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February 23rd, 2019
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Edenbridge - The Great Momentum

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The Great MomentumRelease by: SPV

(2 CD
2nd CD is the same songs, instrumental versions)

Edenbridge - The Great Momentum
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Shiantara


2. The Die Is Not Cast


3. The Moment Is Now


4. Until the End of Time


5. The Visitor


6. Return to Grace


7. Only a Whiff of Life


8. A Turnaround in Art


9. The Greatest Gift of All


Dead calm
Cold steam
I saw you in a dark and recurring dream

An inner journey
To wake the leaping flame
The memory of ages overcame

The spur of the moment
See who is friend and foe
The common feelings long ago

A voyage of discovery
To find the real me

I'll be
A part of you
The memory I renew
The rite of Shiantara
I stand here
Eye to eye, face to face
I take this place
In the rite of Shiantara

Look deep
And find the reason why you can't break the bond

This path continues
Emotional, intense
The way to gain a renewed sense

A bag of memories I have
Prized as vintage wine
It seems to strike a chord in me enshrine


Shiantara (x4)

I'll be

The Die Is Not Cast
What moves you inside?
Be wary with eyes open wide
The dark side is blurred
Your mind comes to word

What may your lips say?
When you want to rid the dismay
Clarity is a fact
Your word comes to act

Take the new day
Move doubt away
Chances are vast
The die is not cast

Are you all aware?
Whatever you do and you share
As peril appears in a coat
Your acts come to rote


On your lifeline, mind all the rotes
It comes to character trait
Believe me it's all in your hands
Your nature's dictating your fate

The Moment Is Now
From side to side
In the twists and turns
And uneven road,
The fear returns
Ran out of stream,
It's hard to come by

Holding your ends up,
To make ends meet
Do not get the needle,
Do not repeat
Shoot the works,
Let your feelings run high

By and by
It will clarify
To you

It's never too late
So why do you wait
The moment is now for igniting the fire
Get into your stride
With eyes open wide
So win the day and hold on
The name of the game
Just drive it home, come hell or high water
No beast of a day
Won't lead you astray
The moment is now or never

To hitch your wagon to a star
Against the grain, go on this far
Though it might cost the earth to you

To bite the dust or come off streets ahead
A sigh of relief or a one so sad
Ways and means will open and renew



Chorus 1st part

Until the End of Time
Long ago,
When I looked for a home
You came to me
And left me with a smile
'Cause in my dreams,
I saw you before
You changed the way I feel
Within a while

Waiting for you,
Endless days go by
A life without you
Is just another lie
When you are here,
Forever you'll be mine
Music and me,
Until the end of time

You bring me on
A journey far away
The cosmic sound
And wave is taking me
Down the ages,
But maybe long before
It's leading me into infinity


You take me down
Right on the ground
Reality is fading
And I'll be aware of,
This vision is mine
'Cause we're uniting
With the sound
The sadness and joy
Of the whole world
The spirit in my heart,
The music will shine

The Visitor
Where are you?
Frozen in time
It makes my blood run cold
Long ago
And far away
It all got uncontrolled
Again I see you fading
Right into mortal clay
I'm eagerly awaiting
Your return one day

An angry sky
All came up dry
So tired and drawn
All lost and gone

Waiting for a lifetime in the tides
When the visitor arrives
Let me just hold on one moment
The time of life's too short to hide
Your light
Said the visitor at night

Just move on with your life let go
And come out from below

I seek for alchemy
To cross the boundary
I won't cast adrift

A heavy burden set in
When all got out of phase
It took away my passion
It took away the days

So ease my pain
Is all in vain
A second chance
Just one last glance

Said the visitor in pale light

Take the early hour
Leave your ivory tower
Live your life for your own sake
A drop in the ocean
Restlessly in motion
Reality is what you make
I only need to know
You're fine before I go
You're never riding for a fall
Don't fight this losing battle
Take this life and saddle
I'm not the be and end of all
Return to Grace
Have you lost all faith and dreams?

