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September 25th, 2018
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Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion

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Dust Bolt'2016

Mass ConfusionRelease by: Napalm Records

Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Sick X Brain


2. Mass Confusion


3. Allergy


4. Turned to Grey


5. Blind to Art


6. Mind the Gap


7. Exit


8. Empty Faces


9. Taking Your Last Breath


10. Portraits of Decay


11. Masters of War


12. Into the Void
    (by Black Sabbath.)


Sick X Brain
Guess who's that
The psycho sick-head thrashed up guy
Presumed dead, almost smashed
But resurrected back on track
A tale of a living psycho
Deep inside his brain
Gossiped viciously about
Every step attained
As they watch him as he fights
For legacies before death
They see him jumping off the walls
Hits the barrel against his head
Refuse to conceive him
Displeased as you touch him
All efforts formed to rotten
In pain but not forgotten

Gotta gotta sick brain
Gotta take the sick brain
Had to buy this sick brain
Gotta deal with sick brain
Gotta gotta sick brain
Gotta take the sick brain
Had to buy this sick brain
Gotta deal with sick brain
Sick, sick brain
Sick brain
Sick, sick brain
Mass Confusion
Found yourself in bullets
Under flak of control guides
Religious lines and media tried
Folded and channelled your whole mind
You are not supposed to dispute though
We sprawl in violence and pain
As we're fattened by these preset codes
It is ourselves who we betray

Hypocritical are all the lies that we seed
And polemical when you're looking at me
So fucking critical, my eyes that you see
Convulsing your whole ground

It's cynical and crazy world that we're in and
I can see us all and how we're losing our sense
Not just political should be decisions we pledge
They must come from within
Covering up your eyes, tearing down our faces
Wanting us all to live a masquerade
The day everybody lives in confusion

Dreams lie smashed, they're laid to rest
Life's substance's purchased in a can
Can't you see that he who's not burning
Will never ever fan the flame?
Breastfeeding our suppressed life's and thickening it
With blood that they gained out of war
Subordinated, bent and good saluting too by choice
We swapped maturity to conform

It's hypocritical, all the lies that we seed
So pathetical when you're looking at thee
So uncritical, think you can find what you need, but you have lost yourself

It's cynical and crazy life that we lead
And can't you see the war and how it's soaking our breed?
So goddamn criminal for the sake of prestige
We spend life in bad faith
They cover up our eyes, tearing down our faces
Making us all to live a masquerade
The day where everybody lives in confusion

You keep staring at me
Something you've never seen
Lost with stupidity
You're just an empty face to me
Welcome to mass confusion
Covering up your eyes, tearing down your faces
Making us all to live a masquerade
The day everybody lives...
Everybody, everybody loves, everybody... in confusion
Mass confusion, confusion, confusion
Think for yourself
It's not you that I hate potentially it's still myself
Just trying to keep the distance meant to guarantee my health
A part of me that's fighting it, a part of me that's dead
Overcoming is a sacrifice. An avoidable mistake.
Protection of my own. Protection of my fear.
A drift away from anything inside that once seemed real
Repugnancy implanted from the head unto the toe
A monster living deep inside that I still see in you


Lost inside the pain, the needle strikes, feeding the insane
I'm lost inside my head
Rotting skin, deep within it's dead

Every time it hits me as I rebound, like a slap
I didn't foresee things are gonna fuck with me like that
Same old day, same old shit, can't stand it all, sick of it
Distant shades, substantially pale
Look at me - see the eyes of a dead man's face
Marginal - on the floor, a chunk of waste
I'm sick. Too sick to continue it

Lost inside the pain, the needle strikes, feeding the insane
I am lost inside my head
Rotting skin, deep within I'm dead

Burned in deep within my head
Too much time wasted
A spoiled complex within
A soul at rest
All these demons inside
Too many days wasted
As the waves crush apart
Allergy deep within me
Allergy - need to let it be
Allergy - there's no choice you see
The reason I despise it all is...
Turned to Grey
Vanities get shut, hear the starting shot
These nights are our nights that we play
We all came together, adrenalized blood
Let's bring on what was taken away
Cut down the fences, break every wall
High is the night that we face
This is our game and we are meant to destroy
No one will change our, change our way

