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March 24th, 2019
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R.U.S.T. - Legends

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LegendsRelease by: Pure Steel Records

R.U.S.T. - Legends
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Forgotten Heroes (Intro)


2. R.U.S.T.


3. Firestorm


4. Seven Seas


5. Warriors of Heaven


6. Prelude to Sign of the King


7. Sign of the King


8. Herd of Mustangs


9. The Rising


10. Finally Free


11. Big Bad Harley


Forgotten Heroes (Intro)
Are you ready to rock the wheel?
Are you ready to taste the steel?
Are you ready to crack the sky?
Are you ready to live or die?

Rocking all the night for the heavy- metal right,
Will you stand?
Pounding in the amps with the sound of guitars,
Feels like gods are going to...

Rock! Under the Sign of Thunder,
Rock! Under the clouds of steel,
Rock! Under the wrath and anger,
Smashing the fakes and revealing the music that's...
Rock! Under the Sign of Thunder,
Rock! Under the clouds of steel,
Rock! Under the wrath and anger,
Smashing the fakes and revealing the music that's real!

Shivers on the spine as we're turning back the time,
Don't you feel?
Masters of the clouds, are you gathering the sounds?
Seems like gods are going to...
Black clouds rise from the haunted hill
Filling the sky with darkness and thrill,
Rising high, rising from hell
Raging fire tonight will prevail!

Soldiers gather together to fight
No shade of fear in their sight,
All war heroes with nine lives to spend
Holy ground to defend!

Stand together, brave forever
Fight for freedom in the firestorm!
All together, now or never
Die for freedom in the firestorm!

Church bell rings into the night
Calling soldiers to the fight,
Witches and demons rised up from hell
Are here now, casting their spell.

Tongues of fire surrounded the hill,
Trapping men and horses within.
No life was spared that night in that hell
The last thing remained was this story to tell!
Seven Seas
Wandering the world in his own quest for might,
Travelling the seas, the crew by his side.
Breaking the oceans, ruling the seas,
Back to his home, he hopes he will be...

Brothers for life, dogs of the sea,
Together they ride, home he will be.
Shatter the dreams, dreams of a life,
Ruling the seas with power and might!

Home is not far, yet he can't see
The secret road along the sea
Fiery eyes, fiery hearts,
Brothers of Neptune for the rest of our lives!

Searching for treasures with blood in our eyes,
Crossing the seas when the stars will arise,
Knives, rusted hooks, and the cannons will shake!
Flesh they will seek and gold will we take!

Guided by stars in the cold, freezing, dark nights..
Tied to the moon and the clouds in the sky...

Sight of salvation, illusions creator,
Finding his way, in struggle will enter.
Perish in battle, ships they will freeze
Fighting the waves, cross the seven seas.

Home is not far, yet he can't see
The secret road along the sea
Fiery eyes, fiery hearts,
Brothers of Neptune for the rest of our lives!
Warriors of Heaven
Wings of Archangels flying through the night
Shatter the clouds as they riding to the fight
Warriors of Heaven, riders of the Lord,
Guardians of faith by the power of the sword

Voices like thunder, fiery eyes,
Souls forged in battle, together they rise
In wind and rain, with swords of steel
They'll fight the army that Satan has built
Shining armors, shields of steel,
Lead in battle the power of will
Fighting forever for their beliefs,
Ride into the war and victory brings!

Flying through the sky, ride the storm
Warriors of Heaven on the path of no return,
Guardians of faith, Angels and Kings
Set the skies on fire and victory brings!

Down to the battlefield as they descend,
Into the fire the enemies they sent
With swords of magic they crushed and killed
Evil armies that Satan has built.
Shinning armors, shields of steel,
Lead in battle the power of will
Fighting forever for their beliefs,
Ride on to the war and victory brings!
Prelude to Sign of the King
Sign of the King
From the dark, a whisper in the night,
I hear my name in the wind.
Clouds in the sky, moon and the stars
Omens for times of war...