Did you give power
To someone forcing pride?
And are you hiding shadows
In yourself so deep inside?
Is someone tramping
Demoralizing you?
When you are feeling helpless
At the mercy out of blue
The disregard in you

Glory's a story
Life is too short to give void space
A tree to the sky
So join in to tie
It is a return to grace

Do you know and feel your needs?

Honor is outside
Grace interior
It's up to you to recall
Rising up for evermore
Time to awaken
Humanity align
And it will take the boundaries
Only if esteem is mine
The dignity can shine


Only a Whiff of Life
Live, go by
Who defines the moment?
Where we go, whom we choose
How many souls
Fade before they came in?
Is life tragic to lose?

A sea of your kind
We can only feel your short time
As your being was so deep

Live, go by
Love is your consistence
We need to break a taboo
Speak it out clearly
(We) won't draw the curtain over
Release is all we can do

You're speaking in my dreams
Love is what it seems
Cause you prepared the salutary way
In my heart
You're only a whiff of life
The mourning is tying
Our souls are allying
I carry your name within


Live, go by
Who divines the moment?
When we come and we go
A Turnaround in Art
A stage for dreamers, so lost in reverie
To leave routine and lead the boundary
A life as guide or disagreeing
The power of the art to spell all being

A stage for change and contrast
Retain the treasures of the old past
The answer lies inside you
The nature we once knew

Weave yourself into the flow of life
What's moving you inside
Will take you on a ride
Inspiration and imagination, golden way
Leave all doors open wide
The art can be aside

Learning, turning
Where are you now?

Who is free in mind
Never one-eyed blind
So open up and feel
And get out of the wheel
The rhythm and the timing
A neverending climbing
The whole and minor part
A change of heart
A turnaround in art

A stage for soul and pure grace
The passion takes you deep into space
Free of hardened lines
Right into new designs

You raise the spirit of a major voice
The artist inside you
From an early age it grew
Inspiration and improvisation, open mind
How much we dare to live
Is how much we can give



The one follows his inner voice
He doesn't come to the fore
He simply has no other choice
He's close to the core

He is an artist at first
To his creations he's bound
The mind full of thoughts gonna burst
It's his way he found

The other one just entertains
Addicted by trends and the crowd
The calls only let him unchain
It's making him proud

At first sight both ruling out
The balance, the bridge what it makes
Cannot reach the world without
That's what it takes
The Greatest Gift of All
My, my lotus land
A fool's paradise within me
A lode star on the heavy road ahead
Time and again I feel
With eyes agleam, the everturning

My, my strand of pearls
A mountain steam of ardour
Down the road it's unconfined in me
Wherever I roam and go
Whatever I may do
All I can ever dream of is you

When words will fade into the night
The sound of hope, the key of light
Will fill your heart eternally
Will always be a mystery
And the greatest gift of all

My dome in the sky
Larger than life inside me
A whirlwind romance feelings
Running high
The one of a thousand dreams
Off the beaten track I roam
The adoration always leads me home


A note in midstream
A melody from a dream
A chord that will shatter the sky
The sound when they all ally
A stygian change
An almost eternal range
The unison of a score divine
The sonic design

It came out of the blue
As a sunray a dawn
On a picture I drew
Just before it was gone
The book and its pages
The saints and the wine
Heave crumbled in ages
Left out in their shrine

A note in midstream
A melody from a dream
A chord that will shatter the sky
The sound when they all ally

It's the dreamline to find
It's the valor within me
It's the unconscious mind
It is reality
It's the eye of the storm
Working by alchemy
When a brainchild is born
It is mystery

A stygian change
An almost eternal range
The unison of a score a divine
The sonic design


Sabine Edelsbacher - vocal
Arne Stockhammer (Lanvall) - guitar, bass guitar, keys, dulcimer, buzuki
Dominik Sebastian - guitar
Johannes Jungreithmeier - drums

Erik Martensson - vocal
Thomas Strubler - back-vocal
Alexander Koller - back-vocal
Produced by Lanvall.

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