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January 21st, 2019
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Eden's Curse - Cardinal

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Eden's Curse'2016

CardinalRelease by: AFM Records

Eden's Curse - Cardinal
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Prophets of Doom


2. Sell Your Soul


3. The Great Pretender


4. Messiah Complex


5. Find My Way


6. Kingdom of Solitude


7. Utopian Dreams


8. This Is Our Moment


9. Rome's on Fire


10. Unconditional


11. Saints & Sinners


12. Jericho


13. Man Against the World
    (2016 version)


Prophets of Doom
Verse 1
The beast is alive, inside of me
Try to deprive, your will to be
A yearning for shelter from deadly storms

Verse 2
I feast on your drive, your energy
You somehow contrive, to set me free
A despising heller in many forms

You can't live your life
With me far behind
I'm watching you over your shoulder
I cut like a knife
I'm there to remind you
Wake the beholder

We are the voices of discontent
We are the ministry of gloom
We are the choices of consequent
We are the prophets of doom

Verse 3
Unseen parasite, with no reprieve
I feel out of spite, on your belief
I'm casting my shadow on tomorrow

Verse 4
I eat at your pride, your self esteem
Deceive and I lie, your soul redeem
For I am the master of your sorrow

Bridge & Chorus

Middle 8
Everyone's the same
They all believe they'll change
But I decide when it's over
Coz I control your life
Your ignorance his rife
You'll never break these chains

Main Solo: TK / Unison

Bridge & Breakdown


Outro Solo: Unison
Sell Your Soul
Verse 1
The cross roads in our lives
Only tell where we've come from
Not the road we're on

Verse 2
The choices cut like knives
We bleed, till we feel numb
And overcome

Bridge 1
We embrace the change for a brighter day

The grass ain't always evergreen
Better the devil that you've seen
Still caught up in the machine
Sell your soul to the devil
The streets we live on are so mean
No fairytale to end your dreams
Still caught up in the routine
Sell your soul to the devil

Verse 3
Still we can't survive
We dwell on what's to come
In the great unknown

Verse 4
Yet the conscience in our minds
We quietly succumb
As we become

Bridge 2
Prepared for change and a brighter day


Middle 8
Give your life away
Don't you wanna give your life away yeah
No, no, no
Give your life away
Selling your, selling your
Selling your, selling your soul
Give your life away, giving your life away

Main Solo: Unison / TK / Chrism / TK / Unison

The Great Pretender
Verse 1
Trying hard to convince himself
He's the best you've ever seen
The only one believing it is he
Take a look behind his eyes
You'll begin to understand
Illusion masks his insecurities

Bridge 1
You gotta let him fall
With his back against the wall

He's a great, the great pretender
(The cardinal sin)
No, he'll never surrender
(He'll never let you win)
The great, the great pretender
(Fighting doubts within)
Just sit back enjoy the show
With the great pretender

Verse 2
Trying hard to out fool the world
With his bold chicanery
Deception to the point of being obscene
Oh yeah
Eliminate his mock facade
You begin to realize
Delusion buries inability

Bridge 2
You gotta let him fall
When the writing's on the wall


Main Solo: TK / Chrism / TK / Unison

Chorus (x2)

Come on, roll up, sit back, enjoy the show!
Messiah Complex
Verse 1
I am immortal
A king amongst many men
I watch the lost look my way
I don't breathe the air of the contrite
And I swear that all you are blind

Verse 2
I paved my road
With Midas' gold
My fables told
Will steal your soul

Bow down to the king of might have been
Bow down to the king of broken dreams

I'm the messiah so heed my call
Watch as I flaunt thee to one and all
Faceless pariah I bleed bitter gall
Watch as they taunt me whenever I fall

Verse 3
I walk upon water
The great and all powerful
I speak the word with tongues of fire
A crown of gold no single thorn in sight
I am the truth and light

Verse 2, Bridge & Chorus

Main Solo: TK / Chrism / TK / Chrism / TK

Find My Way
Verse 1
Sometimes feel I've all but lost
Count my blessings, carry my own cross
They don't know my name
See me wear my shame like an albatross

Verse 2
Sometimes feel like closing in on me
I try to run, but I can't break free
I can't seem to shake
Regrets and mistakes from my history

Help me escape dismay
Let me lie here in your love tonight
Show me a brighter day
Everything's gonna be fine

