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February 22nd, 2019
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Zandelle - Flames of Rage

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Flames of RageRelease by: Pure Steel Records

Zandelle - Flames of Rage
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Killing Gaze


2. Broken Trust


3. Flames of Rage


4. Thermopylae


5. Dark Nemesis


6. Face of War


7. Inner Strength


8. Defiance


9. A Hero's Quest


Killing Gaze
She once held such beauty which was unsurpassed
Matched only by arrogance which was just as vast
Boasted of her beauty as though it was her right
Angering Athena, turned into a victim of her spite

Medusa then was changed into a monster
Protruding fangs, her hair a nest of vipers

So many tried to end her terror
None could imagine the horror they'd see
Hideous features that chilled to the bone
Turned men into stone for all eternity

Demon eyes of hatred which held a killing glare
No one could withstand to gaze at this nightmare
Of those who fad faced her not one stood a chance
Evil gaze defeating armor sword and lance

For centuries men would become her victims
Her demon eyes brought death to all who faced her

Her island home was filled with statues
Of men who dared to face her hate
Frozen in time with looks of horror
Their stone eyes gazing with dismay

Who would stop this beast?
Who could end her reign?
All before had failed
To end her ghastly ways

But one day a hero would travel to her lair
Hoping he would not become a statue of despair
Perseus was his name and he had a plan
He prayed that it would not fail, time was now at hand

He neared the beast using his shield's reflection
His sword fell true, he rid us of her terror

So it ends, the reign of the gorgon
Now just stories told to amaze
Men now just stone, true confirmation
Of her existence and her killing gaze
Broken Trust
I opened up to you, brought you into my world and asked for nothing in return
I shared that was mine, you were like family, I never thought I would get burned by you
The shock was harrowing, traumatic, unforeseen, was not prepared for your attack
Despair took hold of me, wallowed in misery, felt like a dagger in the back

Now, my view of life is grim, my cynical distrust, the only thing that I hold dear
You, have made me what I am, a skeptic to the core, I question everything I hear

I am stronger now and my jaded skin cannot be pierced by cruel intentions
I will not be fooled, no not anymore by cunning lies of false affections

Time, it took away the pain but memories remain reminding me to guard my trust
I, have found my inner strength, conviction taking hold now I will do what I must

I am standing tall, I will face it all, none will keep me from my glory
They will know my name, they will cry in pain if they dare to stand before me

I saw the warning signs but I ignored
The subtle hints that seem so clear with hind-sight
Never again will I be fooled by you
Never again will I just play the fool
No not ever again

My mind is made up now, I'm coming after you, I will take pleasure in your doom
I am relentless now, fully unstoppable, revenge shall be my driving fuel
The visions in my brain of you in utter pain, bring forth a new-found happiness
I'll see them all come true, you dim misguided fool, and I'll rejoice in your distress

I will watch you fall and laugh through it all, I will cherish every second
All the agony that you'll get from me, power that you never reckoned

I've learned from my mistakes and I've grown strong
With head held high I will bask the power
My conscience is clean I know I'm in the right
You'll never see me back down from a fight
No not ever again

Flames of Rage
Rage inside growing strong, taking hold of me
Inner beast crying out, fury breaking free

Hunger, yearning
Fire burning
Fury growing
Passion flowing

Detestation is all I feel
Utter loathing for you
Hatred growing every day
Absolute, pure and true

Just the mere thought of you fills me with disgust
I find you insufferable, for your death I lust

How I detest you
You bring out of my hate
Abhorrence, revulsion
I will seal your fate

You're the creator of my detestation
You made me what I now am
This is all your fault, you bare the burden
That is why you I now damn

I was once filled with joy and harmony
You've brought me suffering and misery

Detestation is all I feel
Utter loathing for you
Hatred growing every day
Absolute, pure and true
In 480BC the messengers were sent
To ask the Greek lands to surrender
The Persian king Xerxes had raised a massive force
With which he would conquer all

King Leonidas felt his anger boil
As he spoke for everyone in his land
He would not bow down to any foreign king
Then he threw them down a pit into death's awaiting hand

The king of Sparta gathered hundreds of his men
And led them to Thermopylae
To the one pass Xexes would traverse
Narrow passage between mountain and sea

Xerxes' army there soon faced the Grecian force
But this advantage was undone by the pass
The Greek defenders destroyed them as they came
Each advancing Persian group was cut down to the last
To the last

Victory seemed close at hand

For two days the Greeks succeeded holding their foes at bay
Their fortunes did not last long, that night they were betrayed
A Thessalian named Ephialtes showed Xerxes a different path
Persians would soon surround them, ending their bloodbath

The Grecian armies were far outnumbered
King Leonidas saw only one chance
He sent back most of his brethren
There he would make his final stand

The Spartan King's plan proved a success
He gave the Greeks the time they would need
With generator force they returned once more
In northern Greece the Persians would bleed
Dark Nemesis
I hide in shadows
Await my time to strike
Against those who have wronged me and then brought me strife
My prey approaches
My muscles start to tense
I spring to action ripping through their weak defense

The time has come for me to get my justice
Each and every one will suffer by my hand
Their defense is feeble they can't stop me
I'll deliver final punishment to them

Victory is mine
They will now see
They are out of time
Revenge my destiny

I let one live so that he'll spread word of what transpired
What happened here this night, my violent masterpiece
I will be more than man I will become a legend
My name shall strike fear into the very hearts of men

It's down to one now
The brain behind it all
The man in power, he will be the last to fall
I've set the playing field
He knows he can't escape
He turns to face me, turns to face his final fate

This is the moment I have sought for so long
I will savor every devastating blow
He will beg for death before it's over
Pain that I inflict, the last thing that he'll know
Face of War
Bullets flying all around, sounds of battle everywhere
Corpses rotting on the ground, screams of dying fill the air
Will I die here? Will this be the end for me?

