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February 24th, 2019
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Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory

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Gama Bomb'2015

Untouchable GloryRelease by: AFM Records

Gama Bomb - Untouchable Glory
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Ninja Untouchables / Untouchable Glory


2. Avenge Me!


3. Drinkers, Inc.


4. My Evil Eye


5. Tuck Your T-Shirt in


6. Ride the Night


7. She Thing


8. Witching Mania


9. James Joints


10. Raging Skies


11. I Will Haunt You


12. After the Fire


Ninja Untouchables / Untouchable Glory
We'll see you at the leather bar, shirts without sleeves
Revving our imaginary motorbikes, the only thing we can believe
Pouring drinks so wildly down the crotches of our jeans
Too seedy for the crazies, too crazy for the scene
Looking at the world we'll see you darkly in the morn
We gave away our underwear, commando evermore

Don't touch me
I don't know where you've been
Can't you see?
It's the serpent just beneath the skin
They say we crossed the line, they say we're irresponsible
But we are untouchable

People are afraid of us because we've got ninja skills
Ninja skills is a relative term, be like us - get on the pill
Dare you to approach us you can expect to hear it all
Comparisons to terminator are not unreasonable
See us dancing serious, hear the Tech Noir beat
Loosening the bullets that hold you in your disbelief

Don't touch me
I don't know where you've been
Can't you see
It's the serpent just beneath the skin
They say we crossed the line, they say we're irresponsible
But we are untouchable

We'll take you to a room where men are training day and night
Our jackets have no sleeves at all, not even in the winter time
Businessmen will join us with their ties around their heads!
You can join our gang of course you can, but first we'll kill you dead
Avenge Me!
Hopes and dreams
Drowned out by the screams
Waking to the dying day undone at the seams
Decency and dignity - seems there's none of that for me
Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me

Going spare
Because my time is up and no-one cares
Twenty years
With no parole in the electric chair

So it comes to this
It's my apocalypse
Into the abyss and under the gun
This is the last command
It's time to be a man
Avenge me my son

Turn your back and run, never to return
Make your escape, the final bridge is burned
Go to earth and gather all your strength, the fire's in your brain
Sentence will be carried out but not before I say again

I'll be gone blotted out like ketchup on your shirt
They'll rub me out like maths mistakes
But I'll no longer hurt
I'll rest in peace like a ton of bricks once I know the word is out
Echoes from an unmarked grave that still seem to shout
You thought you saw the last of me but it ain't exactly true
Even though I'm dead and gone I'll be coming after you
Don't count your blessings 'til they hatch as lizards that will eat your face
My cold revenge is coming fast like a million drugged up snakes
Drinkers, Inc.
If you're on the scratcher and you're sitting on your hole
Take heart you better get smart
If you've only got a fiver and you wanna lose control
Be wise you gotta improvise
At the bottom of the fridge you'll find the answer to your prayers
Drink it neat and take it to the street
Bargain basement booze that'll give you curly hairs
Ice cold, Dutch Gold

In the great outdoors in the middle of December
Numb toes with your ass exposed
Throwing up in the canal it's a night you won't remember
Rites of passage feeling massive
Your tongue goes numb you got smoke in your eye
Pouring down your neck, you're a wreck
Drinking under bridges because such you're a classy guy
Feeling right, getting super tight

Next day when you wake up and you feel like human dirt
On the bathroom tiles, can't smile
Curry from the chipper down the front of your shirt
Such bright light, it's just not right
Piecing it together like columbo on a case
Your brain is shot, crying quite a lot
There's only one solution to the terror on your face
Another can's your only man

Busted jocks
Wasted nights
Empty pockets
Tools and pipes
Sleeping rough
Jocks and hash
Toothless nights
Gang: out of cash

Bless me father for I have gin
It went straight to my head
Drunk all day
Drunk all night
I'm tired and I wanna go to bed
My Evil Eye
I never sleep, I walk the street
My stride is long and wide
I'm a vagabond but that's not all
From me there's nothing you can hide

Find a place to lock away your deepest darkest thoughts
But I'll drag you out into the light
I turn my collar up against the waking world
Cursed by second sight

