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March 22nd, 2019
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Lucid Dreaming - The Chronicles pt. II

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Lucid Dreaming'2017

The Chronicles pt. IIRelease by: STF Records

Lucid Dreaming - The Chronicles pt. II
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Introduction


2. Who Am I


3. Morva's Marshes


4. Man of the Land


5. Cantrevs of Prydain


6. Judgement Day


7. Temptation


8. The Fate of Fools


9. My Land of Pain


10. Summer's End


The Spirit
Come spring to Prydain, light of gold
The wealth of all there is, behold
Yet on a young man's heart must lie
Dark shadows like the winter sky
Come sleepless nights and rainy days
Come dusty roads and long lost ways
The time has come to break the seal
And unknown wisdom to reveal
Caer Dallben is an empty home
Without a soul these walls of stone
They whisper and they sing a song
Of things gone well and things gone wrong
Now hear another tale of old
Of young hearts brave and young hearts bold
To tell the truth I will not care
Come follow Taran if you dare
Who Am I
Spring has come with fragrant blossoms
Newly planted fields lie light
Yet no joy is in my heart now
Mem'ries haunt me every night
All I own I owe to Dallben
But I never knew one thing
To what parents was this boy born
Born a beggar or a king

All your life never you asked me what you never knew
For the love of a princess tell me what will you do

Taran & Dallben
Who am I

Will you tell me am I lowly or nobly born

What you need to know I cannot say

Is there honour or shame, to find out I have sworn

If you must know the truth you must find your own way
Once the apple is ripe no man can turn it back to a greening
So it must be done
Go on your quest, you alone can find the meaning
The time has now come

Long is the road that awaits me, I must not tarry
For knowledge I yearn
My sword at my side, the horn of the Fair Folk I'll carry
The answer I'll learn

Gurgi with whinings and pinings will be
With master he must go, secrets to see
Strong, bold and clever he'll lend him his arm
Keeping his master from harm

Taran, Gurgi, Dallben, The Spirit
Gods of life and gods of oblivion
Hear their words written on the wind
Tales of faith, tales of pain
Darkness falls when winter is coming
Seize the day ere the night awakes
Doom must come, never run
For each man comes a time in his life when
We must be more than what we are
Rainbow souls, never fall
Thunder on the plains

Where does the journey lead with amblings and ramblings
To noble Lord Gwydion at Caer Dathyl

Dallben has told me the secret is unknown there
A labour lost, I would know nothing still

Bold bard, the king of the northland afar
Meetings and greetings await master dear

Only in one place I may find the answer
And none of all places more do I fear
Morva's Marshes
What do I see, say can it be
This little duckling's come back to me
Here in the marshes the sun never shines
Beyond the borders of time
Few men in Prydain the courage could find
To brave the marshes, their quest on their minds
And no one ever returned here again
So you're the bravest of men
Don't tell why you've come here
We see all

As you know all there is and will be
All the future holds

Morva's marshes know the secrets of the universe
Any poor man's fate and any blessing, any curse
If you're seeking wisdom be prepared to pay the price
Nothing for nothing, doom for malicious lies

The first time we met, remind what I said
I gave you my treasure while still tears I shed
Since then I've found nothing I have prized more
Will you now show me the door

Mem'ries of golden haired girls they would do
Yet I'm afraid there's nothing we can do

Orddu oh don't turn my master away
Is there nothing you can say

There is nothing on earth we can give
Yet while truth's unspoken others may be there
There was an ousel that knew all things
Yet it has long flown far away
The salmon of Lake Llew so wise
Yet it has seen its final day
But there is one thing on my mind
High in the mountains, far to go
The Mirror of Llunet awaits
It might show you what you must know

Taran & Gurgi
Never have I heard this tale

Trust a witch's words

Taran & Gurgi
The mirror's what may lift the veil

Trust the flight of birds

Taran & Gurgi
Follow where eagles may go

See your destiny

Taran & Gurgi
If I find it will I know

Nothing is for free
Man of the Land
Riders at sundown, five men at arms
Outlaws they called us, doing us harm
They stole the horse that Lord Gwydion gave
Melynlas, noble and brave

In all this quest what have I done so far
Losing my horse and a head full of scars
I must get her back or my plan will fail
Yet there's still life to this tale

All my life with pride I've worked my land
Against all odds I'd stand, now fighting by your side
Follow me to where your wounds will heal
Despite the loss you feel there is no reason to grieve
In Cantrev Cadiffor no stranger shall be lost
You came to small comfort but let me be your host

