word
Hey, don't

Lookin' for action ... in the middle of the night
Lookin' out for some thrills, we're out for a hot time
Living just for tomorrow - Tonight's the night
The next drink is the best one, it's time to fly

Chorus 1:
We arrive with the sunset
The women look razor sharp
Mothers lock up their daughters
When they see us after dark

Chorus 2:
Shout! (x2)
If you can't stand the heat
We turn it up loud

Chorus 2

Chorus 2 (x2)

We're no fools for girls ... and we have money
There are enough hot chicks ... who wanna taste our honey
Sweet rockin' music ... for hungry girls and boys
Women and whiskey are just our toys, our joys

Chorus 1 & 2

Chorus 2

Shout! (x5)
Germany Rocks
Longing for sin
I'm ready to win
Let the rock break loose
They point their fingers
At me and ask
Can you rock, can you roll

The music's growing loud
The heat and the fever rises
There's a chance to break the ice
For a nation built on Rock'n'Roll

Germany rocks - Hey

Turn it up - Up
Turn it loud - Loud
Stamp your feet, bang your head
There's no escape
You can't run away
You couldn't get enough

Germany rocks

Solo: Angel
Danger Zone
Welcome to the danger zone

Runnin' to a land so dark full of pain
I'm feeling dirty, feelin' hot again
I got the miracles in my hands
Deliver me from evil

The sorcerer is planting his seed
Growing the fools and the victims he needs
His empire's covered by a black sky
The danger zone is in his eyes

Chorus 1:
Harder than diamonds
Face to face with his evil eyes
Harder than diamonds
I stand against his magic might

Chorus 2:
He's evil (evil, evil, evil)
So evil (evil, evil, evil)
It's a long way through the dark
Through the danger zone
He's evil (evil, evil, evil)
So evil (evil, evil, evil)
It's a long way through the dark
Danger zone

I was the stranger he needed to kill
I was the danger, I was the thrill
Demons of fire at his command
Flashes of lightning shot from his head

It was one minute before the dawn
Just one minute and his power'd be gone
I started runnin' I felt his pain
The sun came up, I'm gettin' hot again

Chorus 1 & 2

Through the danger zone
She rolled into town with a noise nobody knows
A green light was makin' me blind, her two flashing eyes
No one was there who was as nervous as me
My vision came true, a cry my blood runs cold

Don't mess around (x2)
She's got the emerald of sin and she's playing to win



I will pay the price ... with that lady by my side
And I will choose the unknown way
At the edge of night ... I will look into her eyes
And lay my body in the shades

I forget the secret legend, my future looks black
I've stolen the stone of the sage and started the love attack
That woman is a killer she says she's innocent
I ruled her with a dirty grim, the emerald

Chorus (x4)

Blood on the Sand
Brother do you hear me
I'm under attack
Lost here in this hole
Catch 22 and no way back

Brother do you hear me
All my life been paved with lies
My restless soul can't find no peace
With pretended alibis

There's blood on a sand
There's anger in my heart
With a gun in my hand
I face the truth

There's blood on a sand
I will deal the cards
When the tables are turned
I'm after you

Brother here's my last call
To quit this dirty show
You cheated and mistreated me
And my friend became my foe

You took away my most beloved
All I ever had
It's time to pay on judgment day
There's war of love instead
Lost in a Minute
She's so young
She's touch enough she cooks with dynamite
She's so rough
She's a dangerous girl
Oh she loves the night

But she's caught in a line of fire
As her body burns with desire

I was lost in a minute
She's only a minute to break her heart
Lost in a minute
She looks out for a brand new start

She looks mean
When she glances at me with her deep blue eyes
She looks hot
When she steps in front of the neon lights

But she thought it's just a game
She will never runaway

Solo: Mathias
Down in the old castle out in the swamps
Darkness drops all over the land
The clock strikes twelve
The midnight masked-ball... is about to begin

Living in a masquerade

In the middle of all those people (people)
I couldn't believe what I saw
Cat's eyes behind a silver mask
She was the one... I was searching for

Chorus (x2)

With her eyes flashing she runs away
A stranger grabs me
He screams "Just wait and see"
But I found the girl, ripped off her silver mask

Chorus (x2)


The masquerade
Heat of the City
It might be more
Let's tame a hurricane
Wanna hold you in my arms forever
In the night

I will never leave you stranded
Even when you hurt my jealous heart

Just a look - a touch
Some hot romancing
When I saw her grooving
I saw her dancing

Heat of the City
Let's celebrate the night
Heat of the City

You better throw away your problems
There's only one reason
To celebrate the night

Mercury rises to the red
I don't live for ignorance
I want you, I want you

Heat of the City
Let's celebrate the night
Heat of the City
Out in the neon lights
Matthias Lasch (Mat Sinner) - bass guitar, vocal
Alex Scholpp - guitar
Alexander Beyrodt - guitar
Christof Leim - guitar
Andre Hilgers (H.H., Hans Heringer) - drums

Erik Martensson - back-vocal
David Readman - back-vocal
Diego Valdez - back-vocal
Tom Naumann - guitar
Produced by Mat Sinner.

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