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January 19th, 2019
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Niobeth - Silvery Moonbeams

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Silvery MoonbeamsRelease by: DreamCell 11 Entertainment

Niobeth - Silvery Moonbeams
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Banished Princess


2. Eclipse


3. Withered Lullabies


4. Sons of the Earth


5. Campeón


6. Stolen Innocence


7. My Dead Angel


8. I Know That I Know Nothing


9. I Need You to Need Me


10. Sadako's Wings of Hope


11. Polovtsian Dances


12. Solitude


The Banished Princess
Once music had a princess.
She sang louder each day
For her beloved moon to listen to her
And the stars intone her song.
Owner of her voice
And of an army of muses.

The dream was broken
And the envious serpents banished the princess born from music,
Making her wake up in a world
Of tall towers and black smoke.

The world without crystal bubbles
And the banished princess walked
Like just a mortal: lost, forgotten...
Lost in the void.

Once music had a voice.
A voice that out of the dream
Fell in the abyss
And, in the deep immensity of space,
A hand raised her up.

Two souls walked with
A common purpose
And she was alone never more.

The world, without crystal bubbles...

The shadow of her greatness
Come to life.

Princess: my love?
Shadow: I will walk with you.
Princess: my voice?
Shadow: will return to you.
Princess: sadness?
Shadow: I'll move it away from you.
Princess: my throne?
Shadow: you will get to it again.
Princess: muses?
Shadow: they will come to you.
Princess: the path?
Shadow and princess:
We will walk across it together.

The world, without crystal bubbles...

No one knew she was a princess;
Hated with cruelty,
Envied by serpents.
She was attacked
By those who didn't accept
Her greatness.
Go on!
You are a princess!
You have return just as you promised.
Should I believe in you?
I still cry when I remember
The things you made me do.
Leave me alone,
I don't want you.

Feel paradise,
I can take you with me.
Just follow me (follow me)
And be still (my voice)
At my voice.

I still shiver when I feel
The blood you made me shed
(you'd better hide, you'd better hide).
Is there any pleasant word left
I can trust in?
If I only could get you out of my head
(You'd better hide, you'd better hide).
Will my tears be all in vain?

Should I stay awake or give up
To eternal madness?
Down to darkness, down to a place
Where the stronger seems so frail.
Shadows around, fire for all them.

First step to the edge,
There is a red light sparkling,
Should I touch the door?
Freeze... Don't move yet,
Still I keep some fears
You'd like to behold.

I still shiver when I feel...

Are you the one I was looking for?
Are you friend or foe?
Me... She... The breeze...
Long blonde hair...
Why can't I find my light?
Save me.

Second step to the edge,
A misty long dank corridor,
Your silhouette (appears approaching).
Freeze... Don't move yet,
Still I keep some fears
You'd better resolve.

I still shiver when I feel...

I still shiver when I feel...
Withered Lullabies
See the meadows of tempest
Rage furious,
Withering lullabies.
In my eyes
There is not the sparkle once shined.

I will long for you
Dear princess of tales.
Now there's no way to go back,
Withered heart, sunken chest.
I am mean to be alone,
No more hopes, no more dreams.
With the eternal wish to find
Some magic to dwell in.

Drops of pain harass
What's left in my soul,
Withering lullabies.
Where are those
Beautiful melodies?

Raven of the cliffs,
Fly without black wings,
Red eyes.
This crimson love,
Once dawn now twilight of hope.

I will long for you...

Childhood's light is gone,
Love promise broken in shreds
Which no one wants,
Yet I still care for them.

I will long for you...

I will long for you...
Sons of the Earth
The ground shakes,
The war cries are heard,
The wind brings their hope for victory.
The bonfires fill the horizon
Creating their own dawn,
The night lighted by their great pride.

They run through my forests,
Destroy my trees,
Converting my body in their weapons.
I hear the beat of their hearts.

They fight as brothers
And love the ones on their side
But there are no sides on the earth, sons of the earth.

Because you all come from my depths,
You are all brothers under the same sky,
In the same paradise.
The earth talks to them
As never before.

Cross my forests without fear
For your mother earth.
She will guide you
In the most difficult battle:
The path of life.

They cross indestructible
Among the shadows of my forests
Like men of pure heavy steel,
Like titans in the world,
Like wild beasts
They write their destiny with blood.

