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February 22nd, 2019
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Obscurant - First Degree Suicide

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First Degree SuicideRelease by: Woodcut Records

Obscurant - First Degree Suicide
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. In the End


2. The Redemption


3. Guardian Angel


4. First Degree Suicide


5. A Wasteland


6. Light from Above


7. Blinded by Love


8. Dead Calm Surface


9. 170603 (Memoir)


In the End
Now life has faded away,
Only the cold flesh I feel,
Like the eyes staring at me.
I know it's coming,
Emptiness of living,
Like the feelings that used to be.

And I stand in the end of the rainbow
No treasure nor life at my sight...

I can't remember
The eyes the smile
Without tears, without the agony of life.

I end my life in here,
Where you lie silently.
Will this be the end of the pouring rain?
The Redemption
Find yourself in airtight space,
Strapped into a chair.
Eyes staring at you,
Mouth preaching to you.

Remembering the past,
Remembering the acts.
Last supper, last victim,
Silenced, you are now.

Inhale today,
Inhale the redemption.
Face your redeemer now,
Inhale the redemption.

No-one will miss you,
No-one will care.
No-one will try to stop them,
No-one will try to save you.
Guardian Angel
Nice smile on his friendly face,
Telling that "uncle tom" in his name.
Hiding the true intentions,
In disguise, full of lies, let him inside.

Let them feel his warm hands,
Let them feel, inside them.
Warm eyes, caring thoughts,
Loving smile, suffocating touch.

Tears from his eyes, tears of life and loss.
Cannot let go, cannot stop.
Who will be the next, love of his life?
Lay down your children,
Lay them down for him...

Lay down your children.
Lay them down for him.
'Cause he is the one who cares for them now.
No worries on your mind.
First Degree Suicide
I used to feel it burning,
Inside of me.
I used to bleed inside,
Now bleeding outside.

Take my place,
In this world of cuts.
I won't need it anymore!
I won't take it anymore!

I close my eyes,
To see the sun,
Through your eyes within me.
Leave me be...

Enter my light of fire,
First degree suicide.
I have nothing more to say,
Let me now fade away.

I close my eyes,
Through your eyes within me.
Leave me bleed.
A Wasteland
No flowers bloom or raindrops fall,
No living thing can survive here

Cold and dark, everything around.
All is dead, not a single sound.

So small is a human heart,
But there's always room for grief.
So long is human life,
Still never time for dreams.

No sun at dawn, or birdsong to echo.
Never a sing, or a path to follow.

Nothing will last, no-one will enter,
Within this shell of man, just a barren wasteland.
Light from Above
Casualties, all around me,
No life at sight.
Departures, laying silently,
Awaiting the death to arrive.

The scenery of blood and dust,
360 degrees around.
Air warfare, which shook the ground,
Made all obey and to die.

Falling, crawling!
The men of "light", sacrifice!
Bleeding, feeling!
The judgment of their own kind.

Division of 666,
Breaks through the lines of Christ.
One by one they all fall down,
To kiss the blood soaked ground.
Blinded by Love
I worship you,
And the ground under.
Blinded for everything else but you...

Into your eyes,
And lifeless body,
I will drown...

Living in a dreamworld, I used to feel like.
Then you showed me the truth under all the lies.

It feels like being stabbed in the lungs.
Cannot breathe...
Never again!

How does the rope feel like, when it's around your own neck?
Breath now, 'cause it will be your last time!
Dead Calm Surface
Each day comes empty,
And leaves with a small piece of me.
Always weaker to resist,
The force that pulls me under.

I have forgotten the colors,
That were supposed to come for me.
This life is a cage,
Designed to make me insane.

I have no air,
Below this dead calm surface.
The will to life is drifting away.
My thoughts are lead,
Can't reach the dead calm surface.
Dreams are drowning in pain.

When I let it all go,
No tears fall from my eyes,
I leave my last pages white,
With some kind of delight.
170603 (Memoir)
Now the lights can be shut down,
In here behind the closed doors.
All is said, all is shown,
Only memories remain...

Wept, grieved, departed,
Always remembered.
Laugh away,
The one who has seen the world.

The enlightenment you will have,
Shall guide you to the end,
Of this narrow path filled with thorns.
Travel through it without no fear.

King of your own life,
King for a moment.
The moment of clarity.
The moment to pass away.

Now the lights have been shut down,
And the doors are locked.
The thread of life is in half.
Only memories remain...
Mynni Luukkainen (Infection, Tartunta) - vocal, guitar, bass guitar
Antti Simonen - keys
Mika Kaakkolahti (Thasmorg) - guitar
Sami Jarvinen (Gorath Moonthorn) - drums


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