Taran & Gurgi & Aeddan & The Spirit
Twice in two years the crops have failed
Hunger came to our door, our lives paled
My last field I plowed, grain by grain I sowed
With my own hands' worth did I break the earth
Kings and guardians understand and bow to the man of the land

My father's father a story told
That when he heard it already was old
Tools made by magic that worked by themselves
Now lie where the dark lord dwells

Arawn the lord of death keeps them away
Where the night is just as black as the day
Secrets of ancient now long lost in time
When Prydain was in her prime
Come the dawn we will repay your deeds
And with you toil the fields before we carry on

Our path leads on to seek the stolen horse
Taken from us by force, in blood and battle won

Should you seek welcome and a place to tend the fire
You've already found it, your hands will never tire

Morning sun, carry on, guide our way, far away

Hear it sing, whispering, don't know when we'll meet again

The Spirit
If only you did know what the mirror to you will show
If only you could see this quest is not what it seems to be
Cantrevs of Prydain
Hundreds of brave warriors
Heroes they be called
Honour without measure
At Lord Goryon's court
I'll ride the grey dragon
I will break its back

Is this a liege lord's honour
To ride a pig-keepers nag

Now take her away
Don't shadow my men's bravery
No more will I say
And unstained my valour will be

Welcome to my castle
Tonight we will feast
Ever openhanded
I'm to man and beast
And my treasures grand
Come marvel at all that I own

Gurgi'd give his hand
To be not so poor and alone

Nobody's valour is greater than mine
Yet my men they will attack from behind

See the most generous man far and wide
Yet I will starve you to death by my side

Is a man what he sees himself to be
What will a mirror then show what is me
Warrior or pig-keeper, farmer or lord
My quest's not over till I've tried my sword

Goryon & Gast & Smoit
Cantrevs of Prydain, swords held high

Born and bred for war

Goryon & Gast & Smoit
Cantrevs of Prydain, fight and die

Swords be stained with gore

Goryon & Gast & Smoit
Death in the saddle by our side

Laying down their lives

Goryon & Gast & Smoit
Forces of evil we must fight

Tales will grow with time

Well met we are again, long has it been
To see you is better than a feast
Though what you look for I've not heard of or seen
To north or south or west or east
In the land of the Free Commots they rise
The Llawgadarn mountains so far
To no lord they bow save our High King so wise
Craftsmen of all known kinds
Better ones you'll never find
A proud and a wise folk they are

What thief came to my gates
And stole what was mine
The herd that is my own
For war's now come the time

I took what was my own
That you stole from me before
Enough words I've spoken
Let's hear the drums of war

Now the herds are lost
Who'll have the best cow in the land
Who will pay the cost
And can war be forever banned

Fightings and smitings will not do a thing
Wounds will not ever heal when the swords sing
Gurgi the wise knows where both the herds are
Cooings and mooings he heard from afar

Goryon and Gast clapped in irons must be
For having broken the peace violently
Deep in my dungeon that is where they'll learn
Into the fight ere the land starts to burn
Judgement Day
Robber, do you mean to steal from me again

Evil the thief that by treason first began

Liar, you speak no truth, I'll face you without fear

Insults and insolence are all that I can hear

Silence your voices for your king will speak
Rot in my dungeons till your bones will creak

So this is how kindness by my guest is repaid
Behold my land now – your fighting sealed my fate
All hopes for harvest dead under hooves of steel

So Lords of Cantrevs shall labour in your fields
Down in the dungeons no grain can be grown
See Aeddan's land that is truly his own
Divide the herds for I surely believe
To make an honest deal it takes two thieves

Goryon, Gast, Smoit, Aeddan
Judgement is cast now on judgement day
Work side by side to keep battle at bay
When swords are sunken the true fight begins
It is a battle that we all can win
On judgement day

I fear I'll never be able to repay
What you did for us on this most glorious day
Be sure whenever you need a sword in hand
I'll waste no time and there by your side I'll stand

No thing that is in Prydain far and wide
Can rival a Cantrev Lord's valour and pride

When the time comes and the horns of war call
Yes then together we will fight or fall
Count your day well spent, my lad, you've spared the cantrev from a war
Useless now my dungeons are, I'll wall them up and say no more
From this day on I shall try to speak instead of drawing swords
By my body and my bones, this shall teach the cantrev lords
Stay with me and rule the land
Years ago my wife she passed away and silence filled the halls
Childless and a widower I cried my pain out to the walls
Do you yearn for parents – no less do I yearn for a son
Inherit my throne and rule the land as king when I am gone

Honour great you would give me and I long
To accept it yet I know I must be strong
I cannot quit my quest ere it began
And I must find the truth, dark are the pathways of men

