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February 22nd, 2019
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Ashes to Ashes - Shapes of Spirits

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Ashes to Ashes'2000

Shapes of SpiritsRelease by: independent

Ashes to Ashes - Shapes of Spirits
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Shapes of Spirits


2. Gabriel


3. Castle in the Air


4. The Mourning


5. Dying Room


6. Divide & Conquer


7. Sacrilege


8. Ad Infinitum


Shapes of Spirits
I Control the light
The darkness reigns, and the sun descends
Dark spirits awaken in me
Eerie movements in his mighty kingdom
The salvation of the black soul
A star formation, a warning in the sky.
The second war is mine
A new dungeon of the dark,
Like a shadow in dusk

His scent, his aura, the all-embracing
Darkest one.
Destruction of all mankind,
Will shape the second purgatory land.
The devours of souls.

An abandoned priest
The savior beckons for him to rise
An abandoned angel
An encounter with the fallen one
The final conflict
He's come to put an end to all
This soul belongs in Hell,
But not with this savage of envy.

I took a deep breath, and together with
The mighty evil embrace, it was so intense.
I felt my desire, all hell in my hands.
Without repentance, my mind's in oblivion.
Forgotten is the paradise, left is the origin.
Castle in the Air
I hear the cold wind calling when the night comes down
I reach for the light beyond the night
I close my eyes to the lonely world
Now there is something waiting there

It's my only light
The power of my dreams
Never what it seems
It's my only light
The power of my dreams
Never what it seems
Castle in the air

Embraced by the sea and the eternal tides
The waves and I will flow as one
No more pain, no more misery
I will cross to the other side

Rise above the pain so deep inside
Through a vision I will glide
Between the Devil  and the deep blue sea
I will be no more
On wings of eternity
I'll fly forever for a world of only painted skies
With burning stars that never dies
The Mourning
Days of no trust are upon us now
The blind leads us all into oblivion
Visions are fading and torn apart
Memories are all that's left in a bleeding heart

Who cries for the mourning
Remembering those days of glory

Chasing shadows from a melting sky
Praying for a new beginning on the edge of time
Searching for the answers but it all ends in lies
The meaning has slipped away now the dream dies

Cold winter winds
The lightning and the storms
Passing by

Cold winter winds
The lightning and the storms
Passing by
Dying Room
Lost in the shadows
Left with a broken dream
The fire turns to smoke inside a silent scream
No God to follow
Nothing from all those years
There is only pain to fill our darkest fears

Our eyes are bleeding
The blind must lead the fool
And now we know we're locked inside a dying room
We are all hearing
The tolling bells of doom
And now we know we're locked inside a dying room

The dying room
Divide & Conquer
Beyond the dark dawn of time
Scriptures we don't understand
Walls of fear in the dim
Testimony's in the sand

The dark power awake
The ancient superior
A sacrifice to the sun
The feast for the gods has begun

The luxuriant landscape's forlorn
Sacred ruins in the cave
The inheritance of the scorn
Reigns in this valley of the brave

A veil of mist moving swiftly along the mountainside
The sanctuary appears abandoned and vulnerable
A call from beyond - There's a sigh
Now the curse will seal your fate
A dead calm sea encloses the place that should not be

And with their eyes wide open
They saw, they knew, they suffered
The pride of heaven and the dark existence
Will assail this sacrilege
Ad Infinitum
Kenneth Brastad - vocal
Michael Stenberg - guitar
Bjorn Luna - bass guitar
Kristian Johansen - drums

Thomas Sorlie (Thomas Sørlie) - keys
Randi Hoftvedt - vocal
Jamie Stinson (Astennu) - voice
Produced by Michael Stenberg.

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