Shelter me from the rain
Take me away from the pain
As long as my frozen heart
Won't ever tear us apart
Please help me find my way
And show me the way to forever
Help me find my way
Help me find my way

Verse 3
Sometimes feel like love's charity
Overwhelms and smothers me
I need some more time
That helps me to find
My serenity

Verse 4
Sometimes feel like I'm tumbling down
Falling helplessly without sound
I'm searching for halos in the dark
Of angels to save me

Bridge & Chorus

Main Solo: Chrism / TK / Unison

Let me lie here, in your love tonight

Chorus (x2)

Outro Solo: TK / Chrism / Unison
Kingdom of Solitude
Verse 1
Deep inside these castle walls
There lives a heart of stone
Decorated splendid halls
Surround his glorious throne

Bridge 1
For thy kingdom come his will be done
Hell hath no fury like him scorned
Nothing can save his soul
Condemned to burn, yeah!

Verse 2
Deep in the heart of his domain
His people live in fear
Though shield and sword protect his reign
He's longing to be revered

Bridge 2
He carries on like nothing's wrong
Builds up the barricades
Behind his masquerade
On, when hope is gone
No-one, round here's gonna save him

Chorus 1
Fear of futures made of glass
Building empires that won't last
Fear of the future trapped in the past
Welcome to the kingdom of solitude

Verse 3
Deep in the night were deathly black
Sings hallowed be thy name
Though the silence is killing him
He's a songbird for it's refrain

Bridge 2 & Chorus 1

Main Solo: TK

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Watch the empire hit the ground
Scream but no-one hears a sound
Build them up to let them down
Welcome to the kingdom of solitude

Welcome to the kingdom of solitude
Scream but no-one hears a sound
Welcome to the kingdom of solitude
Build them up to watch you
Tear them down
Utopian Dreams
Verse 1
Master of sorrow he prays
That tomorrow slips away
Erasing loneliness it brings along

Verse 2
He feels so hollow and betrayed
He cannot lie down in the bed he made
Now he's on his own

The time is now to seize the day
Don't let your lifetime slip away

You'll never reach
That dream you're chasing
Still yet you preach
We know you're faking
You can't blame me
For the chance you've taken
Beyond your means
Utopian dreams

Verse 3
He wallows in self-conceit
Follows plans for our defeat
Embraces the coldness, he feels forlorn

Verse 4
He never knows just when he's beat
He cannot bear the sound of silency
And it's ghostly song

Bridge & Chorus

Middle 8
In your lands of make believe
The will is strong but the spirit is hollow
How many times can you believe
You've thrown it all away
Thrown it all, thrown it all
Thrown it all away

Main Solo: TK / Chrism

Bridge & Chorus

Thrown it all, thrown it all
Chasing utopian dreams
Thrown it all, thrown it all
Chasing utopian, utopian dreams
This Is Our Moment
Verse 1
I feel the winds of change
Blowing down these lonely roads
The more things stay the same
Opportunity corrodes

Bridge 1
Hey now, come hell or high water
Our destiny is in our hands
Hey now, come hell or high water
So let the people take a stand

This is our moment we gotta take it
This is our final legacy
This is our time now there's no mistaking
There's no right or wrong
This is our moment

Verse 2
I see the spirit of hope
Shining in the people's eyes
To dream is to cope, our nation will arise

Bridge 2
Hey now, come hell or high water
A revolution 'cross this land
Hey now, come hell or high water
It's evolution by demand


Main Solo: Chrism / TK

Chorus (x2)
Rome's on Fire
Verse 1
With the empire at your feet
Basking in your tyranny
Commanding over all you've come to rule

Verse 2
While you sit upon the throne
Heeding counsel of your own
No chants of Hail Caesar
(No chants of Hail Caesar)

When havoc is your cry
Let loose the dogs of war

Fire, Rome's on fire
In a sea of flames you stand amazed
Fire, Rome's on fire
The City's burning down
While Nero played

Verse 3
The embers line the streets
Air runs thick with tragedy
A devastation so merciless and cruel

Verse 4
And the skies are black with smoke
Yet you don't seem to choke
Awake the redeemer
(Awake the, awake the redeemer)

Bridge 2
Your chance to magnify
What once went before


Middle 8
Hail Caesar
The great deceiver
The soul redeemer
Who's gonna follow you now?