The lights get smashed this spot'll be splashed
You've lost you say
Our force won't go away
It's the end for us to blame
The ones that do create more than just fake

But today the dye got washed away
And there's nothing left to say
No single thing will be ok
When everything has turned to grey

Everything has turned to grey

We come to bring the barrier down
Nothing justifies to separate
Let's tear down the borders and come together as one
No longer we'll accept the doctrine
A riot on fire, with burning desire
A message for all out to see
Cut down the fences and break every wall
Let's paint this place as it should be

The lights get thrashed
This spot'll be splashed
You've lost your say
Elitism get smashed
Out blood - we all share red
Collective strength to spread something means to last

But today the dye for washed away
And there's nothing left to say
It's the start of our decay
When everything has turned to grey

When all the dirt gets washed away
And everything has turned to grey

Units are coming to tear away
My lost place of dreams and faith
Soon everything is forced to fade

As they tramp on our beliefs
Like lifeless cold machines
They kill until the last piece bleeds

When the dirt get washed away
And there's nothing left to say
The beginning of our decay
When everything has turned to grey

When our thoughts get locked away
You'll be forced to meet your fate
Nothing ever lasts in world so pale
When everything

When our dreams get thrown away
It's the beginning of our decay
When all colours begin to fade
And everything has turned to grey
Blind to Art
Talk talk but you've never learned to refuse or to
Disagree and find beliefs you call your own drawn
By your leader's words rasterized in chains your course is set and foretold
Can't step outside your porch you throw away your life and take the easy ride
The common sense to hide between black and white

No I won't change my way no reason for me to stay

Face of a smug - I can't do nothing but break free from all you are
Brain wide shut no sense for nothing
You erased your heart you're fucking blind to art

All you seed becomes staid
A narrow-minded concept of pretended success
But you build your own hell
What does not come from within is sadly forced to pale

What about the beauty of variety and all the art you never felt, you never did?
Can't you see the win creativity, or is it something you can't stand?

Need to get away
And fine another place

Face of a smug - I need to break free from what you are
Brain wide shut you can't see nothing
You erased your heart you're fucking blind to art

I don't need your world of hypocrisy - blind to art
Leave you behind and follow my own beliefs - blind to art
And I don't care about assaults or words you say - blind to art
I'll go my path and be taking the hard way - blind to art

They said I'm doing it all wrong
They said I'm living for an utopia

I'm a dreamer the say
'Cause I'm doing it my own way
Mind the Gap
Mind the gap between me and you cause I'm fucking wasted and you're just a fool.
Like the seven claws of pain
The rain is coming down again
Lost a thousand miles away
Cones undone it's better to run
With the wind like dust to fade
Again it aches

Sky spreads open wide as the loosened ties make him seem given to fly
Staring and waiting to die
Uncomfortable to live this lie
But at least he tried

Knowing when he's gone that sure it'll hurt
Cause by the fact that the sun feels nothing
But at least that's something
Though this exist was meant for you
You won't realize and you won't care
Does he care?
Through the days he was facing the ground broken
Did you win?
Though his destiny, the words he speaks
Do they mean a thing?

You might think he's living a dream
But can't you see his nightmare?
Trying to run and hide from the devil
He surely knows but he can't find
What more could he ask for?
Empty Faces
Grown up in this world confused
From birth to death this life abused
Base motives that rule our forgotten core
I'd rather disappear and do not wanna see
The ones I need my enemies
We had to chance to live in peace but chose war

It's not the story we tell, it's about the story we live
Mind polluted from a constant lie
As long as we fall we're meant to live in pain
Until we die

It grieves me to see that we've lost our life - dead
Release me I can't take any more

Lifeless cold bodies - as a plague for themselves
Won't discern from the living dead
But does anybody else?
Do they know the pain? And breathe the air I breathe?
Lost and drowned identities these empty faces hunting me

I can't eradicate my mind
Got used to live this daily fight
Gotta deal with being the one to hate myself
Do I differ from anybody else?
Taking Your Last Breath
You erased me buried me deep in the ground
Again another worthless try to bring me down
Without mercy and sleepwalking my mind
Tried to kill my fire but it won't die

