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February 18th, 2018
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Cancer - Death Shall Rise

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Death Shall RiseRelease by: Vinyl Solution

Cancer - Death Shall Rise
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered


2. Tasteless Incest


3. Burning Casket


4. Death Shall Rise


5. Back from the Dead


6. Gruesome Tasks


7. Corpse Fire


8. Internal Decay


Hung, Drawn And Quartered
Cries of laughter beneath me
As I hang by my neck
Choking on a rope
'Till I'm near death
Suffocating rapidly
It's my last breath
Cut to the ground
And stabbed in the chest
Hung, drawn and quartered

Blood's then drained out
In a gory way
Spilling out memories
The soil turns red
Sucked through my torso
And ripped apart
Severed into quarters
Rigor-mortis sets in
Tasteless Incest
Old man, sick in the head
Daughter's children on his bed
Twisted ways, rules his life
Forging deceit, bred to lie
From the decades, he has lived
He's never stopped, where it begins
Rapes his family, when they
Are young, hoping they would
Carry on
Keep it in the family
Human disgrace
The younger ones first
He thinks nobody minds

Tasteless incest
Senseless lust
Satisfaction, sickening trust
Led to believe, that it's alright
Young boy cries, into the night
He will never, change his way
When he's dead, he may repay
Hate is burning, in young eyes
When they're older, evil will rise
Burning Casket
Let me out here, burning in this hell
My casket breathes a stench of burning flesh
Incinerating pain, left to scorching domain
My body is too far gone, to the hell of where it belongs
My testimony ashes of my death
The terror that locks me in
My testimony to be burned alive
Condemned to this burning casket

Forced into a grave
To die in a miserable cave
Slowly I now fry
I'm assured that I will die
Who is now to blame
As I burn in pain
I scream my last breath
Ashes are only left
Death Shall Rise
Maggots eating rotten flesh
Chomping through a fucking mess
Eyes white and glazed
Bodies rise from their graves
Skin falling to the ground
In a decomposing mound
Their organs building up with pus
They're decaying in front of us
Zombies from the grave
Be the eternal slave
Zombies from the grave
Death is what they crave

As the dead still rise
Satisfaction of human demise
They want to take the world
And turn it into our hell
Their power is a plague
Killing for their domain
Our death is what awaits
Our life goes on, but insane

Death shall rise
For our demise
Rotting stench
Our punishment

Now the time has come
To see what the dead's become
Demons from our past
Making our cities tombs
Quickly their plague has spread
Leaving everybody dead
The living hide away
While the dead leave decay

Death shall rise
For our demise
Rotting stench
Our punishment

Zombies from the grave
Be the eternal slave
Zombies from the grave
Death is what they crave
Back from the Dead
Slowly injecting the fluid of pain
Bringing the corpse back to life
Nerves now awake violently
The serum now has worked

Inject to the brain, going insane
Body pulsating, back from the dead
Death's awakening, stage by stage
Including the pain, back from the dead
Under the knife, bring back to life

Bad mistake, back from the dead
Seen now what's done, his death's begun
The dead have won, back from the dead

Reaching to kill, creator of life
Ejecting the unwanted reprise
Going insane and out of control
Defy the fate of science

Because the fluid took effect
The corpse will rise
Trying to cheat on nature
He's going to die

Slowly injecting the fluid of pain
Bringing the corpse back to life
Try to create something to love
Perfectly formed in his eyes
Gruesome Tasks
Mercenary men, knock you dead
Killing for a living, is what is said
Disposing of people, blood money pays
Gruesome executions, are used this way

Gruesome tasks
Slaughters made
They create
Screams of pain

Limbs cut off, sliced to death
Stomach ripped open, no life left
Glistening drops, of butchery
Their salvation, misery

The blood of men is spilled to be payed with cash
When they die the payment is made
Their salvation, misery

Shattered lives are lost
Crimes of death do cost
Death forgotten too fast
The pain of the past
Corpse Fire
Screams of pain, haunt the night
Cadavers burning, oh so bright
Left to die, horrible death
Now awaiting, hell's breath

Heaps of bodies
Piled ten high
Sixteen more wait to die
Human flesh burning meat
Corpse fire, at our feet

Burning stench, of skin and bones
Fiery victims, punished souls
Intense heat, is what awaits
Burnt to death, is your fate

Naked flame, gasoline
No tomorrow, no more dreams
Charred bodies, Fried meat
To burn in hell, such a treat
Internal Decay
Lying on a bed, tragically
Ridden with a plague, inside of me
My stomach is decaying rapidly
Slowly I will die, not up to me

My body's rotting internally
Doomed to die abnormally
Tasting blood in my mouth
Blood-curdling death without a doubt
Manifestation, decaying flesh
Ulcers of pus, break and gush
Surgeon's knife, inserted clean
Internal decay, ain't no dream

Cancered organs exposed, spill out
Surgeon's instruments probe, I shout
They cut out bile and gore, with no shame
I'm lying on my back, in terrible pain

Feeling rubber-gloves intruding me
Cutting rotting flesh
Removing all the rot and bloody guts
Absorbing all the pus
The rest of me's ablaze through ablation
Abysmal torture
Acrid smells of death and vomit
Festering carnage

My mind writhes in this necropsy
The surgeon's blade
My body's become a mangled mess
The slaughter's made
Decapitation of what I once had
My only hope is to die soon
Death sets in
John Walker - guitar, vocal
James Murphy - guitar
Ian Buchanan - bass guitar
Carl Stokes - drums

Glen Benton - back-vocal
Produced by Scott Burns and Cancer.

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