To the fight together we ride,
Faith by our side to the end
Swords in the wind, hearts for the King,
Fighting for glory... or death.

Riding high on the wings of glory,
Leading us to the battlefield
Fighting the world to the end forever
Stand the king with sword in the wind
Rise his hand in the name of faith,
Rides his horse with pride and might,
We all stand strong from dusk 'till dawn
Waiting in line for the Sign of the King!

Riding like storm, with power and might
Fighting for kingdom and glory,
Magic and wisdom are with us tonight
The Sign of the King we are calling!
Strong and united forever we stand
Fighting for kingdom and glory,
Crusaders of metal, fight to the end
The Sign of the King we are calling!
Herd of Mustangs
In the night of holy spirits
Revelation is for us to see,
Rising from the mist and fire
Shaking down the crowns of trees,
Coming from the ancient legends
Herd of Mustangs running wild and free,
Burning ground behind their trail
Riding through the centuries!

Blessed by Heaven, crowned by Holy Ghost
Herd of Mustangs pounding like thunder
Baptized in storm, fire, and earth
Wind and rain they will conquer.
Sent by Gods to fight the evil,
Mustangs faced the worst hell bastards,
Make them run for cover when they hear
Trampling proud Holy Riders!

Mustangs run free,
Horses from Heaven
Army of God, facing evil,
Mustangs are here
Warriors of vengeance
Riding free, burning ground!

Crushing down the army of hell,
Mustangs left the battlefield behind,
Smoke and fire bursting from the ground
As they are disappearing in the night.
Thousand years peace will rule the Earth
By the watch of Holy Mustangs,
No deceiver dares to rise his head
Stoned by fear of...
The Rising
Somewhere in the darkness
I was left alone,
Screaming beasts were hunting me,
I was losing my soul.
Now I know I have to fight,
To live once more or die!

The pain has grown, my hope all dies
I know I have to rise,
My foes will flee, my destiny
Will only set me free!

Phoenix, rise up to the sky,
Break the chains that hold me down.
Rise of the warrior that fights
Last night on earth as holy ground.

Crossing clouds of hatred,
The beasts will never growl,
Shaping hopes back from the ash,
I was rising my soul!

Now, the past is gone away,
My hands will keep the sword of fate
My soul will break out from the night,
To rise again to light!
Finally Free
I was born with the mark of rock,
The sky was heavy and the moon was black.
Wind and rain roaring in the night,
Shivering shadows of the fire light.

Screaming loud and rockin' hard,
I pledged allegiance to the metal gods,
Always ready with my gear plugged in
Never betray the spirit within!

Finally free to come out,
Finally here to play loud!
Ready to rock, here tonight,
Burning the strings, burning your mind!

To bow my head is no life for me
All I want is to be free
To rock with my brothers loud and hard
Freedom in mind and pride in my heart!

Come together with me now my friends
Rebels screaming and banging heads
Fight forever to be number one
Stand together in the rock front line!
Big Bad Harley
Roaring in the night, ready for the fight,
Harley is my name, riding is my game!
Burning desire on wheels of fire,
Gazing at the world, the King of the road!

Engine pumping gasoline in my heart,
Fuel tank is burning ready for the start,
Earth is shaking, fire in the hole,
Breaks releasing, I'm riding like storm!

Harley, Big Bad Harley,
Mighty ruler of the road!
I'm Harley, Big Bad Harley,
Ride forever like a storm!

Speeding on the run, a bullet from the gun
Be quick or be dead, like Maiden said
Wind in my face, dust in my hair
My life is a race I'm going nowhere...
Mircea Cristea - vocal
Radu Banu - guitar
George Popescu - bass guitar
Razvan Staicut (Răzvan Stăicuț) - drums

Doina Stan - violin
Ana Chifu - flute
Alexandra Fratu - back-vocal
Horia Valcescu - back-vocal
Andrei Baiasiu - guitar

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