With my eyebrow raised my eye invades
A power I cannot control
At the appointed time I'll split the sky
And look inside your soul

I can be invisible
There is no wall between
In and through and everywhere
Nothing goes unseen

Eye to eye
I'm looking hard into your mind
I spy
I open up my evil eye

Little white lies, your hidden side
I can see you in your underwear
Innuendos in your innermost thoughts
Turn around, I'm already there
Salivate and shudder as my mental finger probes
A lightning power psychic eye that urges to explode
I clench my fists and squint my eyes, with every fibre of my will
Compelling you to blow your mind, it's the thought that kills
Tuck Your T-Shirt in
Preaching teaching prating braying saying every day
Mind your manners and your Ps and Qs
If you play it safe don't be late and brush your teeth and clean your plate
But if you never let her rip then what's the use?
Advisory parental, medical and dental
Someone tell me what we're saving for
Tuning in and dropping out but making sure you're all about
A mortgage and the two point four

Find a wife
Get a life
Get a man
Make a plan
We can't tell left from right

Glass ceiling
Sinking feeling
World is spinning
We are reeling
But we don't give up the fight

Living in a system inconsistent with your will to live
Tuck your t-shirt in
Regulations keep you in your station no more shits to give
Tuck your t-shirt in
You're a victim of the scene you got creases in your jeans
Tuck your t-shirt in
Never doing what you want and never saying what you mean
Tuck your t-shirt in

There's no option called failure, there's no time to wait your mobility is grinding to a halt
But it's later than you think because we all end up in stink
If you let it go it's nobody else's fault
Shaping up and shipping out and getting crushed beneath the doubt
Of all the stuff you really should have done
You make a wage, you act your age and find your place upon the stage
But you'll never get your way beneath the gun

Stay in school
Know the rules
Turn the cheek
Suffer fools
Still going nowhere fast

Keep fit
Bigger tits
Look good
Feel like shit
How long can it last?

Cut loose fill your boots get your share of all the loot
This is you, keep it true do the things you want to do
Be yourself no one else not the guy that you were tell
Do it all get it wrong get it out and get it on
Ride the Night
Tell me I'm wrong which you can't 'cos I'm not
Nothing's all you got to lose and nothing's all you got
If you stand up big and tall you'll be blown to bits
The highest form of flattery, the lowest form of wit
With every sip of venom you can feel the load is growing
The diesel power engine in your gut is overflowing
The wall of sleep is shattered, you're on the other side
Standing silent like a Terminator, eyes open wide

You don't need anybody
You ride the night
Everyone can see you screaming high
You wanna be somebody
You ride the night
Everything you do is do or die

If you were sane you'd go completely mad
If you took a single second to consider you'd be glad
Full of sugar pills and poison and you never lived a day
Now you decide you got something to say?
Well it's too late - you had a vote but you never had a choice
The people with the power never even heard your voice
And they don't care
To them you're just a number on an empty chair
They're switching on the current lighting stogies off your hair
She Thing
Deadly nightshade on the lizard lips of the female of the species
A lady killer's neon claws will tear you into pieces
There's a midnight disco in the graveyard
There's a lightning bolt in her hair
Where voodoo dogs drink human blood
You'll find her there

Scream for mama
Scream all you like
You're in for the ride of your afterlife
She's the beauty and the beast
She's the mother and the child

Gin vermouth formaldehyde
She thing gone wild
Ladies first Frankenstyle
She thing gone wild
Troublemaker, problem child
She thing gone wild
Mark of the beast sign of the times
She thing gone wild

Go-go dancing skeletons pour martini from their mouths
Oil projected psychedelic horror that's just too far out

Scream for mama
Scream all you like
You're in for the ride of your afterlife

Gin vermouth formaldehyde
She thing gone wild
Ladies first Frankenstyle
She thing gone wild
Troublemaker, problem child
She thing gone wild
Mark of the beast sign of the times
She thing gone wild
Witching Mania
Witch! Witch! Seize the witch!
Hang her up high on a hook
Haunted, hunted, persecuted
Cursing with your hand upon the book