Blistering pain neurotoxic drenched veins
On acardiac creature made me totally insane
You spit stings but watch me step aside
One by one your shape of glass' gonna die
Just a snitch - that gets smashed
Count your every second cause your life won't last
I see you and I see war
Foot the bill and knock on your death's door

I can't relate to people sucking off
And make their living out of others' pain
Got stabbed chewed up spot out then fucked
More times than you can spell my name

We all lie when we look into the mirror
But you can't lie when you're facing death
Just follow me one step closer
And you'll be taking your last breathe

Every laugh of you becomes a leech placed on my neck
The rope tied on my head
Just a matter when you tighten it
You spit stings but I spit fire
Final stroke finite no more fake messiah

A fucking snitch - that get smashed
If I told you all the names you caused me to detest
I see you and I feel pain
So stay the fuck away from me
Last breath

We all lie when we look into the mirror
But you can't lie when you're facing death
Just follow me one step closer
And you'll be taking your last breath

Everyone's to mortice his weights and to fight his own cruel war
Doesn't implicit we can throw our bombs and take aim at others' doors
As you spread your pain and spread violence you expose your evils ways
Can forgive but sure I won't forget until my final day

Here I am waiting to die
Never again no more lies
Never trust
Never again
Portraits of Decay
Blood that's dropping silently
Washed away beneath dead leaves
Storms are weeping desperate cries
A world that's dying right before our eyes

But yet another day we are crumbling away
As time attest its impact in the mirror of decay
The battles are speaking volumes
To nurse the pain of change
As grounds that once seemed solid decided just to fade

I can't see it's coming near, like a chronic cold disease
When all that's seeds once grew wide becomes your enemy
As we burn all that is left to be
Light a fire burning down the rest of me

Our hands are bound in fury and the seas
Seem to cede to move on with this dying day
In these portraits of decay

How should I catch the light when I can't even catch myself?
Too far away clarity seems distant in this cold abandoned hell
And we take and we take but who cares who's to give?
Did we lose our hearts did we ever exist?
Sometimes it feels like an edgeless dagger stinging into the ribs

I can't see it's crawling nearer, a chronic cold disease
As all that's seeded once grew wide becomes an enemy
As we take all that is left to be
Drink my blood and eat the rest of me

The plants are dug in fury and the seas
Seem to retrieve their waves back from this dying breed
I wonder if it matters if I leave or if I stay
Will it get worse or just a painful other day
In these portraits of decay?
Masters of War
Now it's time to proceed it's our time to defend
No your mass confusion won't succeed and drench my sick brain
Through the sound of the guns
Through the pace of your bombs
There still lightning telling me to go on fighting for hope
Might seem simple to kill
Might seem easy to hate
But how can something emerge by going the easy way?
Call me young and naive
Overzealous barefaced
But your masters of war won't capture me with your game
All your money and glory
Will it be on your side
Don't you forget to tell me
At the day when you die
Into the Void
(by Black Sabbath.)
Rocket engines burning fuel so fast
Up into the night sky they blast
Through the universe the engines whine
Could it be the end of man and time?

Back on earth the flame of life burns low
Everywhere is misery and woe
Pollution kills the air, the land, the sea
Man prepares to meet his destiny

Rocket engines burning fuel so fast
Up into the black sky so vast
Burning metal through the atmosphere
Earth remains in worry, hate and fear

With the hateful battles raging on
Rockets flying to the glowing sun
Through the empires of eternal void
Freedom from the final suicide

Freedom fighters sent out to the sun
Escape from brainwashed winds and pollution
Leave the earth to all it's sin and hate
Find another world where freedom waits

Past the stars in fields of ancient void
Through the shields of darkness where they find
Love upon a land a world unknown
Where the sons of freedom make their home

Leave the earth - to Satan and his slaves
Leave them to their future in their graves
Make a home where love is there to stay
Peace and happiness in every day.
Lenny Breuss (Lenny Bruce) - vocal, guitar
Flo Dehn - guitar
Bene Munzel (Bene Münzel) - bass guitar
Nico Remann (Nico Rayman) - drums


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