They fight as brothers...

They fight as brothers...

Don't let yourselves be blinded
By the thirst for victory.
Remember the innocence once had.
Oh, remember please.

Branches of my trees
Stretch as arms trying to reach
The peace for them.
The leaves fly like messages in the wind,
The earth shakes,
The rivers get furious,
The winds blow.
But man can't see beyond
His bloody road.

But at the end
I feel the blood
Running through my forests.
I feel my land growing
With the ashes of the fallen.

I write a message for my sons,
Everything in me cries for peace.
The dance of the earth.

And with all this shame
I still hear the chant of victory
Of those I must recognize as sons.
Cuando hace frío
Ya no estás.
Cuánto te dolió...
Cruel final.

Siento un lamento
Tiembla el resplandor

La noche eterna, el océano azul
Tapizado de estrellas y lotos.
Tus sonrisas en el eco,
Sé que todavía están ahí.

Derramo sueños
Por tu paz
Ahora que tu caminar
Se apagó.

Lágrimas rotas
Con pesar,
Suspiros de horror,
Luz fugaz.

Ahora que tú caminas perdido
Coge mi mano y canta a la luna.
Allá donde estés yo te añoro,
Allá donde voy está tu luz.

Recuerdo el desierto,
El canal y los almendros,
En tus hombros con cariño,
Tú eres el campeón.

La noche eterna, el océano azul
Tapizado de estrellas y lotos.
Tus sonrisas en el eco,
Sé que todavía están ahí.

Recuerdo el momento,
Y tus labios sonriendo,
Aprendí a no rendirme,
Algún día te abrazaré.
Stolen Innocence
My Dead Angel
For the blood of the innocents.
For the marked bodies of the children.
For the wounded women.
For the lost souls.
For the stolen innocence.
For the trapped tears.
For the deep sadness of the world.

For you to return to the world.
For there to be hope for those whom
Have it snatched from them.
For tomorrow to be worth dawning.
For there to be happiness
Where there is hate.

I write a letter for my dead angel.
Please, I ask you, my dead angel,
To return to the world.
A bit of light for darkness.

For you to return to the world...

I write a letter for my dead angel...

A feather for each hurt soul.
A flutter for each injustice.

F your wings could fly again,
If they could embrace
The sorrow of those hurt.

Who will heal the pain?
Who will erase the damage?
Will rancor leave?

If your wings could erase the injustice of those who have suffer.

I write a letter for my dead angel...

My dead angel,
I know why you departed.
Pain is so hard to accept
When it embraces you.

Who will heal the pain?
Who will erase the damage?
How will rancor,
Hate and the hole in the chest
Be gone?
How will helplessness
And pain depart?

Once again,
Let's fight,
Let's shout.

Who will pay for
Those marked children?
Who will swallow the filth left
In the world?

Let's brandish hope.
Let's lift the fallen.
Let's embrace those hurt.
Justice for monsters!
I Know That I Know Nothing
When you accept you know nothing light may come to you.

Heaven, reincarnation,
Hell or the nothing.
You may find on the other side anything you dream.

ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα.

Feel, imagine...

Only now that you don't know
The end you are able
To caress the sweet
Paradise of uncertainty.

When you accept...

Feel the shine of the stars
And let you go
Because you can fill the void
With the magic of your fantasies.

ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα.

Believe that your way
In the afterlife can be;
Choose your tomb,
Choose your death,
Without answer there exists a dream.

When you accept...

Feel the shine of the stars
And let you go
Because you can fill the void
With the magic of your fantasies.

Above fire and water exists
An everything,
Feel near him.
Universe, our only god.
All together, creation.

The dream lost in (the) sanity
Of man comes to you as
Possible reality.
I know that I know nothing.
ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα.
I Need You to Need Me
Listen to the breeze.
Keep my breath for cold nights.
I need every drop
Of your love to feel free.

I need you to need me.
I will carry on.
Your fingers travelling
All over my body,
Your caresses building
My way.

I will care for you.
Embrace me in the long wait.
In this, our sad wait
I will dream every night alone.

I will count every smile,
The ones I sent to you,
I treasure all of them,
The whisper of my wings
Full of hope to see
You again, again...
Then I'll choose a star for you.

I need you to need me...