Fear grips my soul, paralyzing me
Feel the terror of impending doom
Death surrounds me, sick decaying fumes
Bloody horror, bodies torn apart
Dread takes refuge deep within my heart
Within my heart

Now I have to overcome this fear
Pay no heed to death that is so near

As I look into their eyes I can see they are devoid of hope
Their minds tell their bodies lies, it's the only way to cope

See their hollow stares
It's the face of war
See their empty eyes
Hope exists in there no more

How can I cope with the lunacy around me?
Will I fall victim to impending insanity?


I can feel it taking hold
Utter numbness taking over me
It is turning my heart cold
Spawns indifference out of agony

So I rush to join my comrades, rage of battle takes control
Fury conquers all emotion, victory my only goal
My foes die here? This will be the end for them?

See their hollow stares
It's the face of war
See their empty eyes
Hope exists in there no more
Inner Strength
From the ashes of shattered dreams
I arise to unleash my power
In the shadows of anguished cries I lie in wait
Filled with anger at the unjust
So many wrongs that I have suffered
Born from all the sorrow and pain
They will feel my strength

Burning inside me, taking control
Newfound intensity breeds
Sharpens my focus, strengthens resolve
Reinforces my tenacity
Shadows of doubt, no longer there
Gone is my uncertainty
No longer will I question myself
The answers now are so clear to me

I will rise (Rise! Rise!)
Reach the sky (High! High!)
Inner strength (Might! Might!)
Never dies (Thrive! Thrive!)

Determination guiding my way
I am relentless you see
I am unstoppable I am a god
None will keep me from my victory
Wilful and dogged, steadfast and strong
Won't stop till I reach my goals
There's no surrender, no turning back
Failure I shall never know

Strong-willed and persistent, power that's fortified
None can impede my driving force
Take on any challenge crush those in my way
No longer will I feel remorse

From the ashes of shattered dreams
I arise to unleash my power
In the shadows of anguished cries I lie in wait
Filled with anger at the unjust
So many wrongs that I have suffered
Born from all the sorrow and pain
They will feel my strength
What do you take me for? I see through your lies
You must think me a fool, who sees the world through blinded eyes
I'm not one of your sheep who cannot see your ways
You are the mastermind of innocents betrayed

Selling false hopes of hereafter if we follow unquestioningly
Inconsistent is your teaching, contradictions you don't want us to see
Ancient superstitions based on ignorance
Belief through coercion of words that make no sense

Millions heed your call and follow what you say
Words you choose wisely to hide hw you betray
Innocent suffer while you get richer every day

Keep them in the dark, method that you use
To hoard unquestioned power that you and yours abuse
Destroying anyone expressing different views

Hypocrisy and insincere humility
Disguising all the concrete arrogance I find beneath
You publicly praise all the poor and meek who bow to you
False threats of punishment, fear is your prevailing tool
You prey upon the week, malevolent pretender
You are a hypocrite with secreted agenda
You keep them uninformed and live in luxury
And if they question you, you cry out "Blasphemy!"

Spread your fear
Spread your word
Spread your faith
To your heard

Selling false hopes of hereafter if we follow unquestioningly
Inconsistent is your teaching, contradictions you don't want us to see

Manipulate them all under your control
Twisted words of faith bear a heavy toll
If they were true fires of hell would burn your soul
A Hero's Quest
I've journey for so long to fulfill my quest
Surrounded by danger I'm put to the test
Through darkness and fire been tempted by sin
Just sit back and listen as my tale begins

The winter cold cut through me as I traveled through the night
A lost soul in the darkness to find the holy light
When suddenly from nowhere a sight befell my eyes
What was it that I saw there I did not realize

A demon from the pit of hell I must fight to survive
The Quest goes on

That was just the beginning more challenges ahead
The next one that I faced was a goddess in her bed
Her beauty was astounding seduction in her eyes
But underneath that beauty her evil secret lies

Had I not beat the succubus I surely would have died
The Quest goes on

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I felt like I would never locate that which I sought
My trek felt like forever though valiantly I fought
When finally the day came where right before these eyes
I found what I've been seeking my ever treasured prize

Little did I know back then that it was just a lie
The Quest goes on

And so ends my story my quest has yet to end
Continue on my journey the road my only friend
So now I take my leave and I will be on my way
In hopes that I will complete my quest some other day
George Tsalikis - vocal
Paul Duthil - guitar
Anthony Maglio - guitar
Rudy Albert - bass guitar, keys
Joe Cardillo (Jofu) - drums


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