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July 16th, 2018
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Axxis - Retrolution

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RetrolutionRelease by: Phonotraxx Publishing

Axxis - Retrolution
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Burn! Burn! Burn!


2. All My Friends Are Liars


3. Dream Chaser


4. Burn Down Your House


5. Rock the Night


6. The World Is Mine


7. Do It Better


8. Queen of the Wind


9. Seven Devils


10. This Is My Day


11. Somebody Died at the Party


12. Heavy Metal Brother


13. Welcome to My Nightmare


14. Demons Dare to Stay


Burn! Burn! Burn!
You try to scar the world now
- Somehow - to show you got the only true belief
Religion for a government - that has sent - in the end
Death and fear and hate - distrust
But we are free and watch you - touch you - smash you
To bring you back where you belong

We are the flame - we're fire - we're hot inside
And we will burn - burn - burn you down
We are the flame - we're fire - we're hot inside
And we will burn - burn - burn you down

Society of cowardice - deadly kiss - bloody bliss
How could your terror heal the world?
It seems every progress seems - just a mess - to aggress!
Knowledge is your enemy
The freedom of opinion - beyond you
Is scaring you - we'll get the truth


A world where walls have ears spreading fears - sea of tears
The people coming closer now
Do you really think we're so weak we're so bleak - you're the freak!
We fight for our way of life

All My Friends Are Liars
Lies have killed my trust in all the ones I've loved
Things that they pretend mean nothing in the end
All values that we've shared could I have not been spared?
It all went down the drain and nothing will remain

All my friends are liars
Why do they fan the fires?
What is up with you?
Are you really true?
All my friends are liars
Why do they fan the fires?
It's hard for me to know
What's real and what's a show

Couldn't see behind your eyes
What's true, what's real, what are lies
I'm real and what are you?
Is this friendship really true?
Words mean nothing now
When action speaks somehow
The opposite takes place
Unmasking face by face!


I won't deny my convictions
I'm loyal to my belief
I try to be true and honest
It's harder than it seems

Dream Chaser
I'm inside - in your mind
I'm your inner friend
Dare to dream - Don't be scared
When I hold your hand
All you feel deep inside is true is real, is pure
Don't banish what you really are
Now I'm here for you - I am your cure

I am the dream chaser for you
I let you be what you want to be
I am the dream chaser for you
I am the way to set you free - to set you free

There's not black - there's no white
Deep inside your mind
Everything is possible
Leave this world behind
Just one step - follow me
All wishes will come true
This world was made for you

Burn Down Your House
Can you feel it? Do you see it?
There's a danger coming over our world
Won't you feel it?
Evil thoughts and lies are spreading all around
Are you blind?
Left behind
In your mind
Get rid of what you find

Burn down your house
Set your mind in flames
Burn down the house
Light up your shame
Burn down your house
We're not all the same
Burn down the house
Burn down the thoughts
That lead to a deadly game

Silent movement - No improvement
Beyond the surface radical thoughts come to light
How could a stranger be a danger?
Your ignorance eats all your brain away


Are you lonely? Are you lazy?
Stupid loser? There's a way to get rid of you?

Rock the Night
Rock - dance - sweat and smoke
Rock the blues away
Fall deep in a trance before you go astray
Let it go - let it flow
Feel the might inside
Learn to love yourself - be full of pride
Breathless in the night
Let it out what you feel
Run - move - body heat
Wounds hurt when they heal
Turn around, won't you feel?
This world is not unreal

Rock the night away
Let the day be better for you
Rock the night away
Let me say: We will play for you

Feel - deep - deep inside
All the life that's left
Strong - big energy - I know you do your best
You want to hide the chains inside your mind
Stress - mess - all the pain
Forgotten in this night
Just join another world
Get up - put up the fight
Up all day, up all night 'till the light of day

The World Is Mine
All they said - just feels bad
All these words are pain
Coldest eyes telling lies
There's nothing to explain
Preaching water - drinking wine
For hell on earth they pray
Creating fear - we have to bear
All fright they spread away

And I raise my fist to heaven
And I stand up for my right
And I'd like to know if you'll be at my side

The world is mine-mine-mine
I'm the fire
The world is mine-mine-mine
I'll be the storm at night

It seems to be desired to lead and take the throne
Now I become inspired by all the seeds they've sown
And I raise my fist to heaven
And I stand up for my right
And I'd like to know if you'll be at my side


Wake up! Wake up!

