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February 24th, 2019
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Grave Digger - Exhumation - The Early Years

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Grave Digger'2015

Exhumation - The Early YearsRelease by: Napalm Records

(Re-recorded versions of old songs)

Grave Digger - Exhumation - The Early Years
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Headbanging Man


2. Fire in Your Eyes


3. Witch Hunter


4. Shoot Her Down


5. Stand Up And Rock


6. Heavy Metal Breakdown


7. (Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb


8. Get Away


9. We Wanna Rock You


10. Playin' Fools


11. Here I Stand


12. Tyrant


13. Paradise


14. My Private Morning Hell


15. Young And Dangerous


Headbanging Man
Dressed in leather, dressed in chains
Full of agression, full of pains
Stage is open, light comes up
Metal kids go mad

Count - down is on for the band
Drunken women, drunken men
Show their hands for fucking arse
They bang their heads

He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man
He's man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man

Metal music blows your heads
And metal maniacs bang to death
The air roars like a machine gun
Banging devils on the run

The show is over, kids are gone
And fucking people lay alone
Drun too much, they're falling down
It's a headbanging crown

He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man
He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging with you
Headbanging man

(guitar solo)

Ref. (2 times)
Fire in Your Eyes
Locked on your flock
Some gods are in your own
And wives scream tonight and die

So take my black
Take my steel
My eyes is alright

So terrified
My gain on my knife
The knife in feeding your eyes

And take your black
Take your steel

Knives over you
It's five years ago
The knife still in your eyes

No won black
No won steel
Unlocked crosses right
Witch Hunter
Have you seen that man
Wrapped up all in black
He waits for his chance
Steps behind your back
He's the raper of the night
Never seen before
There's no warning when he comes
Lock your bedroom door
Jumped the garden wall
Did you hear him howl
Waits outside the hall
Can't you see him frown
Well, this guy is on the prowl
For evil and for lust
If you meet him, pray to god
Or you will be lost
He's a witch hunter, witch hunter
Witch hunter, witch hunter
Through the kitchen door
He's just found his way
Now the clock strikes four
Tonight he will stay
Stepping down your marble hall
He wears a sharpened knife
You can say I told you so
He wants you for his wife
Shoot Her Down
Watch her style
Demon's smile
Walkin' down the road
Dressed in black
Don't look back
Lies that's what she told
Evil speel
Came from hell
Far from down below
Shoot her
Shoot her
Shoot her down

Shoot her down
I said down down down
Shoot her down
I said down down down
Shoot her down
I said down down down
Shoot her down
I said down

Made me weak
Struck her feet
Right into my balls
Got my knife
Took her life
Watched her as she crawled
Loved her so
Had to go
Down where she belongs
Shoot her
Shoot her
Shoot her down

(guitar solo)

Shoot her x8
Stand Up And Rock
Another boring evening
Where nothing's going on
Then suddenly the phone rings
Could this mean time for fun
We take off to the Palais
That's where the action is
Everybody's waiting
For the show to begin

The band is really rocking
The crowd roars out for more
That's unaffected feeling
From kids of rock 'n' roll

Stand up and rock
Stand up and rock

When lights dim down we feel it
Our heroes are in town
The tension mounts they're on stage
We'll never be alone
We get just what we wanted
The music's straight and loud
The temperature is rising
The air vibrates the sound
A late night rock invasion
Yes we were born to rock
We're living for the moment
And we'll never give it up
Tomorrow doesn't matter
We'll take it as it comes
As long as we can stand up
We'll rock the whole night long
Heavy Metal Breakdown
Metal invasion that's all what we need
Metal dominion that's all what we want
We come to give you rules and principles
What you have to do
We come to shake your hands and legs
As fast as we can do

Heavy Metal Breakdown (4 times)

Women and children want to hear the noise
Women and children want to feel the beat
Bang your heads as fast as you can
Until you're breaking down
The night is long, the show is right
Bang until you die


(guitar solo)


Ref. (2 times)

Heavy Metal Breakdown
Shake your legs and bang your heads
Heavy Metal Breakdown
(Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb
Some down is true
This is a cold
Feel is the son of god
An cold is black side
Now is the troops
People flying on the night
Walking through the night
The day of the fight
Is prefer cross the time for this rights
Fighting for your life
Days of sight
Step in the outside to the wild

