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July 22nd, 2018
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Hollow Haze - Memories of an Ancient Time

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Hollow Haze'2015

Memories of an Ancient TimeRelease by: Scarlet Records

Hollow Haze - Memories of an Ancient Time
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Out in the Darkness (Intro)


2. Rain of Fire Lights


3. Created to Live


4. An Ancient Story


5. A New Era


6. Night Is Calling


7. Angeli di Fuoco


8. Silvertown


9. Eyes of the Sphinx


10. Lance of Destiny


11. Demon


12. Gate to the Eternity


Out in the Darkness (Intro)
Rain of Fire Lights
Ancient fire lights
A vision I had in my dreams
They're leading my way

Giants rise to reign
Over all those lives all the time
How could I go back to life

Taking lives
Fight through the lights
That's not a rainbow
Walking from past ages
To reign over you

(They're) Taking lives
Through the light
Darkness is overall
Just to enslave you

Just like a rain of fire lights
Egypt aliens coming
Reign of the giants age will rise...
Inside your head

Nights of fire
Praying to live and survive
No, you can't escape

Blind steel cities
Are seeing through your mind
Why can't loose our life and ambition

In this crazy new world
There is something too wrong
And I'm ready to solve the matter

I'm against the law
I'm against the lords
I'm ready to fight and come ti the light

Why can I not just be a slave...
Without identity
Created to Live
(Born from this steel...)

Listen and look at me
You're just a number in the game
I'll let you know your story
It's made for science glory

Tell me what you think
You're just a copy from the brain
Humans die!
Controlled by an immortal tyrant saint

I created to live
I'm not here to pray
Die for the pride and power of...

Life and death
Were written by the aliens
For the aliens
It's time to know more and...

Life and death
Were written by the aliens
For the aliens
There lies the secret

Pyramid on the hill
Is now showing you the way
Horus' eye is back to life
Ti feel your every breath

...The eye!

You were born from the steel
Don't profane your divinity

You were born from the steel
Obey my laws and die

You were born from the steel
Don't profane your divinity

You were born from the steel
You're dead and yet you're alive
An Ancient Story
Stay here angel of the night
I will explain my plans
Tell me where the secret hides from me

You're the solution for the earth
Unable to rebirth
Create a new place for this race...

Speaking of sorrow and distress
Is changing your brain
No tomorrow or life
Over and over they made us slaves in our land

Can you hear me?

This is the end, follow me, no more chance,
As you know...This is an ancient story
I can't respect all of you
Lost your faith with no heart...
Listen when I am calling (You)

Hundreds of warriors are ready
To join us and fight
No tomorrow or life
They await a new army of heroes
Who'll lead us and win

You're falling
Falling a lake of blood
With the love for the earth

(You're) A dreamer
Believe in a future lost
You'll save all of us

Walking in the shadows of our lives
Looking for a sign of real hope
A new king is calling me
And I'm proud to fight the foe
A New Era
Listen to the night
Don't embrace your fall,
Fears will be gone
And save my life... From pain
Listen... Can't you hear that it's... Time
Night Is Calling
Tell me where we have to go
We will fight in every vault
Destiny is calling you

Every sentry's awaiting war
We are not afraid to die
The oppression is just like hell

A rebellion to the throne
It is time to call for war
All chains of oppression
Must be broken

A rebellion to the throne
It is time to call for war
A thousand souls are screaming
Night is calling

Every city has proud walls
It's a mission to reach the core
Eternal and giant are they

Ancient spirits from the vaults
Keep controlling our minds
Desert snakes are inside you

Imagine a life like this
Without terror and pain
Just freedom ahead of us... Today...
Angeli di Fuoco
Speak to me my destiny's
All I need to know every time
I wake up in this... New real dimension
All I want every day
I'm sure for you it is the same
Silvertown is town a place for you

Nella mente io ti ho evocato
Il mio tempo e con te
Nel tuo destino io vivo
Lucenti sogni per me

Angels of fire
Fighting against the world
A scream in the dark night's
Calling my name

