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February 21st, 2019
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Grave Digger - Return of the Reaper

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Grave Digger'2014

Return of the ReaperRelease by: Napalm Records

(2 CD
Disk 1: tracks 1-12; disk 2: tracks 13-22.
Tracks 15-22 are live acoustic set.)

Grave Digger - Return of the Reaper
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Return of the Reaper


2. Hell Funeral


3. War God


4. Tattooed Rider


5. Resurrection Day


6. Season of the Witch


7. Road Rage Killer


8. Dia de los Muertos


9. Satan's Host


10. Grave Desecrator


11. Death Smiles at All of Us


12. Nothing to Believe


13. The Emperors Death


14. Rebel of Damnation


15. The Round Table


16. The Dark of the Sun


17. The Curse of Jaques


18. The Ballad of Mary


19. The Last Supper


20. Yesterday


21. Rebellion


22. Heavy Metal Breakdown


Return of the Reaper
Hell Funeral
Ravens of death
Calling my name
Right out of hell
With an evil spell

There is no romance
Only fire and screams
Darkness rising
And killing your dreams

Revelation has arrived
In the fire you will die

The reaper is back
With angels of black
Hells bells hell funeral
The reaper's not dead
He's dead ahead
Hells bells hell funeral

Pounding sound
Get down to the ground
Into the blackness
Where silence is dead

Wafts of mist
Cover the land
See my coach and coffin
Be sure it's your end

The reaper has returned
A lesson they should learn
From darkness he will rise
He kills all the silent cries

The reaper has returned
All human life is burned
Anguish, fear and pain
Welcome to reaper's reign
War God
Raging through fields of agony
Soldiers kill without morality
War is conducted, highest brutality
Each lost life is a tragedy

Again and again
Turns the wheel of time
On and on
Until the last king dies

Wargod wargod
Enemies will rise
With swords of hate
Wargod wargod
Hellbent for vengeance
Bloodshed for free

War leaves pain and punishment
Sparked by greedy governments
Sparing their lives in imprisonment
Or die by torture and ill intent

Return to hell
Demon's child
Get out of my way
We're running wild
Tattooed Rider
I'm back on track
I never look back
Two wheels will guide me
Straight to heaven

The road be my grave
At the end of all days
My death tone sounds
In a metal way

Harder and faster
Hear my laughter
By moonlight I ride
With god by my side

I'm a tattooed rider
Straight out of hell
I'm a law breaker
Thunder yells
I'm a risk taker
A trouble maker
Hunted like a spider
Tattooed rider

Live for the moment
I live my dreams
I never surrender
In moments of pain

Life gives me brighter day
Open your eyes
When heart and soul unite
See the light in the sky
Resurrection Day
Shadows from a wasted land
Human rights facing their end
Wind carries on a nasty smell
Evil's breed, rise straight out of hell

No time to lose
Silence means the end
No other choices
Raise up your voices

Resurrection day
From ashes they'll rise
Hell to pay
Resurrection day
From down below
Beggars pray

Stars fall down from the skies
Far away I hear the battle cries
The flag of hate blowing up in the wind
The misery of society forgives our sins
Season of the Witch
A misty dawn breaks through the clouds
The forest's sleeping horses rise
The thunder god demands tribute
The king refused to pay the price

Princess of the midnight sun
Lost in the shadows, on the run
To survive wolves on the hunt
Nightmare won't end, a wonder must come

Only the good will survive
Only a few will find salvation
Hold up the flame to be alive
Reaching out for revelation
Season of the witch

Father, father I don't wanna die
Oh Lord, please tell me why
Father, father you betrayed me
Ooh Lord, why you broke me

Season of the witch
Time to break out
Season of the witch
Don't cry too loud
Season of the witch
Time to break free
Season of the witch
Join the crowd and follow me
Road Rage Killer
Straight into the sun
Warrior of the eastern world
On the road to Babylon
Far away from Avalon

Walls can't stop me
I'm on the prowl
Brought a couple to death
Intoxicated by crystal meth

I'm the killer
The road rage killer
Hell on wheels
The master of steel
I'm the killer
The road rage killer
Faster than light
Evil of the night

Don't look around
And never look back
Get your eyes straight ahead
Get ready for attack

Fear isn't my friend... hahaha
A word I've never heard
Rage is my passion
Death will be my end
Dia de los Muertos
Creatures of the endless night
Blinded by the pale moonlight
Dancing through the empty streets
Celebrating life and weed

Retribution - execution
Dissolution - revolution
Bleeding eyes, no pain no gain
White skulls scream in the pouring rain