Main Solo: TK

Chorus (x2)
Verse 1
You mean the world to me
I've gotta let you know
Since that day we met
I've felt our feelings grow
And I still remember baby
When you weren't in my life
You led me from the darkness
Like a ray of light

Lonely days consigned to the past
Tomorrow's coming on so fast
We're living each day like it's our last

Chorus 1
Building on the dream we started
All our hopes have been rewarded
Everything I give is unconditional

Verse 2
I gave you my heart and soul
There's nothing I won't share
For the joy you bring
Is a love beyond compare
And I still remember
When I held you that first night
Our future in one moment
It shined so bright


Chorus 2
The future's holding in my hands
I'll take you to the promised land
Everything you need is unconditional

Middle 8
Won't you take all
And all I have to give
Won't you take all
For it's you that make me live
Yeah yeah

Main Solo: TK

Chorus 3
Building on the dream we started
All our hopes have been rewarded
Everything I give is unconditional
The future's holding in my hands
I'll take you to the promised land
Everything you need is unconditional

Repeat Chorus 3

Building on a dream
Saints & Sinners
Sanctus peccator fit

Verse 1
Your rosary you hold so lovingly
Won't pardon thee, no contrition

Verse 2
You fell from grace
Like a lamb to the slaughter
You felt disgrace
But you would not falter
Holy man, the angels weep
For what you've done
You kept your face
And your state of honour
Took your place at the sacred alter
You'll be damned
For the innocence you've stolen

You walk the road to Cavalry
Just to find your sanctuary
And your sanctimony
Leads you to the world to come

All angels shed their tears
The unholy souvenirs
The innocence is gone
All the spirits weeping
Blessed now become the meek
The saint becomes a sinner now

Verse 3
Your holy creed
You preach so solemnly
Gives no reprieve
From damnation

Verse 4
You wash your face in the holy water
You felt ashamed
Yet you would not alter
Holy man, heaven mourns
It's long lost son
Behind your faith, you repel dishonour
Hid away, like a defaulter
By fates own hand, justice for the broken

Bridge & Chorus

Main Solo: Chrism / TK / Chrism / TK

Mea culpa, mea culpa
Mea maxima culpa

Chorus to end
Verse 1
Prying eyes behind enemy lines
Watching events unfold
For a prize beyond worldly desires
The legends of days of old

Verse 2
Sun and sand
As they march on the quest
For a foreign land
In command
The righteous King, the blessed man

By an almighty decree
The Lord appeared to he (sing hallelujah)
Why he don't know
Seven days they marched around
Sound the horns the walls came down

(Fall Down)
They fall with the sound of thunder
(Fall Down)
They watch with awe and wonder
(Fall Down)
They cry out loud with a heavenly refrain
(Fall Down)
They followed the King by thousands
(Fall Down)
They crossed over seas and mountains
(Fall Down)
They spilt their blood for a holy reclaim

In quest of Jericho, in quest of Jericho

Verse 3
Fortune there lies as the pilgrims arise
Crossing the banks of Jordan
Holy water cools the heat from the skies
(Heat from the skies)
As they journey towards Canaan

Verse 4
Brain and brawn
Fortune soldiers cross the Rubicon
Break of dawn
The angels herald the sacred mission

Bridge & Chorus

Middle 8
In quest of Jericho
In quest of Jericho
Why they don't know
Let it be so
The walls came tumbling down

Main Solo: Chrism / TK / TK / Chrism / TK / Chrism / TK

Chorus & Middle 8
Man Against the World
(2016 version)
Pages closed in the magazines
Hittin' standby on the TV screens
People think if they turn away
That this problem disappears

Ignoring write ups in the daily news
Changing stations to avoid the views
So many heads deep down in the sand
Won't they listen to our pleas

And if we all join hands
And if we all join hearts
We can make a change
For the children of tomorrow
And if we all join minds
And if we all join conscience
Together we'll prove
It's not man against the world

Empty boxes on the streets below
Too many people that are sayin' no
Wonder if they understand
It's like spreadin' a disease

So much at stake, so few who care
The little things so precious and rare
The smallest change can do so much
For a world down on its knees
Nikola Mijic - vocal
Christian Pulkkinen (Chrism) - keys, strings
Thorsten Kohne - guitar, strings
Paul Logue - bass guitar, strings
John Clelland - drums

Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull - vocal
Matthew Curtis - back-vocal
Produced by Paul Logue and Thorsten Köhne.

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