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February 23rd, 2019
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Detest - Thundersteel

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ThundersteelRelease by: independent


Detest - Thundersteel
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Thundersteel


2. Chains of Hell


3. Cold Steel Tears Your Flesh


4. Steinhurst's Chainsaws


5. Oblivion


Through the valley chasing heathens
Seeking destiny out far
If we see them we will kill them
Destructive action close at hand

Blood and arms. Thundersteel!
Armored warriors shall never yield

Torn out bowels, raging massacre
Storming rain across the field
The last heathens laying down their swords
Slaughtered by the Christian hordes

Kill or be killed - the ancient savage law
Lost in crime, perspective and time
Chains of Hell
My exorcism did not work
They couldn't drive my evil out
Holy crosses, sacred phrases
Christ and Jesus don't bite on me

I reveal my inner darkness
To my dear and loving friends
Strap them with my chains of hell
None of them will live to tell
Side by side with Satan
On the ride towards hell
Taking with us lost souls
Deadly screams as we enter his land
Cold Steel Tears Your Flesh
Can you feel the blade of my knife
Slicing your skin so nice
I venture to say that
I'm a magician with this tool
You're so dreary insane
I'm sticking my knife through your brain
If I don't waste you now
They will take me for a fool

Oh, fluids are falling like rain to the floor
Your life and soul slowly vanishing out the door
Oh, you sure had a lot of blood
But mixed with my livingroom carpet it looks more like mud

I gotta clean up this mess
Before someone trips on a kidney
I don't want no broken bones
Because of my little feast
Easier than I thought killing off some jerk
And now just after the even, I feel like the beast

Cold steel tears your flesh
Cold steel tears your flesh
Steinhurst's Chainsaws
If you look into my eyes
I will tell you how you feel
And I will cure you
With some stainless steel

And I will take you to the dark sides
And show you something new
You will follow me
You will follow me

And I'll escort you to through Hades
To a market well known
As Steinhurst's Chainsaws
Stainless steel

And I will buy me a chainsaw
And make her runnin'
And I will discover your body
Piece by piece

You will moan and shake
And scream and quake
To the sound of the chainsaw
To the sound of the chainsaw

And you will try drastic action
Put I will prevent
To the sound of the chainsaw
To the sound of the chainsaw
Micke Darth - vocal, guitar
Janne Strom - guitar
Jorgen Svahn - bass guitar
Nicklas Landin - drums


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