(Enola gay) drop the bomb
Flying through night
Fighting for your life

A war the unknown
One five six old
Crossing on the mind through to you
Day of the rock
Lie feeds poor
Watch out is no time to lose
Flying to the night
On the standing of the fight
In this night stole about the truth
God by her side
The stronger will divine
The conquer are lying on this sight
Get Away
Not there days ago
In a place no one knows
Someone took the life of the man
Who killed my wife
She'd been forced by a gang
I swore that all would hang
Now their leader's dead
It was me who took his head
Tonight I'm on the run
But I won't rest 'til it's done
On and on I'll flee
'Cause I know they're out for me
I can't sleep tonight
I'm ready for a fight
Now it's first degree
And the cops are hunting me
Get away
Tonight I'll get away
Get away
Tonight I'll break away
Get away
Tonight I'll far away
Get away
No one will catch me
Don't give up, it has to be
Such a long night
But I know it's me who's right
Surely I'll escape
All the time I'll stay awake
A knife in my fist
I have got to take the risk
We Wanna Rock You
We wanna rock you
We wanna roll you
Back to stage, we return born again
New and four, here we are, we come to rock
Watch out, watch out
What you feel is it real
We are back now
Watch out, watch out
Waht you feel is it real
We are back now

See the kids, hot for rock, hot for us
We make the show, now for you, heavy metal
Watch out, watch out
What you feel is it real
We are back now
Watch out, watch out
What you feel is it real
We are back now

We wanna rock you
We wanna roll you
We wanna rock you
We wanna roll you
Every night

Sweat runs fast, on both sides, all are wet
Now you know, the shoe was good, heavy metal
Watch out, watch out
What you feel is it real
We are back now
Watch out, watch out
What you feel is it real
We are back now


(guitar solo)

Playin' Fools
No call tomorrow
In a neverland
My teeth around you never know

Coming to unloaded
Time are never heel
Brain are lost you suck you never know

Playin' fools
Now it's time to die
Day are come to die
Play are on the rock
Don't turn around

Play on the jungles
Dirty you have now
Reading comes darkness remember well

Clouding the hammer
Life song in you
What I doing turning around
Here I Stand
Have you heard 'bout my last arson it was the one down by the sea
You might call me incendiary but that's not what's hurting me
'Cause the power and the glory is an aim in history
When your name's once in the papers you will find eternity
Fire - burns high
You'll view no stranger sight
Highest bonfire
The flames lighting the night
Here I stand
A gun in my hand
Here I stand The world in my hands
Now I'm gonna make my fortune
Gonna kill someone who's nice well I told you my aim's higher
I will find the highest stairs
I will reach that golden medal as I climb the electric chair
Lost horizons everywhere
The sun is grey and dark
A coach runs through the shattered night
Without a tone
Four winds howl into the night
It's cold and wet
Horses, black and danerous
Horror runs my blood

The beast, comes to kill us
The beast, comes to kill us
The beast, comes to kill us
The beast, comes to...

Magic world's around my soul
Desaster's burning high
He's the son of heaven's devil
He's the arm of death
Don't look back, don't look back
You can lose your life
Tyrant sees every step, every step you make


(guitar solo)


Planet is so sweet
Like you never see before
And the stand of the crown
Licks on I day I shall return

Cold side of the war
Try to your life are never know
And the night rests of lie
By the times you never no time

Living in the paradise
See burning life

On night blow and go
Wish I never want forget
Silent day through inside
Feel the sky scared blaze

When is no lying true
Because the fate in the world
Only men trying to keep
On the time can never heal
My Private Morning Hell
The sun rises up
I feel so bad
The beast in my head
Drives me mad
No one told me before
About this ugly whore
Lying beside me
God let it be

I tried to remember
What was the night before
After a lot of beers
I crashed the dance floor
Hanging around
Spent a lot of money
The band was in town
Drinking vodka with honey

Welcome to my private morning hell
Welcome to my private morning hell

I jumped out of the window
And started to run
The bitch behind me
Follows me with a gun
No one can help
She is out of control
I'm facing the end
And losing my soul
Young And Dangerous
It's twelve o' clock and creatures rise
From their cradles to the grave
A mystic tune from far beyond
Calling the restless and the brave

Out of their graves, they scream for mercy
Seven deadly sins were written down
The night is filled with hopes and prayers
Thousand eyes stare into the night

Keep your flags high in the sky
Praise the metal gods
Raise your fists, shout the battle cry
Fighting against all odds

We're young, young and dangerous
We're old, wilder than the rest
We're stainless steel and contagious
We're the world, we are obsessed

We're young, young and dangerous
We're old, wilder than the rest
We're stainless steel and contagious
We're the world, we are possessed

Thunder and lightning on the horizon
Armies of the night are on the prowl
Gathering for a new world order
Born and die with hearts of steel
Chris Boltendahl (Uncle Reaper) - vocal
Axel Ritt (Ironfinger) - guitar
Jens Becker - bass guitar
Stefan Arnold - drums

Thomas Hackmann (Hacky) - back-vocal
Andreas von Lipinski - back-vocal
Frank Konrad - back-vocal
Produced by Chris Boltendahl, Axel Ritt, Jörg Umbreit.

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