I won't let myself fall
Because I love you.

Listen to the breeze.
Keep my breath for cold nights.
I need every drop
Of your love to feel free.

I need you to need me.
Sadako's Wings of Hope
act I

Your smile in the mirror of time
Make me shiver,
Frighten me whole.
Those days full of sadness
When you still had strength
To believe.

When it comes for you remember;
Remember to be strong,
Remember to have faith:
Believe, believe.
When it pass you by I will sing,
I will sing your grief,
I will care for your tears...
Believe, believe.

If you fold your wish
In wings of paper
Your dreams will come true;
This is the magic
Of faith, of believing:
You have to trust your inner light.
Never forget I will be watching over you.

I know this is my last night on earth.
I will be remembering your shiny eyes.
Life is the dream of the
Ancient great spirit of benevolence.
Think of me
When your will gets weak
And go on and on
And never ever never ever give up.
You have so much talent, so much beauty,
So much goodness in your heart.

I wish to dream again.

I shall write peace upon your wings
And you shall fly all over the world
So that children will no longer have
To die this way.

Step by step
I weave my wish
Among wings of hope,
Cranes of eternal bliss.
Guide me through deepest darkness.
Cranes of eternal bliss

Bless the breeze, love the glow,
Save me, caress me, embrace me,
Through the gardens of my loneliness,
Write the verses of my last poem
And love me again,
Smile for me, dream me,
Take my hand, make me feel safe,
Bring me fresh water,
Beautiful flowers
From the bloom of spring in march.
In march.

My soul wandering desolated
Longs for a chance to shine
In pureness once again, save me.
Save me,
With love, with hope, with justice,
With neverending faith.
Don't tell me I cannot fight.

I will never give up,
I'll stand before the storm.
Feel my warmth
And you will never have to fear.
Always one more try,
Always one more try.
For this night
Let us make your wish immortal.

act II

Six-hundred-fourty-four smiles
Care for you, shield you,
Protect you from the world.
Maybe one day we all can be
So strong as you, so pure as you.
So peaceful and serene
Before the biggest evil,
Before human hate.
So graceful, so intense,
So alive and brighty-eyed.
Walk through the stars
With dreamy eyes, with innocence.
Don't let human hate
Turn off the flame
So unique in your heart.

Spread your wings and rise again
Like golden phoenix, fly away,
Earthly cursed, heavenly blessed,
Hero of this tragic story.
Your death will not be in vain,
Your tears will fill a thousand scrolls
Overcoming hate, agony and anguish:
Your infinite courage.

Now that the ship
Sinks in the deep
Let flee you mind
(tear demons away to shreds).
Now that your lips
Are turning pale
Pain will pass by.

You walked the path with naked feet,
Your trace has become our guiding torch,
Winter cold embraces our solitude,
Cold night let us head north.
Lotus blooming from dark waters,
Your immortal spirits stands
Om mani padme hum,
Let us heed the wise man.

Across the universe,
Painting the stars
As purple crystals of freedom.
Above heavenly vault,
Beyond our reach,
Now close your eyes, dream once again.

act III

Rest calm dear child,
No more pain left,
Frozen tears falling.
With silver laments calls,
Sings the swing, cries the moonlight.
Beneath your wings of hope,
Underneath eternal sorrow,
Misty-eyed dreamer,
Angel of peace on earth.

Smile, now you are safe at last
Shining from above,
All will see your light fly through time.
There, deep in our hearts, you'll live.


For hatred does not cease
By hatred at any time;
Hatred ceases by love.
This is the eternal law.

Sadako's wings of hope,
Most shining star,
Fly over the oceans,
Your flame will remain.

Bring calm and peace
To wounded souls;
Keep us from rage,
Heal the good left in us.

My soul wandering desolated...

Sunrise will come,
Sunlight will draw
Your glorious strength
And kiss your tears.
Sealed in your chest
There's a tale of grief and pain.
Poor moonpath, follow your fate
With hair dancing in the air.
Poor moonpath...

This is our cry.
This is our prayer.
Peace in the world.

Keep hope,
We will meet beyond the edge of time.
Polovtsian Dances
Itea Benedicto Colas - vocal
Jesus Diez Garcia - guitar
Javi Palacios - bass guitar
Alberto Trigueros Paez - drums


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