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August 21st, 2018
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Mendeed - This War Will Last Forever

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This War Will Last ForeverRelease by: Rising Records

Mendeed - This War Will Last Forever
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. What We Have Become (intro)


2. Beneath a Burning Sky


3. Stand As One And Fight for Glory


4. Remains of the Day


5. Chapel Perilous


6. The Mourning Aftermath


7. Poisoned Hearts


8. Withered & Torn


9. Resurrecting Hope


10. For Blasphemy We Bleed


11. The Reaper Waits


12. The Black Death


What We Have Become (intro)
Beneath a Burning Sky
Holocaust - In the flames of fear burns fantasy, liberty is just another masqueraded lie.
Break the world, set it all ablaze.
With an iron fist you lead the way, conquering the lives of those who are on their knees.
You preach your words of wisdom; "heartfelt" a "peaceful saviour", you've sentenced us to death beneath a burning sky.
As you dictate, your words encroached into our minds - A thousand virtues betrayed.
Guilty of waiting we bond together born to suffer, only those ill fated eyes (can) liberate our minds.
Behold the sign you are killing us.
In a world of hate with bodies soaked in blood we are a living tragedy.
Within this madness we must unite (and) sever the chains of deceit and rise against the new world's impunity
Stand As One And Fight for Glory
We'll beat this corruption, reverse the destruction, we'll stand as one
- unite to conquer those who betrayed and attacked through greed.
Rise up against the hatred.
A new breed dictatorship spreading the disease as we die.
Their disease is war.
Their disease is hate.
We must purify to prevail.
We can only see what we believe (and) as the world turns black our eyes must be open.
Breaking the hold before we fall our spirits guide us on our way,
Smash down the walls and rise again, reclaim the innocence that binds us to our fate.
In the battle within all weak will die, without the innocence we will not survive,
Without the memories we have only fear, without the soul - the life we must lead.
Listen with your heart.
See the world with new eyes.
Rise up and justify your life - rise up and justify your life to save your soul.
Rise up and justify innocence.
We will survive.
Remains of the Day
Leeching on life's crying vein sucking out the passion and the dream.
This is the hour of need.
Allies and foes unite or dark princes will prevail and our world will cease to exist.
(The) Remains of the day will drown under our blood - Poisoned, damaged, blackened - we lie.
Servants of hell dance as they wait for us.
We won't be sacrificed by clowns who wear a crown.
We are the kings of our day.
Poisoned, damaged, blackened we stand.
Servants of hell dance as they wait to take us to the other side in thorns and flames.
I cast them back through burning gates, slaying opposers of liberty (and) defend the honour of our kind throughout time.
Poisoned, damaged, blackened we defy, don't forget that we all belong here.
We are free.
Chapel Perilous
Scarred - emotion infiltrates my soul.
Suffer - the hierarchy takes control.
Insane - no matter where you run you die.
Breaking the chain.
In your eyes I see a void.
Pain, the depths of terror spent.
Haste, your friend when no-one cares, a wraith of evanescent hope.
In your eyes I see a void.
Pain, the depths of terror spent.
Take this chance to fight or die.
I can taste your fucking lies.
Scream, Bleed, Dream, Fail.
Free from torture, recite the pain, did you like it? Are you proud? It wasn't what you thought it was gonna be.
The Mourning Aftermath
Waking in floods of sweat, vision returning, my hearts in overdrive.
I sink so low that hell is heaven, the high is gone I must escape this inner loathing that is my captor.
Without my piece I have fallen to my knees.
Temptation to seek you out.
Fight for what I am.
Nowhere to hide.
I will not accept this downfall, I will cure myself I'm reaching for the strength to break you,
Reaching for the strength to beat you - Fall onto my sword.
Run with the light of an angel's wing, I'll question unity; I'll suffer no more pain,
Without you born to be a king and with the strength of warriors of old.
And I shall accept this war within, arise against temptation - I will rise as the morning aftermath attacks, I am no victim - Arise.
No life should be controlled; I will not be the victim of another chemical war.
I am the lord of my life; my fate is shaped by me.
Your call is getting weaker, my will shall always grow.
Erase the misery, look to the future - fell no pain, sculpt my effigy, control my destiny, live my own life - Free.
Poisoned Hearts
Poisoned hearts without a conscience.
Bringing down your people with the hand of greed.
Death resonates from your smile, backing the world into silence; bringing us all to our knees with the olive branch.
I don't believe in your truth.
Without your militant, without your government all you are is a worthless bigot spreading a disease.
Begging to be heard as others want to kill you.
Welcome to our world - we're glad to have you back.
Take your penance and go in peace, your damnation of the nations sacrificed the living in a bath of blood.
No more hatred, your time has past.
Your damnation of the nations sacrificed the innocence in crimes of guilt.
So our patience with you has run out and we will hold you for what you have done.
In your eyes we can see that you were sent to destroy us, this is our time to rise, this is our time to fight now.
We can build a new kingdom, we'll eliminate oppression we can be one world.
Save our selves with every devil that falls, we can end the feuds they gave us.
We'll resurrect mankind.
Withered & Torn
Take my eyes, compare your own damnation, you are the same; a fallen soul.
Breaking the soul my words are worthless fading through time my confidence deceased.
Through my eyes winter fog, this is why, this is I.