A new real desire
In this wasted life alone
A new start with you
Is all that I need

You are the solution in my mind
Looking for a sign in this land

In your eyes I see the light
A new reason for me to live
While I'm walking... With you in the darkness
You're the one who can believe
And stay in love with me
A new future will begin for you

Nella mente io ti ho evocato
Il mio tempo e con te
Nella notte io ti ho sentito
Il tuo grido e per me
Nel tuo destino io vivo
Lucenti sogni per me
Inside this melody
You're walking towards hope
And freedom now
You're living inside it

Tell me what we sacrificed
Now's the time to live a new day
'Cause here the past has fallen

Fire and flames
Can't break down own proud walls
We are the future of the earth

Silvertown will rise
A city of freedom and pride
Give us shelter from the flames
Armoured city against the pain

Rise again the glory
Of the ancient humans
We're calling war to destroy
The alien masters of death

Every look in my brother's eyes
The slavery and suffering
Mark their souls
Like the eternal ice lands

But the sin will shine for us,
No more dead lives are around you
Just people with no owners
Eyes of the Sphinx
Created by the sand
No one ever knew how
Hypothetic reasons
So many tried and failed

The symbol of the empire
A guard of pharaoh
A dark lord is watching
From another world

You'll find my soul
With your eyes from another world
They'll follow you until the end
Every breath you feel
The loam of the earth

The lioness is watching
An evil in her eyes
The soul of the terror reign
Born in another place

She walked through the years
A shrine for the stars
The sphinx lies with pride
With a dark inside
Lance of Destiny
Emerald lights are in the sky
Horus city shining over land
From the dawn of days

Feel all the lights
Infect your eyes
And pain is coming to your mind
Trying to enslave you

A new battle
Is burning down to save our lives
Last battle to strike the eyes of Rah

Lance of destiny
Bringing us to fight the lord
Gate to eternity
Carry us away from war

Lance of destiny
Bringing us to fight the lord
Gate to eternity
Rising forces breaking walls

The golden eye will look at you
While glory city is close to the gods
But future's goin' to change

Scream in the night
Horus soldiers crawlin',
Begging to spare their lives
"Our wealth is in your hands..."

How I cried and how I lived
No rest for brothers dying tonight

For my damned race
I'll try to throw my lance for them

For my damned race
Won't be another dawn

For my damned race
I'll try to throw my lance for them

For my damned race
The hawk will live no more
Dark lord from alien's planet
You are controlling the earth
You took the day and the nightmare
The evil is looking at you

I knew the evil through you will
I saw the pain through the tears
Strength and slavery are the keys
Your mind is mine

The time is gone but I am here
My mission's fighting with you now
You destroyed my brother's pride
Their love and souls

Violence and suffering are your ways
You don't know and you don't fear
Start to count your dying days
And I'm running to you

Can you hear me? I'm screaming
Your head is close to the fall
You're watching me through your eyes
And you should see what I did

I can feel your dark soul
And your intention is bad
All wars are associated with you
The world is waiting to end
Gate to the Eternity
We've come an end
Now we're back to life
Many pains we shared
Fought for our lives

Future's in your hands
No more fear in your days
Now you know me well
Dry your teary face

However know
I'm following... My soul's way
Please try to understand

Listen to these words
"I've really loved!"
Don't follow me, no!
I'll go my way
Don't follow me now
Follow me now
Love will remain the same

Listen to these words
"I've really loved!"
Don't follow me, no!
We'll meet here again
Don't follow me now
Follow me now
'Cause your love's inside my veins

Could you take my hands
It ain't our last time
Revolution began
We created new life

Can't you think yourself
Don't be hasty, stay
Now you have a reason
Don't leave, I'm praying
Nicola Savio (B.B. Nick) - guitar, keys
Dave Cestaro - bass guitar
Camillo Colleluori - drums

Mats Leven (Mats Levén) - vocal
Rick Altzi - vocal
Amanda Somerville-Scharf - vocal
Ivan Giannini - vocal
Claudia Layline - vocal
Produced by Nick Savio.

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