Do It Better
Cut into pieces
What we called love once
All that decreases
In the end I am the dunce
But now I'll change my mind
Enough is enough
You can't give me back
Oh, give me back my love

I can do better - I can do it better
I can do better - alone - without you

Once saint - now sinner
You are my daily battle that I choose
Seems you're the winner
Because you always make me lose
Alright, alright
I don't want to fight each and every day
I don't want you anymore
That's why I say:


You're like a blade
Cut off slices of my soul
I feel like a shadow
Falling into a deep dark hole

Queen of the Wind
She's loving - high places
She's moving slowly down
The silence - good graces
Danger seems to be her crown

It's like crying out all in pain
Try to be yourself - unchained

She is wild - yes, she's riding wild
Queen of the wind

The wind blows so strongly
She's in a trance in spite of ecstasy
One moment - to set free
She's flying higher divinely
It's like crying out all in pain
Try to be yourself - unchained

Seven Devils
There is a dream about it taking the law in our hands
A better world and justice for people under our command
We are the firebrand - we'll be banned
We are the devil's hand beyond the law... for you!

On our bikes we ride through
Through the dark and dusty streets where the crime is legal
Fulfilling darkest needs
We take the right to fight - every night... for you

The Seven Devils are back
The Seven Devils are back
The Seven Devils are back ...back in town

We hold the fire higher
When the law goes up in flame
If you're guilty or a liar
You can't hide, you'll take the blame
We are the fire, the flame... for you

This Is My Day
Raise me up! Push me down!
Hope you won't let me drown
Moving on - don't look back
Now I'm back on track
Feels like you - made my day
Won't let it slip away
Dash away on the run's fun!

This is my day!
Don't give it away! Don't throw it away!
This is my day!
Don't give it away! Don't throw it away!
This my day!
Going my way - oh yes, come what may!

Ups and downs - history
Carry on the mystery
Feels like you're my energy
My stroke of luck - set me free!
I feel strong, I feel bold
If it's too hot, you're too cold
I set back - I reset my life


Somebody Died at the Party
Now stop thinking
Go for coma drinking
Give us alcohol
In our party zone
Someone's falling
On the floor and crawling
Now he's lying still
Is this really the big thrill?

Somebody died at the party
Somebody was killed tonight
Somebody died at the party
The drugs have killed tonight

Brunch punch candy
Let us drink the brandy
Whiskey tasting
We're alone at home
Vodka cola with a little soda
And a cocktail free on top
We're not about to stop

Helpless drunken and alone in a world of no control

Alone at home - on our own
The party zone - world of no control

Heavy Metal Brother
Just a sound - more than loud
And a beat that knocked me out
One guitar - rebel yell
Don't want heaven - I want hell!

1989 was the time to draw the line
Inside the metal zone the family has grown

Heavy Metal Brother - you are, you are my
Heavy Metal sister - you are, you are my
Heavy Metal Brother - you are, you are my
Heavy Metal brotherhood
Forever you and me

If you're in rock, death or metal
Just a way to fight this battle
Know so many fans and friends
Even haters shake my hands

Stick together - we are one
One soul, one world, one-to-one
Against the liars all around


Welcome to My Nightmare
I know I can't die in this dream
I'm scared to death - I know it's not real
I feel my skin was peeled by heat
The fire burns me down to another piece of meat

I hear the echoes in my head
Bleak and full of dread

Welcome, welcome to my nightmare
Welcome, welcome - but do you dare?
Welcome, welcome to my nightmare
I can stand my fears

Million faces - all around
Their eyes are staring me into the ground
I take my fears that are scaring me
As challenges to set me free

Imprisoned in a castle keep
When I fall asleep


Wake up when you lay blare
You can join me everywhere

Demons Dare to Stay
Bernhard Weiss (Bernhard Weiß) - vocal
Harry Oellers (Harry Öllers) - keys
Stefan Weber (Stürmer) - guitar
Robert Schomaker - bass guitar
Dirk Brand - drums

Produced by Harry Öllers and Bernhard Weiß.

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