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September 23rd, 2018
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Game Over - Burst into the Quiet

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Game Over'2014

Burst into the QuietRelease by: Scarlet Records

Game Over - Burst into the Quiet
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Masters of Control


2. Seven Doors to Hell


3. The Eyes (Of the Mad Gardner)


4. C.H.U.C.K.


5. No More


6. Metropolis pt.3


7. Trapped Inside Your Mind


8. Nuke 'Em High


9. Burst into the Quiet


Masters of Control
Cyber prisons, we can't escape
Give us power, we'll give you faith
No one seems to understand
They've got our future in their hands

Virtual chains
Power games
Pay with pain the cyber future's reign

They are masters
Masters Of Control

Minds controlled by the central power
Linked to future 'til the zero-hour
You can turn but you can't escape
You're a gear, that's your fate

Laser cages
No images
All is written on the cyber pages

No more feeling at all
All your worries are gone
You have all that you need
So hail the new masters!

Solo Sanso / Ziro

Men enslaved by freedom's illusion
Dominated by the mass confusion
Here's the price for communication
Independence annihilation

Mental frame
Feel no pain
Kneel before the new superior age
Seven Doors to Hell
Solo Ziro

Unveil the last door to hell
An underground world is spoken
Secrets devoured by time
What you believe will be broken

Solo Ziro

The book reveals the unknown
What did I see? Was I dreaming?
Noises from room 36
This night is grinning

Solo Ziro

The doors are open
Young blood has been spilled
White eyes stare over
They dared to look inside the

Seven doors to hell

Walk through
The seven doors to hell

Emily looks in the dark
Keeping the visions of what you're hiding
Pearls made of torment and pain
Suggest you now what you're finding

Solo Ziro

Solo Sanso / Ziro / Sanso / Ziro
The Eyes (Of the Mad Gardner)
3:00 a.m. of a coursed black night
Silence's the ruler, town crystallized
No trace of voices, no trace of life
So far from danger and from daylight
But in the shadow something await
Two eyes of fire, the eyes of the insane
Ready to hit and reduce to powder
The most hated thing by the criminal holder

And now do you think I'm still a man?
Just try to understand
Darkness my only friend
So I'll burn and burn again

4:00 a.m. and the night grows up
Adrenaline is pumping, prepare for the attack
Fire and flames will dominate
My only weapons: gasoline and hate
I face the enemy, it's sleeping alone
Let's see if steel is harder than stone
No sign of mercy I have felt so far
Say your last prayers you futile car

And now do you think I'm still a man?
Just try to understand
Darkness my only friend
So I'll burn and burn again

The eyes
They watch
And burn
Like a torch
They bite
The eyes!

Solo Sanso / Ziro

5:00 a.m. I see fire and flames
I'm not insane, I'm not to blame
Justice's done another time
Don't try to accuse my accurate mind
Morning is coming, now I must hide
I can't promise I won't do it again
Try to forgive me, try to understand
I cannot stop my insatiable hand
He comes from the seaside
The world he is threatening
With iron fist
The voice he is spreading
It will be cast in stone

Hit one by one
This is your fate
Knock'em down Chuck
Before it's too late


With death
You ride
You rot
With pride


Afraid of nothing
He faces the enemy
A human warfare
In steel, flesh and vices
If you can stand up tall
You'll beat them all

Solo Sanso / Ziro / Sanso
No More
No sign of future shore
No more, no hopes
We are falling into the unknown
So deep, we lose the way
And redefine the part we have

Through the meaning of the life
We are playing
Through the never-ending time
Choose the ways you want to face
Seas of anguish
Not to drown

Solo Ziro

You still drink with your ghosts
Before a place
That no longer belongs to you
Just time and time again
The marry-go-round
In its infinite ways

Through the meaning of the life
We are playing
Through the never-ending time
Choose the ways you want to face
Seas of anguish
Not to drown

Forcing tensions
'Til the sense of all collapses
And you feel like you be
No more
Never dare to
Turn your head down and surrender
'Til the day there will be
No more

Solo Simone Mularoni / Sanso / Ziro
Metropolis pt.3
Before the leaves have fallen
Before we lock the doors
Scenes from a memory
Dance of eternity
Take the time
Metropolis part 3
Trapped Inside Your Mind
Systems of life you cannot see clear
In corners of light take cover for fears
The machine of sense has began anyway
And welcome to your nightmare
Creating rules for a game you can't play
(The) thrown of the dices won't help you today
Another mirror for another face
And dive into your nightmare

No way
The world falls
You can't speak
They are all fools

And a little light is turning off
Don't you feel your head exploding?

Bustling into
The cage you build up
You're the victim
Your life denied
Your cry's unlistened
And find you're trapped inside your mind

Day after day you try to collect
Pieces of what you want and expect
Thrown in a labyrinth with no way out
Facing your own monsters
Logic is painted with colors of faith
Divine the martyrs as your headsman
No more tomorrow, no more today
You're never reaching the end

Solo Ziro / Sanso / Ziro
Nuke 'Em High
Something's strange in the city
Something's strange in the school
The nuclear powerplant is spitting on our doom
Water's contaminated
Toxic waste in the air
But radioactive weed could be a good affair

It will take
Your fate
Don't smoke it
Too late

The abortion of a nation
Also aborts its own kinds
The school is dominated by the evil breeds
Sold us nuclear amusement
They call it Atomic High
It burns as hell as it explodes inside my mind

Green barf out
My mouth
The creature
Is out

Stand and fight!
We are the class of the Nuke 'em High

Solo Sanso

Terror and destruction side by side out in the streets
While the seed of foolishness kidnaps our destiny
There's no way to stop the beast
That spreading blood and gore
It's hungry for some bleeding
And it's crying for some more

It doesn't
There is no

Solo Ziro
Burst into the Quiet
Solo Sanso

Deep night
Fog as creepy company
The moon's observing awfully
Watching every move

Your mind
Goes to creatures that you've seen
Deep inside your TV screen
Slaughtering a man

They are here
To take you
Won't let you go
Nails upon your shoulders
Freeze your bones and

Burst Into the quiet

You ain't feeling safe so much
Remembering "Evil Clutch"
And even "Troll 2"

Keep eyes on the corner
Shadows moving in the dark
Feel'em but can't see

They are here
To take you
Won't let you go
Nails upon your shoulders
Freeze your bones and

Burst Into The Quiet

Solo Ziro
Renato Chiccoli - vocal, bass guitar
Luca Zironi (Ziro) - guitar, back-vocal
Alessandro Sansoni (Sanso) - guitar
Anthony Dantone (Vender) - drums

Simone Mularoni - guitar
Produced by by Simone Mularoni.

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