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June 21st, 2018
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Cruella - Power Metal

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Power MetalRelease by: demo

Cruella - Power Metal
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. In Time / Beyond Belief


2. Bats Breath


3. Traitors / Exorcism / Devil's Gone


4. Metal Revenge


5. Kicked in the Ass


6. Fight the Dragon


7. Broken Bones


8. About Face


In Time / Beyond Belief
I seek the wizard that carries the light
Down to the earth through the shadows
In darkness he stands in back
Yet I know that he can free me

The deadly white light that
Can it reveal the answer?
Possessor of all the spirit of life
I seek the magician of time
Magician of time magician of time


The spirit that brought me to
This edge of my life
I seek the magician of time
When up through the black I
See through to the light
To find the magician is me

I am the magician of time
Magician of time
I am the magician of time

Everything you are, what you plan to be
You go forth and see what
You can't see
Then they watch you and do
What you should do
Wait around till you are
Finally through

Come with me, I speak of death and glory
You will see, I've got what you're after
It was me, and I'll tell the story
Then you run, this has gone beyond

Magination come, enter
I'm convincing you, so convin' singly
It was in the cards, destiny is due
You can run but they will come after you

When the time runs out, is the final quest
When will judge you when you did your best
Did it just to win, and now you get the prize
They will find you drowning in all your lies

Headin' east, search for what you're after
Lost the race, but you found your master
You'll survive, now you know the story
All is lost
That has gone - this has gone beyond
This has gone beyond belief
Bats Breath
A princess rises from the kingdom of death back again,
Destined to make you bleed
Duchess of darkness swoops
Down on her prey she's gonna
Taste your blood tonight, yes
Indeed unpure, unrighteous,
And her wants unsatisfied
Gluttonous bitch, her drive is vicious
Greed and as you smell
The carnage seep from her lips
By now you know the bats been freed

Cruella black, artery attack
She'll sink her fangs into ya'
Cruellas back, she's on the attack
You'll never know what she'll do to ya
Tonight's the night, she's ready to bite
And now the bitch is on you
Summon the priest, it's the night
Of the beast and now she'll
Feast upon you

She sees the glow out on the eastern sky
Wicked bitch knows that it's her time to go
Back to the tomb where she
First copped her kicks
Evil turns her on, I mean, you
Don't want to know
Again she hungers for the taste of warm blood

Her feast consists of you, who
Don't want to know
So hold on tight to your crucifix
She's swift and silent and
You're way to slow

Now that you know why
You're afraid of the dark
And evil follows you wherever you go
Mystery stalks you around every turn
And then you face your fate
When the blood starts to flow
She looks so good but yet she's
So damn bad
Her transformation makes it well understood
That you bad - asses better
Change your ways
Before you sucked bone dry
Right where you stood
Traitors / Exorcism / Devil's Gone
Metal Revenge
Kicked in the Ass
You think you know how it feels
When your good things goes bad
Then you go back for more
To see just how it feels
To be kicked in the ass

No end in sight
Who's wrong or right
Too tired to fight (kicked in the ass)
Then you go back
You see no slack
You try to run
From the kick in the ass

You think you've felt all the pain
And you've had all the shame
You try playing their game
But every time you got kicked in the ass

You see the light
No wrong or right
Too tired to fight
Then you go back
You see no slack
Then you know how it feels

To be kicked in the ass
Fight the Dragon
Listen him roar
Gonna even the score

Look up into his eyes
Mortal man his vapors fry
Wizard spells the land of doom
Watch me - fight the dragon

Feel the magic - yeah

He's mine, the warning sign
Suck the marrow from his spine
Breaking the spell on the land of doom
Watch me - fight the dragon
Broken Bones
You're tearing down my
Empire like a storm out of control
I put you on a pedestal and
You shoved me in a hole
Every time I drop my guard
Your wicked memories take their toll
And all you left me were my broken bones in a body
Growin' cold

Oh you shake my mind it's cryin'
Time, I can't see you anymore
You had your fun but now it's
Done, I know you're rotten to the core
I know your style, so mean and
You broke my heart and stole
My love, broken bones lay on the floor

Now I'm on my own to inspire
The rebuilding of my empire
Makin' myself number one to
Keep my feelin' safe from the fire
And a good dose of your own
Medicine makes you a slave to my desire
Anger lusts for your broken
Bones and the rage just sends me higher

All you women, cheatin',
Mistreatin', your lies come back on you
You took a dare and did not
Care to see your lies running
Your time has come, don't act
So dumb, now that your
Judgement day is due
The tables turned and you got
Burned, broken bones can t lie for you, baby

Again the king on my own empire,
A refugee from your fork - tounged pain, fire no!
Won't be pushed back down by
Any two-faced sneakin' liar
Have got no use for your
Childish games, have got no
Use for your hot hellfire
Now I'm free from your misery,
Your broken bones lay on the pyre
About Face
All right you slimy civilians
Out of those racks

Up on your feet
Hit the deck
Shine your boots
Off to chow
Gut in, chest out
Pt drop to your knees
Maggot, now
Head like a ripe peach
And bright as a nuclear glow
Scared half to death
And my mind if just about to blow

About face

Thrashing of you life takes place
They say for your own good
Di laughs and winks his eye
I'd waste him if I could
Looking back to see the harm
In the papers that I designed
Ninety days of blazing hell
And four more years behind
Sorry now I didn't hear what
My friends had to say
Now I'm a paid lunatic
And U.S. all the way

Front and center private
Don't look me straight into the eye
Forget your mom and your dad
'Cause you're mine till you die

About face


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