Spit and curse and rip her clothes
Ensure she never lives it down
A jury of peers has found her to be evil
So gather round

She laid down with the goat so pay the price
A mockery of everything that's holy, she must end tonight

Occultery - the way she spread her seed
There's witching afoot in this community

Witch! Witch! Witching mania!
The twilight zone
You'll never be seen again
Burn! Burn! Burn the witch!
Laughing in the flames

Hysteria - has anybody got a clue what's going on?
Hallucinate - pinning all the terror on these cursed ones
Throw the book - taking down the letter of the highest law
Execute - the only way to grace to burn them one and all

The darkness - burns behind her eyes
She's chosen a side - and she must die

Rising from the conflagration naked and obscene
Screaming all her maledictions flame left her pristine
People flee in all directions clutching cross and heart
The age of witches is at hand this is just the start
James Joints
The weed, the weed, the snot green weed
Into Davy Byrne's we'll sit us down and have a feed
Rolling up a pinner sitting on the Daniel Day,
Finnegan's bake - smoke weed every day
Portrait of the artist as a young Rastafah
Living after midnight in the Phoenix Park
The fella offa star trek is the fella from the van
By the Royal Canal we will have another hot can

Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Joints joints joints!

A wandering rasta
Disgusted by pasta
The Citizen is fast but Leo is faster
Stephen is the student and Jah is the master
The ghost is the father smoke blow cos he hasta

James Joints
The compass points
Dirty old town
Smoke the brown
Wwim on the shore in Doobalin 4
Off your gourd in the penisulate wars
Raging Skies
Mysterious calligraphy of a strange and unknown place
Calibrating engines of flight
Manuscripts from history make plain the unfathomable
A strange conflagration over eastern skies
Enochian geometry reveals your darkest depths
Rushing on gossamer wings to the temple they seek out the sacred child

All these visions plague my mind
Hands in fists I curse the raging skies

The Ural mountains in 1959, victims of an unknown force
Look to the skies and see the signs, the alignment is upon us
(They are already among us)
An encounter that nobody will believe save those touched from above
Who will listen?
The mad and true confessions that will rip the world apart!
The time is near!

They planted information inside my head
The president must know, unhand me!
The symbology of the ages written in the constellations of the skies
For you and I
Reaching for us with hands that can penetrate your very soul
Who will join the chosen elite?
Now I am condemned to this prison for the truth I know
They have made me mad!
I Will Haunt You
You ground me down you put me out you pushed me to the edge
You kept me on the bottom for so long
And all the while you cramped my style and made me look a fool
The urge to be avenged grew ever strong
You never stopped the hammer dropped you took me down a peg
You didn't think to look me in the eye
If you had you'd see eventually that you would rue the day
And that would be the day after I die

I told you there'd be hell to pay
You just laughed
I told you it would end this way
Now I'm coming back
From the grave to haunt the shit out of you

I will haunt you
I will haunt you

You were the man and I was not but all along I knew
My end is the beginning of it all
Without a sound I'm in the ground but also at your side
Ectoplasm running down the walls
In the corner of your eye after I died you cannot get away
My icy fingers going down your pants
A Ouija board you can't ignore the fact that I am back
In the night you can hear me chant

I told you death means nothing to me
You were like whatever
Back to hound you mercilessly
This time it's forever
And I won't stop until your hair goes white and you drop dead

I will haunt you
I will haunt you
After the Fire
We are orphans of the nuclear fire
We are ashen leather primitives
Racing neon motorbikes you can hear us scream
Beyond the outer limits

After the fire
Worship the all-seeing eye
Violent desire
Look me in the eye and say you're not afraid to die

Strapped across the chassis of this war machine
700 miles across
In the night we fight the rats and chase the mutants underground
It is wee who paid the cost to be the boss

Nitro fuelled diesel power pumping in our guts
Everybody's coming of New York
I cannot wait until my head and body part
It means absolutely nothing to us
Philly Byrne - vocal
Dominic Dixon (Domo) - guitar
John Roche - guitar
Joe McGuigan - bass guitar
Paul Caffrey - drums

Produced by Scott Atkins.

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