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February 23rd, 2019
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Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord

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Jag Panzer'2017

The Deviant ChordRelease by: SPV

Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Born of the Flame


2. Far Beyond All Fear


3. The Deviant Chord


4. Blacklist


5. Foggy Dew


6. Divine Intervention


7. Long Awaited Kiss


8. Salacious Behaviour


9. Fire of Our Spirit


10. Dare


Born of the Flame
Break forth out of the frost and into the sun
The gleam and glory of steel is the only one

Forged from the fires that temper our will
We are one in the same both born of the flame
Rising higher and higher brighter than the sun

Daring all to stand in our way will fall as before
Fear not the path that we take whatever's in store

Stronger now than ever before and well on our way
Our history refreshed and renewed we start a new day
Far Beyond All Fear
Into the fog we go not knowing what we'll find
We're travelling far below many days are left behind
The men are racked with fear shaking from the cold
What course has brought us here to a place we shouldn't go

Far beyond our hopes
Beyond nightmarish dreams
Far beyond all fears
Beyond our darkest schemes
Far beyond our hopes
Beyond all hopes and dreams
Far beyond all fears
Beyond what we will ever know

Approach a wooden gate that reaches to the sky
What perils lay within or should we wonder why?
Drums pound from deep inside a warning to turn back
Pounding rhythms our beating hearts attack

Suddenly a quiet hush engulfs us all
A scream of terror a shot rings through the wall
Shall we run away or sternly hold our ground?
Evil surrounds us and takes our souls on down
The Deviant Chord
Candles light these empty words spoken of my past
A dreamy and forgotten time
When all my dreams were clear as glass

Sadness paints darkened colors of all my days gone by
The tearful shards of what remains this man
And his shattered life shattered life

A distant bell ring out its tone a warning of end of days
Chills my soul deep down inside no return to yesterdays
Its droning tone reminds me
How predictable my life's become
Every day just like the last takes a toll my brain is numb

Tell me how to change my life tell me what to do
Teach me how life is good tell me what to see, see in me

On and on this song plays on each note sounds the same
Striking a chord within my soul causing life to drain
When this opus finally ends will its chime ring sweet?
'Cause us all to make amends repent our ways
Bring it to an end

Conductor of this symphony what others dream as life?
Each note rings out a glimpse of truth
Guide me to the afterlife

Sing to me oh heavenly ones let me hear your song
Ringing true within my heart turning rights from wrong
Sing my song for all to hear and turn from evil ways
This deviant life we all have lived
Now changed for future sake
Awaken the monster inside me awaken and let it go forth
Unto these nations before me I'll fly!!!
The shadow that's lurking behind you
Darkness you fell deep inside
Churning and boiling inside you I'll win!

A tyrant overlord eyes you can't resist
Lusting of the flesh more for my black list

Stalking the alleys to find you
Sensing hot breath on your neck
The chill up your spine will bind you you're next!
Resisting will only bring torment
A torment you cannot resist
Striking with terrible fury iron fist!!!

Alone in the darkness'll find you awaiting the terrible kiss
Begging for mercy I bind you the bliss!
Cold steel awakens your senses shivering all up your spine
Tremble with fear let it take you, you're mine!

A tyrant overlord seduce you with a kiss
Lusting for the flesh a taste you can't resist
Takes you in his gaze grabs you by the wrist
Draws your name in blood the last on my black list!
Foggy Dew
I was down the glen one Easter morn
To a city fair rode I
There armed lines of marching men
In squadrons passed me by
No pipe did hum
No battle drum did sound its loud tattoo
But the Angelus Bells o'er the Liffey Swells
Rang out in the foggy dew

Proudly high in Dublin town
The hung out a flag of war
It was better to die 'neath an Irish sky
Than at Sulva or Sud el Bar
And from the plains of Royal Meath
Strong men came hurrying through
While Brittania's huns with their long range guns
Sailed in through the foggy dew

'Twas Britannia bade our Wild Geese go
That small nations might be free
But their lonely graves are by Sulva's waves
Or the shore of the Great North Sea
Oh, had they died by Pearse's side
Or fought with Cathal Brugha
Their names we will keep where the Fenians sleep
Neath the shroud of the foggy dew
Their bravest tell and the requiem bell
Rang mournfully and clear
For those who died that Eastertide
In the spring time of the year
While the world did gaze with deep amaze
At those fearless men but few
Who bore the fight that freedom's light
Might shine through the foggy dew
Divine Intervention
Ancient scrolls and transcripts
Alert us of how we began
Plucked from the stars and dust of this earth
Now we are man

Lord of the earth our main intention
Men are infants in the timeline
If it were not for divine intervention
Dust we were made
Dust we will now return

Man's knowledge has grown
We have so far to
Become as the ones who engaged in our birthrights
Bask in their heavenly glow

Why do we fight one another?
It's not part of the plan
Harmony in union as we are all brothers
Show us we're being the best we can
Long Awaited Kiss
I welcome the cold winter's chill
Caressing me and stinging me
A heart that no longer feels
The sun is gone its warmth is fading away

All of my days have led to this
Nearing the long awaited kiss

Now as the winter sets in
My tired bones are aching me
My time is awaiting its end
I welcome it as a long lost friend
Lead me far beyond no longer see where I have been
Far beyond the veil of wasted times
And dreams that often fade

A legacy made in my name
Not left behind all wasted time
A life led without shame
Come take me now for I am ready
Stand the test of time please carry on what I've begun
Learn from my mistakes
And live this life with kindness and love
Salacious Behaviour
Show me the way, Show me the path
Show me beyond the door
I arm the dark, I am the fear, I am the place you won't go

Let loose the tiger break the chains
Let loose the monster inside again and again and again
Let's start a fire from deep within
Let's start a raging inferno let's call it sin!

Control yourself
Control your mind
Control your situation
Take the lead, take the horns
Take whatever you can
Shatter your dreams, shatter the wall
Shatter the vision you see
Let go of yourself, let go of it all
Let go and let it all be

Scream with pleasure, scream with fear
Scream for your very life
Scratch your name, scratch my back
Scratch on the floor as your crawl
Sweat with fear, sweat with pleasure
Sweat run down your back
Tell me you love it, tell me you need it
Tell me again and again
Fire of Our Spirit
I am you and you are me we are all the same
Energy flowing through our veins no one is to blame

Forging paths we do not know amidst the fire and the flame
Releasing inhibitions soaring to an endless sun

Feel the fire
Of our spirit
Feel the fire
Of our spirit
Feel the fire
Of our spirit

Casting aside all the thoughts that divide
Joining as one form a bond
Lasting for time after time without end
Fire of our spirits carry on...

Break the ties that hold us down taking to the sky
Release our feet from off the ground open our wings to fly
To foreign lands we are tasked to go
An ancient crypt a bottomless hole
What treasures are hiding there?

An ancient world who dares to go?
Great mysteries we left unknown
What treasures are hidden there?

Dare to be bold
Dare to lead
Dare to expose great mysteries
Dare to take hold
Dare to conceive
Dare to venture beyond all belief

Eyes cannot believe what things I see
Treasures and wonders beyond belief
No one must know what's here
The more we look the more we find
Things unearthed that history left behind
No ore must know what's here

I must find a way to make this mine
To claim it for myself as my own find
Bury them all with truth
Claim this find and all hidden below
Soon there will be no one left who knows
Harry Conklin (The Tyrant, Leviathan Thisiren) - vocal
Mark Briody - guitar, keys
Joey Tafolla - guitar
John Tetley - bass guitar
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

Produced by John Herrera.

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