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January 17th, 2019
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Narnia - Narnia

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NarniaRelease by: selfproduction

Narnia - Narnia
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Reaching for the Top


2. I Still Believe


3. On the Highest Mountain


4. Thank You


5. One Way to the Promised Land


6. Messengers


7. Who Do You Follow?


8. Moving on


9. Set the World on Fire


10. Miracle


Reaching for the Top
Here we are, we're on the road again
We travel far, to see your smiling faces
We bring the music, we'll bring the fire
Standing on the solid rock
The spirit takes us higher
We wanna follow, we wanna go
Share the joy, share the living hope
We are the people, we are the crowd
We are rebels and we sail above it all
We rock, we go, we're reaching for the top
We rock, we go, we're never gonna stop
We rock, we go, we're reaching for the top
We rock, we go, we're never gonna stop
Turn up the music and play it loud
We want to celebrate the victory on the cross
I Still Believe
A hunger deep inside wakes me up at night
Where are we going
We're far away from home
Like a blind leading a blind
We sail away from all responsibilities
Far away from home
Tearing it down stone by stone
Raise an altar of pride, leave the worries behind
I still believe in the Maker
One by one, we all must bow down
I still believe in the Father, the Son and the Fire
Burning on, I still believe
Turning the tide, following the winds of change,
Denying everything we know
I've heard enough.
Your silence is deafening to my ears
Did I ever know you?
On the Highest Mountain
Follow me! Follow who? What is new?
Will I ever know?
I'm seeking confirmation, participation,
A broader vision
Finding out the latest truth
Twenty years ago the call
To be a voice for the man who gave it all
Jesus Christ, The son of God
The solid rock The Lion's roar
We are here through it all
Get up, cry out on the highest mountain
We're not ashamed, not afraid to fall
Stand up and fight for the truth of ages
Let us declare freedom, One for all
Read your bible, say a prayer
For your brother, it's time to care
We all need salvation
On high horses, we're riding high
Riding blind, but still we try
Time for redemption
Thank You
Thank You for creation
Thank You for Your grace
Thank You for the blood, shed upon the cross
For showing us Your way, The way
I see, I need, I trust, I change
Whenever I am near You
Lead me through the night
As darkness falls, as seasons change
Your love remains as others turn away
Whenever I am near You
Lead me through the night
Thank You for the shield of faith
Thank You for the sword
Thank You for the steel,
Dividing right from wrong
For showing us the way
I see, I need, I trust, I change
Whenever I am near You
Lead me through the night
As darkness falls, as seasons change
Your love remains as others turn away
Whenever I am near You
Lead me through the night
One Way to the Promised Land
I see them smile like so many times before
Speaking words of benevolence
Always on your side,
As long as you're on their side, their pride
Sucked up in the turbulence
Building temples of denial
Down is up and God is out
Rectify thy conscience, leave them all to die
Will we open the gate,
Spread the wings of our faith
Leaving all of our fears and lies behind
Hail the truth, face the lie,
By the cross it must die
There is one, only one way to the promised land
We see them die
Like so many times before.
As values are drifting, night is falling
Never asking "why?"
Always bowing to the latest truth
Eyes everywhere,
They're watching over every move that we make
They follow their orders
Don't let them into your mind
They are prepared to seek and find
They know the hour is late
Believe in me
We are the messengers, hear the ending calling
There is no time to lose, the world is falling
So many eyes are blind
Blinded by a lie
Will You hear me out and follow my orders?
There is one way to go
One for all of us
He paid the price for Your soul
Out of the fire
Who Do You Follow?
Are you awake?
Many will fall asleep to the warning sirens
People will die, all for a lie
As they feed it 'til it kills
Soon the day will come
Awaiting the Lion's return
Mankind - who do you follow?
Maybe he'll come tomorrow
Priesthood of Sweden, your castles are burning
Down, down, down to the ground…
Reaching for fame
Playing the game, betrayed by the inner circle
No turning back, follow the plan
Pay for freedom, sell your soul
Moving on
I'm walking through shadows
Is it dream or is it real?
Silence surrounds me, it's getting lonely
So many days, so many years
On a one way street, facing so many fears
Lord let me rest in your loving arms,
I need you more than ever
God, see my heart, I'm starving for your love
God, let me be a man and follow your plan
I'm moving on
I know the road is long, but I'm moving on
Where are the people with burning hearts and souls?
A scattered nation, crumbling to pieces
Who wants to follow? Who wants to go?
Fighting the battle for millions of souls
Lord, send me out, I'm ready to go
A soldier for your kingdom
Set the World on Fire
I still remember the day when
I gave my heart and my soul
Once and for all for the kingdom
Today I'm so grateful, still the mission is clear
I want to be in God's mystery
Follow the way to eternity
Come with me
You will see
Freedom in Christ, for you and me
We were all meant to be
By His holy majesty
Fire, set the world on fire
Shaking the heavens, the sea and the land
Setting us our souls free
No matter the ages, God's kingdom will last
The power of faith, a God given gift for us all
The flame of creation, the show must go on
Heaven is open for all
You just got to believe
You've seen the light
You felt the love my friend
Where are you now?
I miss you, don't you see
I know the road is hard for you
Sometimes we're blind, we cannot see
Through the misty clouds there is a light
Just believe!

I can't deny, can't deny what I see
It's a miracle, it's God's grace don't you see

Guardian angels watching over you
You're not alone
Even if you're far away from home

They will wipe away your tears and put your feet on solid ground
Life's a gift, it is a miracle, miracle
Christian Liljegren (Christian Rivel) - vocal
Martin Harenstam - keys
Carl Johan Grimmark - guitar, keys, back-vocal
Andreas Passmark - bass guitar
Andreas Johansson (Habo) - drums


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