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February 24th, 2019
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Game Over - Crimes Against Reality

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Game Over'2016

Crimes Against RealityRelease by: Scarlet Records

Game Over - Crimes Against Reality
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. What Lies Within...


2. 33 Park Street


3. Neon Maniacs


4. With All That Is Left


5. Astral Matter


6. Fugue in D Minor (Allegro Ma Non Troppo)


7. Just a Little Victory


8. Gates of Ishtar


9. Crimes Against Reality


10. Fix Your Brain


What Lies Within...
33 Park Street
In the nineteenth century the hospital was built
It was run run by a congregation of black nuns with no mercy
Children were the patients, they were trapped inside their mind
Segregation was the cure for (their) schizophreniac cries

And then came the war!
They let 'em die
Prisoners inside

Not so far from home the old asylum
Still lives on!
No-one is in there but all the spirits who ain't gone
In the dead of night his figure rising
Cuts the black!
Mesmerizing you, the sweat gets cold but you'll be back

What lies within
What lies within
33 Park Street

Victims of their cruelty, the tortures and the pain
Children became casualties of a bloodthirsty game
Tied in beds with chains, tormented just to see them die
Restless hosts they'll be until the very end of times

It's calling!
I remember it well
You're welcome
Come in
Neon Maniacs
Watch out! Watch out!
Their coming to town
The neon maniacs

Coming from the stars just to let you run
Set this night on fire, take the humans one by one
Terrifying the streets at the speed of light
To be the ruler, to be the masters in disguise
Woo-oh woo Tyrants forever, kings for a day
Woo-oh woo Spilling your blood for their potions of pain

They take 'em all, catch your soul

California shakes when they're on the loose
Spinning 'round you, unforeseeble like a fuse
Pity for no one, twisted bloody stouts
You've got twelve more reasons
To shout your loungs out
Woo-oh woo Tyrants forever, kings for a day
Woo-oh woo Spilling your blood for their potions of pain

They take'em all, catch your soul
Take'em all!

Watch out! Watch out!
Their coming to town
The neon maniacs!
With All That Is Left
When it turned to grey, when it turned to grey and disappeared
In the distance for a moment it stayed
Every day begun, every hour begun to lose its meaning
Turning into pearls in sorrow's necklace

And you stand, and you choose
not to care what you lose
Keep on living on the vestiges of a
memory that is never to come back

As the times goes by the weight gets heavier
Take me home again
Tear the pain away
While around me everything changes

With their blinding light, all the yesterdays light up tomorrows
And I swear they'll keep on shining deep inside
With all that is left, through the worlds that overlap you find peace
Into places where you once used to belong

And we go, on and on
We'll still march for so long
There's no reason act to justify
The neverending flowing of your life

There are thing that won't come back to me
Keep 'em all within
Close and deep they live
While around me everything changes

Take Time
You've got to take the time you need
About the stream of life you're in
Which path to take
The past can be warm if today seems like frozen
It takes a lot to realize

With all that remains
We shall carry on
Astral Matter
Space and time distorted by the rules of relativity
All alone between the stars, confused the strings of gravity
Soundless black is all around with no trace of anything
You will face the eternity, the existing and its misery

Embrace the darkness that surrounds you
Prepare for the infinity

Cosmos, bringer of order and purity
Welcome the drops of our majesty
Unknown, surround with black arms our floating fates
Conceal your schemes through eternal time
And tell us all, in the end, is just one

The world we know will be destroyed
Alpha & Omega's meeting is the end of space and time

Boundaries are forgotten as the last mystifications
You'll find out that all the ends are new originations
We're part of the infinite, we're nothing and we are all
There can be no history when everything returns

Embrace the darkness that surrounds you
Prepare for the infinity
Fugue in D Minor (Allegro Ma Non Troppo)
We wanted some music with full orchestra
Give us the power to play a madrigal
We wanted a concert with full string ensemble
Give us the power to play a nocturnal
So we wrote a fugue in D minor
Just a Little Victory
Hypnotized by your black screens
Trail yourself around through the city lights
What you see is what you're needing
Disposable happiness' making your day

You wear a plastic smile and say
You are choosing your own way
There's a void inside your brain
Puppets into a master's game

You can judge but can't be judged 'cos
Truth's one way on your direct lane
Spitting hate, spreading poison
Then wash your sins in a confessional

You kneel before a cross and pray
And feel like home, you feel so safe

Just a little victory!
Hiding what you should be
You gain
Just a little victory
Denying humanity
You gain just a little victory
Gates of Ishtar
Sacrifice with the golden rod
Ancient rites, satisfy the gods
For Babylon, queen of all the lands
May the stars lead the masterplan

Screaming, bleeding, the prophet's dreaming
Straight to the gates of the Gods we'll go

Babylon, the heart of the empire
Eternally linked to the skies
Your people read the book of the universe
How much blood all over your plains
Falling in the rivers that gave
The splendor to be the Forest of Life on Earth

Ishtar, lead us the way
Mother of mortals
Ishtar, show us the way
By the stars, open the gates

Ishtar came to the depths of hell
For love's sake she challenged the dead
Cursed by the minister of death she fought
While she was trapped in the underlife
The world became to wither and die
Silvery mother of all that shines you rose
Crimes Against Reality
You rejected our rules, what did you think you little fool?
We decide the way it is, reality
Virtual lives is what you need, cold emotions you will feel
Our control guaranteed, so get down to your knees

You tried to move your steps over the edge of madness
Because we draw the line between future and sadness
We give humanity what they are all demanding
It is the spirit of your time you are offending

It's a crime
It's a crime against reality
You're guilty

Wheel of time we accelerate, shallow lives we declarate
Why would you ever want your own disease?
You're committing a suicide, while refusing our guide
Close your eyes and take our hand, we'll show you new men's land

I won't accept all your proposals and deceptions
Because your flattery's for those who can't remember
Just what it means to keep a memory and affection
My only company while I'm in my black chamber

Now you're all prepared to see, how the future has to be
You'll have what you're asking me, all you need is
No more thinking by yourself, mass distraction, let us help
To remove the shreds of your humanity

For how long will I live into the trace of memories
Just for refusing to take part of your odd fantasies
Is this the price we pay for the sake of our happiness
To be confined into the walls of our loneliness?
Fix Your Brain
Screams into the silence, for things you'll never be
You always use to move your tongue for saying you disagree
Your lack of understanding is covered by your words
You think you're so important when you tell us how to moan

And you k-keep on talking with your inf-flexible certainty
That under your unt-touchable rostrum
Everyone needs you to decide just what to do
While they're only waiting you to shout your mouth

The greater the frustration, the louder all your screams
The clash against reality is not as hard as is seems
For you who are so blind in a paranoid way
To blame the world and all the rest for not seeing you're the key

And I'm d-definitely not impressed by your c-convulsed masquerade
'Cause I'v-ve already seen your character
So many times, you are just losing your time
Can't you see, you fool no one and I am getting bored

Someone told me you're still out there
All I say to you is fix your brain
Renato Chiccoli - vocal, bass guitar
Luca Zironi (Ziro) - guitar, back-vocal
Alessandro Sansoni (Sanso) - guitar

Peoduced by Simone Mularoni.

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