Oh oh oh
Dia de los muertos
Oh oh oh
Day of the dead
Oh oh oh
Dia de los muertos
Oh oh oh
Day of the dead

Sighing spirits in a ghost parade
Screaming Jesus stays in the shade
Unholy jugglers know the truth
Bloody hands feel no ruth
Satan's Host
Watch me die at the cemetery
Killed by priests of evil mercenary

Hands are cold, my face is pale
A warm embrace, souls for sale

Heathen demon church and death
Kills my brain and steals my breath
Heathen demon holy ghost
Welcome Satan's host

Satan lord alive and mystified
All mankind will be victimized

Pray for mercy, I'm your whip
Obey my prayer, suck my dick
Grave Desecrator
Out of the coffin, your soul cries for mercy
But I have nailed the lid forever
Bag pipers play tunes or sorrow
I cover your bones with moss and mud

I dance on your coffin
Celebrating the end
I call all the rats
Your last supper my friend

Grave grave desecrator
I'm the human's greatest hater
Grave grave desecrator
The last human traitor
Grave grave desecrator
I'm the human's greatest hater
Grave grave desecrator
The last dictator

Six feet under will be your paradise
Worms and spiders by your side
Hallowed be your name eternally
Your rotting corpse I take carefully
Death Smiles at All of Us
Under the spell
Into the gates of hell
Sacrificed for mercy
The price you have to pay

A storm comes up
Empty streets, lonely rats
Cry for the children
Following the tunes of death

Laughing eyes
Will show no fear
I'm out to kill
Revenge is near

Death smiles at all of us
Killing without mercy
Soul dies, fearless eyes
Death smiles at all of us

Death smiles at all of us
Killing without mercy
Angel cries, no more lies

Ashes to ashes
Hate is under your skin
Dust to dust
The victims of your sin
Nothing to Believe
I wish I could be someone else
To live my dream, to live my fears
I wish I could stop beating myself
To save my soul, to share my tears

Take me back into your arms
Take away this crown of thorns
The highest summits I will rise
To fight my demon in disguise

Nothing to believe
Something died inside of me
Nothing to believe
Till the end of time will set me free

Nothing to believe
Something died inside of me
Nothing to believe
True love will set me free

I close my eyes, the sun goes down
I hold my breath and hear the sound
I'm still alive and ready to leave
I see my life in endless grief
The Emperors Death
Silence is bitter, words fade away
We're dancing on waves, high like a wall
Into the mystery of life
We're leaving the twilight hall

As slaves we were born, as slaves we will die
In the dust of Rome, dead bodies lie
Holy grounds, we fight with our blood
Till the last name is written in the mud

The arms of twilight
Dandling my soul
The wind is whispering your name
In the hands of time
My heart beats for you
Gloomy silence makes me cry

The emperor's death
Hail hail hail
The emperor's death
The emperor's death

Out of the ruins of lies
We're riding the sea like an arrow
Sadness is sweet truth in my eyes
We're leaving the kingdom of sorrow
Rebel of Damnation
When I was sixteen I had a dream
To bring myself out and start to scream
I'm the son of Judas seen like priest
In my deepest soul lurks a beast

I laugh and defy, I break this strain
My father a devil, I had him slain
Steel in my heart, I'm looking for a fight
I'm a human animal, a wolf in the night

The pain, the sorrow
The song remains insane
The hate, the horror
Rebellion in my veins

The capital of metal
Living a life, an everyday battle
Raise your fist lost generation
Trust your fate
Rebel of damnation

God by my side, but he won't save me
In this world there is no place to be
Now I realize my whole life was a lie
I believe in metal 'til the day I die
The Round Table
Table of the finest wood
Mankind has ever seen
Without head and without foot
A sign of eternity

All knights are equal here
And so is even the King
Our swords point to its center
Giving us the power to win

Together we stand
Steel in our hands
Fighting forever
Forever we stand

Forever we fight
Side by side
Forever we stand
Forever we fight

Give us the wisdom - Almighty Lord
To make out wrong from right
Give us the will to choose the Right
And the readiness to sacrifice

We become free in serving each other
We're Camelots pounding heart
Round table of true brothers
Until death do us part
The Dark of the Sun
Get your steel brothers
We must fight
Hakon tries to steal
Scotish right
Norwegian soldiers on our land
Steal our Islands
We must defend
Their number's too great we can't win
God in heaven
Send a sign

Kneel and pray - the sun turns black
God with us - we must attack

In the dark of the sun
(4 times)

Alex king you did win the day
You bet Hakon and
Proud Norway
We swept them off the battlefield
In their blood they lie
Death is dealed
Their king died on foreign land
United we were strong we did stand