Fall damned and disgraced can you see now I will not believe darkness has taken my soul (reside in my thoughts).
Haunted by visions, attacked by the serpents of doom - holding onto me; craving the taste of my blood (seven years as beast I have been cursed).
Fake a smile, wear a mask, hidden truths, hidden lives - this war will last forever.
Fallen soul trapped in hell, darkness frees, light reveals.
Push me back into the shadows.
As I walk through the land of fallen souls ghosts rip me, savouring my flesh.
Take me this time silent lullaby, show me wrath, show me pain - I will show you mine.
Back through time my heart is broken, in my past my future burns.
A black rose withered and torn stands alone never known; always knowing.
Resurrecting Hope
Another kiss goodbye, another sorrowed eye, another victim of the game, do what you can to make it seem alright.
Kiss my ass, don't look back, you are lost, you are last, you are living a lie.
Do our eyes deceive our minds in the search for light? Fuck you.
Keep your self righteous life and watch me grow.
Within the sequence of your mind the programme stops the progress - this is another reason to follow my heart.
You forced me to follow generic blueprints but I still live inside my dreams.
As you hold me down, this is time to fight your grip.
Without your misdirection my life wont end in heartache - fight for my generations birthright to be amazed.
You've told me my passion is just a waste of time.
(I) won't live my life by your rules.
Gouge out my eyes (and) as the blood drips from the sockets finally it's clear; vision comes from the mind inside, the soul and the heart that binds the spirit and will for life.
Signs surface everyday, the soul and the heart will show us (that) sadness can be defied.
Reason calling out my name, (I'm) trying to escape from it.
Reason denies the faith in me.
Prepare to fall my hands are cleansed your on your own, you've had your time you can't deny it.
You fall from grace, if time could speak would you believe? Or would you still be fucking blind? Your doubts won't cast shadows across my memories.
You cannot take my memories.
For Blasphemy We Bleed
Foul blanket settles, brings devastation.
Hate in our hearts, blood on our hands.
This fractured peace, raw bones defending.
Black hearted war is never ending.
For blasphemy we bleed, smash the cross of greed.
We sever Satans' claw refusing to believe.
Shrapnel lobotomy, unholy killing spree - from blank-eyed crusaders and remorseless invaders.
The end of innocence, this crippled legacy, the sin of ignorance, the beast of violence.
This fracture peace, raw bones defending.
Black hearted war is never ending.
Redemption is buried beneath a blooded field of rotten corpses.
Surrender our instinct to kill or witness existence crumble.
Turn to ashes, burn alive in scenes of suffering, cites fall into the hole.
Cut the throat of our humanity, starve the child of our sanctity, kiss goodbye to dreams of unity,
Embrace the oath to destroy our brothers and our sisters.
Slaughter their beliefs if they don't share our faith, if they are not our race, if their skin isn't ours and they don't share our tongue.
What have we become? These racist wars of hate on streets and battlefields.
It's our time to make a stand against the rule of the skeleton crown.
We can't just watch as others crash and burn in our world.
We are the victims of a war we did not want to see, it's our blood that stains the streets and the battlefields.
We are the victims of a war we did not want to see, we cannot pass these reigns onto our children.
Against their plague of hatred unite and stand our ground, our will can't be defeated if we are one race.
We can take back what is ours.
The Reaper Waits
Prepared to fight until I die, shadowed by fear in flames I stand.
The reaper waits for me to call to him.
This is the only life I have and my faith commands my strength.
Honour awaits and glory lies.
Deep beneath the storms' eye wakes - another reason to fight to save my life.
I see you walking through the night, slowly you creep looking for weakness - I feel my heart stop beating.
Inside the darkness I find light, I will not fall without a fight - I'll take the pain but you can't have my soul.
The time to take control has begun, this is my time to live again, this is all I have - this is all that I have.
Bringing your night to smother my light my spirits shield and now the phoenix rises - this feud has just begun.
Dead silence lies beneath me like a mortuary where dead dreams linger.
I have witnessed the solution, I won't suffer without fighting.
Time won't stop if I wait.
The Black Death
On winds of death, hate filled and unforgiving, no life is spared, in death we are all equal.
As cities fall, monarchs and clergy with them.
Judgement has risen - prepare for death.
Tears still dampen scenes of forgotten yesterdays; drowning Edens portray the final sin to come.
Judgement calls like a raven's crow in the night, judgement calls to reclaim the day,
Judgement calls like a silent executioner, judgement calls for the fallen souls.
Despite you we could be the saviours of our time, this our righteous crusade –
Healing those who suffer - there is nothing left for you to take here.
This is ours, the second life, we've come back to stop you.
How more must die for us to see that reason is spilling from the lips of a liar.
No more genocide.
Weeping for a million devastations, burning nations, annihilations, and children lost.
If we damn the hate we will be here forever.
Our lives will last forever.
Our hearts will beat forever.
Our love will bloom forever and time will be forever.
Dave Proctor - vocal
Steph Gildea - guitar
Steve Nixon - guitar
Chris Lavery - bass guitar
Kevin Mathews - drums

Many Rivers - vocal
Dom Lawson - vocal
Sarah Button - violin
Samy Bishai - violin
Jake Walker - viola
Ivan Hussy - cello
Troy Donockley (Troy Donnockley) - pipe, whistles
Produced by Mark Daghorn.

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