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February 21st, 2019
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Gamma Ray - Rebellion in Dreamland

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Gamma Ray'1995

Rebellion in DreamlandRelease by: Noise Records

Gamma Ray - Rebellion in Dreamland
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Rebellion in Dreamland


2. Land of the Free


3. Heavy Metal Mania
    (by Holocaust)


4. As Time Goes By


Rebellion in Dreamland
Voices are calling from somewhere below
Melting on the eastern shore
Rain is falling down on me,
Been waiting for eternity...
I'll be there!
Freedom for us all!

And I wonder why, why my heart still yearns
And I wonder why, why the earth still turns
And I wonder why, why the sky turns black
Still I wonder why, but there is no turning back

For all eternity, for all the world to see
We're riding high across the wind
And when the storm begins, to wash away all sins
We'll find a place where we'll begin

There's something wrong with the world today
Only the people that are fighting for...
... A better place in the world today,
They don't believe that they gone too far,
... They're falling down

By moonlight there's a way... for rebellion
Here, the world has gone astray... revolution
Now, the time has come to pray... halleluja
Deep, inside our minds we wait... for rebellion
Here in the dreamland we will not obey the masters

... And the earth still turns but I'm on my way
He is on the way, as my heart still yearns
... I'm on my way, now he is on the way,
And I cry for more
Yes, I'm on the way, now he is on the way,
Gonna find the secret wall

I have seen the secret dreams
Of those who know eternity
And makes me feel like a shadow sneaking in
In my sleep I'm searching for a way to find
The open door leading me to where it all begins

There's nothing wrong with the world today...

Chorus / Solo: Kai

Now I'm riding through the air
Going to where no one dares
On the way I'll cross the line forevermore.
For once in life I do not care
Nothing matters, now I dare
On the ride I'll cross the line
Forever to be free

Solo: Dirk

Have no fear, Rebellion is here!
Land of the Free
Somewhere in the desert of the void
Beyond the wall
We're the last survivors
We're the ones who'll never fall
Men inside the circle leave the night!
Darkness all around us
Not a single beam of light
All we have is our faith
Waiting for the fight
The time has come to break the outer wall

Grab your heart I'll show you the way
Hold you head up high

High above at the edge of the world
We're searching for glory and peace
When the time has come, you will see
Our return to the land of the free

Men inside the cirlce
Tell me what you feel and see
Delusions of reality
The mirror of your dreams

Hold you ground
And I'll show you the way
Now hold your head up high

Chorus / Solo: Kai / Dirk / Kai / Dirk

And when the cracks appear upon the wall
We know the moments here to see it fall
And as the sunlight appears again in our sky
No wall, no more, no more will darken our life

Melody: Both / Dirk / Chorus
Heavy Metal Mania
(by Holocaust)
Inside the power cage, I can feel the music of my age
It's paranoid first degree, It's telling me that I'm not free

I've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood,
And I'd like to get it to you if I could.
As I lie here in the fright of darkness, the wings of light remove the veil

It's Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Metal Mania all the way.
Rock and Roll was far too slow, and so the adrenaline just doesn't flow
Where is the power, where is the glory, Heavy Metal is my story.

I've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood,
And I'd like to get it to you if I could.
As I lie here in the fright of darkness, the wings of light remove the veil

I've got Heavy Metal Music in my blood,
And I'd like to get it to you if I could.
As I lie here in the fright of darkness, the wings of light remove the veil
As Time Goes By
Do you believe in justice
Or so-called co-existence?
What's wrong with politicians?
They give their best for you

The economic's growin'
Some tiny holes above
A little radiation
Wake up this planet fades

You are not watching, you're part of the show
You lost the first prize a long time ago.

WAR - somebody's always starts again
HATE - the seed is growin' in our hands

As time goes by
(We never seem to beat the ones
Who say we can't be free)
As time goes by.

Do you believe in money?
Do you believe in guns?
Do you trust the press, babe?
You'd better judge yourself.

Bridge - prechorus - chorus

The missiles are launching, the tanks are rollin'
The guns are blazing, the sky turns black!


As time goes by
We never seem to beat the ones
Who say we can't be free
As time goes by
We're getting closer to the end of our ability
As time goes by
Is there a place to run for shelter in a high tech war
As time goes by
Can you believe and trust in God
To help you from above.
Kai Hansen - vocal, guitar
Dirk Schlachter - guitar
Jan Rubach - bass guitar
Thomas Nack - drums

Thomas Hackmann (Hacky) - back-vocal
Sascha Paeth - keys
Michael Kiske (Ernie) - back-vocal
Hansi Kursch - back-vocal
Produced by Charlie Bauerfind, Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlachter.

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