In the dark of the sun
The enemy's defeated run
In the dark of the sun
The battle has been won
The Curse of Jaques
(1)You say that we sold our soul to the devil, that we're out of control
Your torture my brothers, torture my sisters, kill all friends
You say that we worship a god, like a cat, a devil in disguise
You execute my family, steal their breath, and burn them till death

I'm burning, I'm dying,
I'm burning, I'm dying,
Oh Lord, won't you help me
I'm burning, I'm dying,

When I feel my end is near
When I feel the reaper's here
Crackling fire I can hear

When I feel my end is near
When I feel the reaper's here
I watch the demons
Dancing round my tears

(2)I'm innocent - it's not true I never prayed
We will all be treated the same way at Doomsday
I curse Pope and King - you won't make it another year
The Last Judgement will decide who was wrong or who was right
The Ballad of Mary
My fingers touch the solid stones
Strong and cold, they keep me from home
Imprisoned like a wingless dove
Far away from the land I love

Lonely days count lonley years
I have cried a thousand tears
All that I tried to gain
Is lost the effort was invane

At Carberry hill I lost my crown
My husband fled my luck went down
In England's hands I fell
18 years a living hell

The Scotish crown belongs to me
Yet I'm bound I can not flee
With iron claws England holds tight
All is lost no chance to fight

Silence - Silence Everywhere

Cold walls are my reward
Lonelyness engulves my soul
I've been true i gave my heart
Stained tears i cried
I long to be free again
To walk in peace again
Scotland cries her queen is lost
Agony's her friend again
The Last Supper
Well done my friend, thanks for the offer
We'll catch him at night to end this game
Take these thirty dimes in a coffer
Meet us at midnight, please hold the flame
Believe my days are counted
I feel the evil breath
The liar sits right by my side
His eyes ere full of fear and pride

It's my last supper
After this I will die
It's my last supper
My own sacrifice

Welcome my friends
Come celebrate with me
You ore invited to take a place
Feast and drink as much as you will
Before they start the race of death

Believe my days are counted
I feel the evil breath
The liar sits right by my side
His eyes ere full of fear and pride

It's my last supper
After this I will die
It's my last supper
My own sacrifice
My end is near
Come pray with me
My fortune is over
But love can be
Whenever I die
Please let me fly
Remember me
And love can be

Believe my days are counted
I feel the evil breath
The liar sits right by my side
His eyes ere full of fear and pride

It's my last supper
After this I will die
It's my last supper
My own sacrifice
Yesterday, when you left me on my own
Yesterday, when you left my heart alone
Yesterday, no, yesterday, no no

Yesterday, when your love was very true
Yesterday, when we knew what to do
Yesterday, no, yesterday, no

Yesterday, in my mind it's still alive
Yesterday, when we were husband and wife
Yesterday, no, yesterday, no

Yesterday, yesterday
Yesterday, yesterday
Yesterday, no, yesterday, no

(guitar solo)


No - no - no - no
No - no - no - no
Yesterday, no, yesterday, no

Rumours know that rebellion will break out
Bonnie Prince Charles is in the highlands to claim his crown no doubt
He raised his Standart at Glenfinnen calling to our pride
The Jacobites are gathering I'll be at their side

Armed and ready stand
My rights I must defend
Steel is in my hand

The clan's are marching 'gainst the law
Bagpipers play the tunes of war
Death or glory I will find
Rebellion on my mind

The town of Edinburgh fell soon in our hands
Defeated the English at the Battle of Prestopans
Heavy Metal Breakdown
Metal invasion that's all what we need
Metal dominion that's all what we want
We come to give you rules and principles
What you have to do
We come to shake your hands and legs
As fast as we can do

Heavy Metal Breakdown (4 times)

Women and children want to hear the noise
Women and children want to feel the beat
Bang your heads as fast as you can
Until you're breaking down
The night is long, the show is right
Bang until you die


(guitar solo)


Ref. (2 times)

Heavy Metal Breakdown
Shake your legs and bang your heads
Heavy Metal Breakdown
Chris Boltendahl (Uncle Reaper) - vocal, bass guitar
Hans Peter Katzenburg (HP Katzenburg) - keys
Axel Ritt (Ironfinger) - guitar
Jens Becker - bass guitar
Stefan Arnold - drums

Thomas Hackmann (Hacky) - back-vocal
Sebastian Levermann - back-vocal
Frank Konrad - back-vocal
Produced by Jörg Umbreit, Axel Ritt, Chris Boltendahl.

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