Taran, Smoit, Gurgi, The Spirit
Snowcapped mountains, endless forests, raging rivers wide
We must cross them, find our way wherever truth may hide
Thunder rolls on barren plains, it's onward we must go
Witches' laughter in our ears, what do they really know

When kind master secrets has learned
To Caer Dallben we will return someday soon
The Fate of Fools
Gurgi knows of fires bright
Crunchings and munchings tonight
Warriors that wear colours of no lord

War bands that came from afar
Ruffians and looters they are
For gold and silver they'll draw their swords

Dorath is king wherever he rides
Prydain my cantrev, I'm known far and wide
Give us the honour to share our poor meal
And in the morning we will make our deal
If for the mountains is where you will head
Dangers are so many that you must dread
We will protect you and ask for no more
Than half the treasure you are looking for

Through the black night we will go
Without your war band where my dreams will grow

Settle the deal now and pay the price
The sword you bear will suffice

Never you shall have what's mine
Beware this might be your time

Will you try me and my company
My blood's not easily won
Who shall be your champion

This matter is between you and me

Kindly master must beware
This dark villain will deceive him
For the lives of none he'll care

I've no choice but to believe him

Weaponless and one on one
I'll ensure though that I'm winning

You betray me, nothing's won
Take a life for steel

Taran, Gurgi, Dorath
Who's the fool now, Lord Swineherd
Lying tongues without a word
Villains of Prydain, they know no rules
Suffering, the fate of fools

Hatred has pierced your heart through
What have you gained that is worth more to you

The getting pleased me, I now own your sword
Taking yet pleases me more
My Land of Pain
Dear kindly master should have blown his horn
His blade would still be his own

I'll find another yet only one time
The Fair Folk's horn can be blown

Come see the lamb that's lost and caught
Strayed far from home, a sorry lot

The lamb is mine and so is the land
Many we were that once lived here
Then darkness came, battle and woe
Hearts were filled with pain and fear
In time they left their homes and land
The last free man would stay and stand

This land will take your life so fast

Without a master I'll die at last

Taran, Gurgi, Craddoc, The Spirit
My land of pain, my land of tears
Of many forsaken years
My land of war, of agony
Yet how could I ever see
Land of the warriors, gone one by one
I'd pay a high price, the life of a son

My liberty
The lamb was found, another was not
Winter raged wild in these mountains
My son would not live to see another year
A wayfarer came through the glen
He vowed he'd make my son a man
And one day he'd return again
And many years and nights I slept
Dallben his name, the promise has been kept

Do you say then you are father to me
Is my quest over, can I believe
Is this dark valley my destiny
Where I was born and forever will be

My son has come back to his land at last
Back to his father as vowed in the past
The blood in your veins it is my own
This old man nevermore shall be alone
Summer's End
Another morning, cold and grey
Winter's approaching day by day
Destroyed is all hope I were nobly born
And dreams of passion long forlorn

This land is no longer my own to call
Ours it is now, my dearest son
A wasteland now, fair it shall be again
For you to keep when I am gone

Days grow short and nighttime steals the light
Bound by ties of blood, don't want to believe
All the life I lived drifts out of sight
From this cage of woe he will never leave

The Spirit
Two herdsmen in this valley will shape your fate
One you can only love, one you will hate
And treasured mem'ries of golden hair
Must fade like a misty morn in the mountain air

Is kindly master assistant pig-keeper
Brave Gurgi could not be more proud
Bold, clever Gurgi's now assistant sheep-keeper
Hear them heed him with bleatings loud

Day by day I'm gazing at the sky
Yet no matter what, no hope can be found
This is where all souls must come to die
Will this valley be my burial ground

What I've never told you, my own son I've called you
Since the day you came to dwell
Not this day, no other you ever called me father
Yet perhaps one day you shall
Never will I leave this land

Dreams bound to fail built on sand

Time comes we'll die where we stand

The Spirit
Learn your truth come summer's end
Till Oberbossel (Till Oberboßel) - guitar

Timo Rauscher - guitar
Uwe Lulis - guitar
Thorsten Kohlrausch (Buddy) - vocal
Jutta Weinhold - vocal
Jvo Julmy - vocal
Dragutin Kremenovic - vocal
Alexis Roy-Petit - vocal
Ruth Knepel - vocal
Jiri Walter (Big Boss) - vocal
Leo Stivala - vocal
Oliver Rossow - guitar
Sebastian Bach (1) - guitar
Rogue Marechel (Rogue Marechel) - vocal
Philipp Koch - drums
Mark Dexter - vocal
Produced by Michael Frölich.

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English translations and spelling correction by vera dr, juliette, irina

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