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April 27th, 2017
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Grim Reaper - Walking in the Shadows

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Grim Reaper'2016

Walking in the ShadowsRelease by: Dissonance Productions

(as Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper)

Grim Reaper - Walking in the Shadows
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Wings of Angels


2. Walking in the Shadows


3. Reach Out


4. I'm Coming for You


5. From Hell


6. Call Me in the Morning


7. Rock Will Never Die


8. Temptation


9. Thunder


10. Now You See Me


11. Blue Murder


12. Come Hell Or High Water


Wings of Angels
Striking at speed
On my wings from above
Coming right out of the sun
Time after time
I will fly close to death now
Until all the evil is done

I see the tracers flying past you
Then finally making their mark
Out of control in a death roll
Until you're slamming into earth

Fly on wings of angels
You're in my sights
You won't return tonight
On wings of angels

I climb as I'm turning
To see more of you burning
That's another to add to my list
My fire's running low
And it's nearly time to go
Just wanna put more of you down
Walking in the Shadows
I'd like to tell you a story
Not many people know
It'll make you decide
Where and when you go
Do you remember the feeling
Someone's watching you
Well I can tell you that it's real
I've had those feelings too

I saw it coming don't you know
I saw it coming don't you know

Take my hand
Follow me
Don't look back
Walking in the shadows

You can feel the eyes
Follow every move
Feel your pulse rising
When you know there's nothing there
As soon as your back is turned
It happens just the same
Well I can tell you that it's real
I've had those feelings too
Reach Out
I find it so hard to see what's real
Before my eyes
Why can't I
Why can't I see what's in front of me
Truth or is it lies

Reach out
And save me
Reach out
And save me
Pull me back into this world

And through the mists
Through the mists of oblivion
Being pulled down a distant path
I've got to wonder
Wonder when will it ever end
When can I climb out
I'm Coming for You
When I see you out for blood
I can't resist
It boils up inside of me
Then the feeling starts
Again I hate it
And like the animal I obey

I'm coming for you
I will always bring you down
I'm coming for you now (x2)

Always look across your shoulder
You won't resist
You'll never know when
I'll be there
I'm always looking for a reason
Whatever reason I'll be there

And I'll tell you there's no rock
To hide under
You're out there on your own
And now it's time to face up
To what you've done
Count your blessings it's just me
From Hell
Your ride awaits black as night
The last one I'll tell you
It's a gift just in spite
Tempting you to come

And what awaits
Scares me to death
It ain't such a pretty picture
Inside out
That's how you're laid
For all to see

From hell from hell

Tempted in without a care
Luxury abounded
Just one look in his eyes
Leaves you astounded

From Hell (x4)

The next time you see
The flashing of a blade
A struggle then to breathe

Aberline here's your gift
Surely a pleasure
A penny here a penny there
For the boatman's ride
Call Me in the Morning
When it comes
I see the blackness in your eyes
There's no mistake
It's something that you never will disguise

Coming back eyes are black
Always on attack
No way out
Why don't you

Take two of these
And call me in the morning

I can never tell
Is it the darkest cloud
That's hanging over you
A death warmed up
And a mist that
Follows close behind you too
Rock Will Never Die
The time is right I'm told
That you're leaving me
You'll never know what you did for me
Take me down, coming down
So I can see the road ahead

Just look at me now
Time's drawing near
You know that you're mine
Don't put up a fight

Rock will never die
You left your heart and soul
Rock will never die
It's what you left behind

Now I'm looking back
On what you left for me
Now I sing what you did for me
Take me down, coming round
Now I can see the road ahead

Standing with angels now
And time is flying by
I still play what you did for me
Take me down, coming round
Now I see the road ahead
If I knew then what I know now
Would I be where I am
Taking advantage give it to me
Any way you can

Anything anytime
Do what I want make it mine
Just an evil streak I had in me
The black sheep of the family

It's evil in me
It's all plain to see

When put before me I can't run
Obvious to all
Tearing hearts apart one by one
That's just how it is

And when it's calling out to me
I'm blind
How can I tell them that it's real
It's real
All I see are dark clouds
Forming in my mind
Bringing with it pain and misery
Thinking I'm a lost soul
And feeling all alone

And now I see
I've missed the warning signs
I didn't race for cover
I must have been blind

A feeling that is lost
Not finding my way out

Life goes on around me
But I'm sinking ever down
Can't tell you how it got this far

I think I'm losing
I think I'm losing my mind
I need to be somewhere
Somewhere that I can't find
That I can't find
Now You See Me
I sit and I wonder
What it is I'm looking for
I'm a prisoner in my own world
Where everyone just passes by

And I look out
So you can see
Above the parapet
Just look it's me

Now you see me
Now you don't
You could save me but you won't

I think I'm fading
Can't you see I'm right here waiting

So I look out you gotta see
Above the parapet
Just look it's me

You think I'm crazy
But I know what's going on
I'm just craving your attention
But in your eyes I'm just not there
Blue Murder
As I lie awake staring into space
I put my hand across my open mouth
Can't move a muscle as I stare death in the face
I guess I'm coming to an end

But I'm not going down without a fight
My earthly bounds are breaking one by one
Can't find the strength to battle on my own
To help my lifeless body tell them that I'm here

Darkness takes me I'm screaming blue murder
Darkness takes me I'm screaming blue murder

Wake up in darkness my hands across my chest
I start to panic as I realise
Air's getting thinner the harder that I breathe
Squeezing me tighter but I will survive
How many times do I have to go through this
Stabbed in the heart it takes my breath away
Counted on you being there I shouldn't waste my breath
With or without you I can do it anyway
Come Hell Or High Water
They tried to make me
They tried to make me lose my mind
They made me fake it but I'm gonna make it
It makes me stronger every time

Standing my ground
I'm gonna take you down

Come hell or high water
I'm getting through
Come hell or high water
I'm coming through (x2)

Ain't gonna break me
Ain't gonna break me down this time
Take it or leave it
Better believe it
Coz it makes me stronger every time

Come hell or high water
Come hell or high water
Steve Grimmett - vocal
Ian Nash - guitar
Martin Trail - bass guitar
Paul White (Sid) - drums

Produced by Steve Grimmett and Ian Nash.

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